Brewer's Nut Co. Classic Beer Nuts 120g

Treat everyone to our delicious Aussie beer nuts; guaranteed to go down a treat.

Delicious Aussie salted beer nuts from our friends from Brewer's Nut Co, will go perfectly on a platter or just as they are with a cold beer.




A glorious snack for any occasion, this selection from Brewer's offers the ultimate in crunch and flavour.




These Beer Nuts make for the perfect snack or treat to enjoy with a cold beer or wine. Roasted and seasoned to perfection.

Beer lovers will certainly admit that a good way to enjoy a bottle of beer is to chew delicious nuts at the same time. An Australian beer is more delightful to drink if paired with the best nuts in the market, the Brewer's Nut Co. Classic Beer Nuts in 120g. This awesome nuts is described by many as classic, crispy, and deliciously tempting, once you have a taste you simply can't stop wanting for more. This Classic Beer Nuts is also fresh, unique and in terms of quality it is truly impeccable. No wonder this is often paired with iced cold beers! Good thing there are gift hampers from The Hamper Emporium that offers this beer nuts as well as a bottle of Shiraz. Invite your friends at home and have some cool Saturday night with the guys, and order gift hampers that will make your night enjoyable. 

What Gift Hamper Offers You the Crunchy Nuts of Brewer's Nut Co.?

Of all gift hampers online, there's only one that stands out when it comes to crispy and tasty nut snacks, the Premium BBQ Australia Hamper. This one is overflowing with yummy products like the Seasalt Chips offered by Lisa's Kettle. This one is delicious and comes with just the right blend of sea salt. Baylies also offers its yummy crackers, well balanced with salt and a touch of European taste to it; it's a perfect addition to your cheese platter. When it comes to nutty snacks, there are two products you will really enjoy; The Smokey BBQ nuts and the Classic Beer Nuts. These two Brewer's Nut Co. products are very crunchy and entertaining to eat. You will really have fun having conversation with friends at the same time munching on these delectable nuts. 

Is There a Wine Included in This Gift Hamper?

Yes, this gift hamper provides you with a bottle of 2012 Pepperjack Shiraz by Saltram of the Barossa. This wine is said to showcase the real nature of South Australian Shiraz. Imagine this exceptional wine with the delightful nuts of Brewer's Nut Co, yummy isn't it? This is why gift hampers from The Hamper Emporium are enjoyed by many as it comes with great products in just one basket. The 2012 Pepperjack Shiraz is really fulfilling, it comes with a great balance of flavours, teasing your taste buds to ask for more. So hurry now, purchase this hamper and every penny of your money will certainly be spent wisely.

Are There More Products Offered by this Gift Hamper?

Priced reasonably, you can expect more products aside from the savoury items and a bottle of wine. This gift hamper also offers you with a chopping board you can use every day! It comes from the Random Harvest which makes this hamper a unique one. There are some pantry delights too such as the Stubb's Liquid Smoke, perfect for grilling, Random Harvest Spicy products, NoMU spice rubs, grinders and more. There's also a jam which is commendable not only to adults but as well as kids. So look for no other gift hampers online, check The Hamper Emporium now and grab the Premium BBQ Australia Hamper.

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