Elsa's Story Crisp Baked Crackers Rosemary & Olive 125g

Infused with aromatic Rosemary and Olive Oil, these light crackers are packed full of flavour and crunch. The perfect entertainer's hamper always includes delicious treats to suit all tastes and flavour varieties.
Elsa's Story Crisp Baked Crackers Rosemary & Olive

From cookies, crisp baked crackers, pastry bites and chocolate delights; Elsa's Story is the leading producer of these delightful treats that has become a common household name in the entire Australia. In fact, Elsa's Story treats are loved by most children and those who are young at heart. Certainly, everyone will crave for the homemade quality goodies that Elsa's Story offers not just in the land down under but also in countries like Canada, USA, Russia, Japan and China.

One of the most indulging homemade style products of Elsa's Story is the Crisp Baked Crackers Rosemary & Olive. Its alluring taste and smooth texture will surely make you take another bite. Since this one is a popular pastry from Elsa's Story, then you share and let other people experience its magical taste. How? Simply by giving them this Christmas gift hampers from the Hamper Emporium that contains these delicious crackers.

The Gift Hampers found in the huge catalogue of the Hamper Emporium come not just with the Elsa's Story products but with other products made famous by other manufacturers and producers of sweets, chocolates, wines & spirits, savoury treats and other pantry items.  Below are just some of the gift hampers that you can share this holiday season for the people you care the most and who you want to taste the flavourful crackers of Elsa's Story. 

What Do The Home Chef Seafood Bbq Gift Hampers Contain?  

The home chef seafood BBQ gift hampers are among those special hampers that the Emporium offers. These are one of a kind considering that they are loaded with pantry products unlike the other gift hampers which are filled with sweets, biscuits and chocolates. These one are dedicated specially for chefs, cooks and to those close friends of yours that loves to prepare meals particularly seafood dishes. 

Pantry products found in the Home Chef Seafood BBQ gift hampers are the AB Black Gold Balsamic Reduction, the NoMU Seafood and Fish Spice Grinder, the NoMU Seafood Rub, the NoMU Moroccan Rub, the Seafood Kitchen Salt & Pepper Calamari Mix, Seafood Kitchen Lemon & Herb Bread Crumbs, the Spice Thai Pilaf with Cumin, Basil & Coconut and the Verlaque Lemon & Gooseberry Splash. Also found inside are the Chefs at Work Spanish infused Bread Dipper and of course, the Elsa's Story Crisp Baked Crackers Rosemary & Olive.

What About The International Foodies Hamper? What Does It Have?

Usually when you give gifts, you choose something that has luxury or elegance so that it will be more pleasing to the one who will receive it. So when it comes to gift hampers, the International Foodies Hampers are made with luxury, elegance and style that everybody will not regret giving them and those who will receive it will be overjoyed. These gift hampers are loaded with the highly recommended and world-class savoury treats, biscuits, chocolates and pantry products. Examples of these famous products are the Elsa's Story Baked Crackers, Pollastrini Sardines, Le Cordon Bleu Spread, Rick Stein's biscuits and the Comtesse du Barry terrine. Sweets and pastries found inside these gift hampers are from Maison Fossier, Jules Destrooper Almonds & Butter Crisps and Chocolates from Willie's Cacao.

Where Can You Order Them?

The gift hampers mentioned here are all available in the Hamper Emporium. These wonderful gift hampers are very affordable and they are especially made to capture the mood of the holiday season. Visit the Hamper Emporium online and there you will see all the best gift hampers you ever wanted. Christmas is still months away, so while you still got the time, visit the Emporium before it's too late.

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