Pollastrini Sardines Olive Oil & Tomato 100g

Pollastrini sardines are fished from the Mediterranean off the coast of Rome and are packed with olive oil and tomatoes. Made in Italy Fished direct from the Mediterranean Coast, these Pollastrini sardines are a true celebration of flavour.
Need a Healthy Gift Hamper? Try One Of Our Gift Hampers Containing Pollastrini Sardines with Olive Oil & Tomato!

When you look at our selection of gift hampers, you will notice that we have many health alternatives to the sugar-coated biscuits that usually rule Australian gift hampers. Even though we do have a large amount of creamy and sugary biscuits, you will also find gift hampers with healthy snacks, which includes the Pollastrini Sardines with Olive Oil & Tomato.

How Are Pollastrini Sardines with Olive Oil & Tomato Made?

Pollastrini Sardines are made with gorgeous sardines from the Mediterranean. They are caught right off the coast of Rome and then immediately transported to Pollastrini so they keep their freshness and superior taste.

Once the sardines have made their way to Pollastrini, they are immediately packed in the trademarked Pollastrini tin. To ensure that customers get the best flavour, the sardines are also packed with premium olive oil and fresh tomatoes.

Can You Give Me More Information On the Pollastrini Brand?

Pollastrini sardines have been around since 1889. The company was founded by Salvatore Pollastrini, who saw great opportunity in the local fish market of that time. Pollastrini quickly focussed on sardines and found a way to keep them fresh and delicious. 

In addition to being a great success right after the founding of the company, Pollastrini was also the first Italian company to focus on canned sardines. Being the first in their field, Pollastrini experimented with a variety of flavours, which results in great releases such as salted anchovies, picked sardines and salted sardines.

Which Gift Hampers Contain Pollastrini Sardines with Olive Oil & Tomato?

Customers who are interested in Pollastrini Sardines with Olive Oil and Tomato will find them in our International Foodies Hamper. The International Foodies Hamper contains a variety of international gourmet products, including the delicious Pollastrini Sardines.
The International Foodies Hamper also contains some gorgeous French products, which include Le Cordon Blue Paris Green Olive Spread with Fennel, which goes extremely well with cheese platters. Customers can also find the Comtesse du Barry Terrine De Gascogne, a gorgeous pork terrine that is often used as an appetiser.

Another French product you can find in the International Foodies Hamper is a packet of Maison Fossier French Palmier Pastries. These gorgeous biscuits are made with 30% butter and are made by a company that has been producing great biscuits and pastries since the 17th century. 

Our International Foodies Hamper also provides customers with other delights, which includes Jules Destrooper Butter Crisps, Almond Florentines, Willie's Cacao Chocolate, Tartufi Morra Salsa Tartufata, Extra Virgin Olive Oil and so much more. In short, when you need a gorgeous gourmet hamper, the International Foodies Hamper will never disappoint.

Can I Contact Hamper Emporium With Questions About Pollastrini Sardines Or The International Foodies Hamper?

Customers who have questions about the Pollastrini Sardines or our International Foodies Hamper can contact the Hamper Emporium on 1300-459-452 or send an email to sales@thehamperemporium.com.au. For more information about our corporate gift hampers, please send your request to corporate@thehamperemporium.com.au.


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