Forget boring gifts for teenage girls, we've got a range of experience gifts for her that will create memories she'll never forget. Whether it's a surfing trip to Byron Bay or a photography shoot, there are no boring teenage gifts here. It's all about getting out, living life and enjoying the moment.

Uncover the Best Teen Gifts from Gifts Australia!

Gifts Australia has some amazing teen gifts for various occasions. We also have experiences in our teen gifts range, which could be used for special occasions such as milestone birthdays. So, if you need something truly special, be sure to check out the recommended teen gifts of our experiences catalogue below!

Which Experiences from the Teen Gifts Catalogue Do You Recommend for Adventurous Recipients?

There are several teen gifts in our experiences catalogue that are suitable for adventurous teens. One of our personal favourites is the Escape Room for 2 Players, an experience that is available in areas such as Sydney, Melbourne, the Gold Coast, and Perth.

The Escape Room for 2 Players from our teen gifts catalogue is a great choice for recipients with an adventurous spirit. The experience offers a 90-minute adventure in a game room, where the object of the game is to escape the locked room.

To escape the locked room during the experience, participants must solve all kinds of clues and riddles. Naturally, when you solve the riddles and clues, you can escape from the locked room and win the game. Afterwards, participants can also enjoy a nice refreshment.

Which Experience Do You Suggest for Teen Couples?

Customers who are looking for a fun experience for teen couples should certainly consider the Lunch & Hot Springs for 2 in Victoria. The experience is suitable for two friends, but also for a couple of teens who want to spend some time together.

The Lunch & Hot Springs for 2 experiences in Victoria involve enjoying a nice selection of seasonal tapas, complemented by one of the many bathing experiences available in this location. Participants could choose the hilltop pool with panoramic view, but also the cave pool and Turkish steam room. For more information about available bathing experiences available for this experience, please head over to the product description page for the Lunch & Hot Springs for 2 Experience.

Which Experience Could I Obtain for Active Teens?

For active teens, we usually suggest one of the more active and interactive experiences available Gifts Australia. One such an experience is America’s Cup Leisure Sailing in Sydney, which is certainly going to give your recipient plenty of adrenalin.

America’s Cup Leisure Sailing is an experience that includes a 2.5-hour sailing experience. Naturally, this means the participant also gets a scenic tour during the sailing trip. So, this experience is not just suitable for active recipients, but also those who would like to explore more of Australia from the water.

Which Experience Could I Obtain for Thrill-Seeking Teens?

For a thrill-seeking teen, you cannot go wrong with the 30-Minute Intro to Jetpack/Jetboots in New South Wales, Queensland, and West Australia. During this experience, the teen recipient gets at least 10 minutes of guaranteed airtime. So, this is certainly going to speak to anyone with an adventurous spirit.

Which Experience Could I Obtain for a Creative Teen?

Customers who are looking to buy a gift for a creative teen should certainly consider one of the creative classes available at Gifts Australia. These creative classes could teach your recipient a new skill, or could just provide many hours of uninterrupted fun!

One of the creative experiences we recommend for teens is the Polymer Clay Jewellery Workshop in Sydney. During this experience, your participant will be creating unique pieces of jewellery from polymer clay; this usually includes 2 necklaces, a ring, and 2 pairs of earrings. Since the experience occurs in a small class environment, we are sure that a creative recipient will learn a lot.

Which Experience Could I Obtain for a Beauty-Obsessed Teen?

For teens obsessed with beauty, you could consider a Natural Skincare Class in Sydney. As the name of this experience suggests, the Natural Skincare Class delivers teens the skills to make their own skincare products, without all the chemicals commonly found in beauty products nowadays!

The Natural Skincare Class in Sydney takes approximately 2.5 hours. The teachers of this class use natural ingredients such as vegetable oils, plant oils, and shea butter. Each participant gets to make their own fragrance and body lotion too, which they can take home with them after the class.

Where Can I Find More Experiences for Teens at Gifts Australia?

There are countless other experiences at Gifts Australia you could consider for teenage girls and boys. To get some additional inspiration, you can head over to the “experience” section at Gifts Australia. Then, you can select teens to only view experiences suitable for teens.

Do you have a question about any of the experiences mentioned here today? Or do you have a question about any of the experiences in our teen catalogue? For more information about any of the teen experiences at Gifts Australia, simply contact our team via email, telephone, or instant messaging.

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