Rick Stein's Cornish Seasalt Oat Biscuits 170g

Rick Stein's delicious oat biscuits use an authentic English recipe, created with Cornish sea salt and the finest English ingredients.  Beautiful oat biscuits using traditional recipes to create a sweet treat that everyone will enjoy.
Looking for Healthy Gift Hampers? Choose One of Our Gift Hampers Containing Rick Stein's Savoury Oat Biscuits with Cornish Sea Salt!

There are some people who need to be careful of what they eat. However, this does not mean they cannot enjoy a nice biscuit or a gourmet gift hamper from time to time. On the Hamper Emporium, you will find several gift hampers containing Rick Stein's Savoury Oat Biscuits with Cornish Sea Salt, a healthier alternative to sugar-filled biscuits.

What Can You Tell Me about Rick Stein's Savoury Oat Biscuits?

Rick Stein's Savoury Oat Biscuits can be found in our healthy gift hampers. When you are buying a gift for someone that needs to mind what they eat, especially where salt intake is concerned, you certainly cannot go wrong by picking one of our gift hampers with Rick Stein's Savoury Oat Biscuits.

The Rick Stein's Savoury Oat Biscuits are full flavoured biscuits with clear hints of baked oats. They can also be combined with a nice blue cheese, Cornish mackerel or humus. They are also a great snack on their own, so no matter how you eat them, these biscuits never disappoint. 

What Gift Hampers Contain Rick Stein's Savoury Oat Biscuits?

Rick Stein's Savoury Oat Biscuits can be found in various gift hampers on the Hamper Emporium and each of these gift hampers has something unique to offer. 

The first gift hamper containing Rick Stein's Savoury Oat Biscuits we would like to recommend is the “Everything but the Cheese Hamper”. As the name already suggests, this hamper is the perfect addition to your favourite cheese platters. It contains a wide selection of biscuits, but also a variety of chutneys that will take your cheese tasting experience to a higher level.

In addition to Rick Stein's Savoury Oat Biscuits, you can also find a selection of Baylies Gourmet Crackers with Sesame Seeds, which goes great with the green olive spread and the fruit pastes in this hamper. 

Another great gift hamper in our range is the International Foodies Hamper, containing a variety of biscuits, chocolate and pantry items. In our International Foodies Hamper, you can expect some big biscuit and chocolate brands, including Maison Fossier, Jules Destrooper and Willie's Cacao.

The International Foodies Hamper also contains some healthy savoury snacks, including the Pollastrini Sardines Olive Oil & Tomato and Le Cordon Blue Paris Green Olive Spread with Fennel. All these snacks are rich in vitamins and minerals, providing you a great healthy alternative in the form of a fun gift.

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