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Author: Nicole Adler   Date Posted:12 April 2016 

Finding the perfect Mother’s Day gifts for the number 1 woman in your life should be stress-free. It should be fun and quite exciting.
When you were little, your mum is the first person to kiss you good morning and the last to kiss you good night. She has always been by your side as you had your first bicycle accident, first date, first night out with friends, and so much more. Now that you have grown up, it is about time you give her Mother’s Day gifts that is way beyond your coloured papers, drawings, hearts, and flowers from her garden.
A Little Bit of Background about Mother’s Day

The celebration of Mother’s Day is rooted in history, in the ancient festivals to celebrate the Home and Mother Goddesses. The Greeks honoured Rhea while the Romans held feasts for Cybele.
In the United States, Julia Ward Howe sparked the idea of Mother’s Day in 1872. In 1907, Anna Jarvis picked the idea up and continued celebrating the same to immortalise the memories of her late mother. The idea became popular. Today, the second Sunday of May is known as Mother’s Day. Around 122 million phone calls are made to greet mums on this day, and approximately $14 billion dollars are spent on flowers, cards, meals, jewelleries, and so much more every Mother’s Day.
This day to honour mothers only comes once every year. Show your mum how much you appreciate her with revolutionary, surprising, and one-of-a-kind Mother’s Day gifts from Gifts Australia.

How to Choose Mother’s Day gifts

To make sure your Mother’s Day gifts are appreciated, well-received, and will be very useful to your mum, here are a few guides.
1.    Choose what your mum likes.
It is her day. Of course, she would want Mother’s Day gifts she will actually love. Know what your mother likes much. Does she love cooking? Is she a bookworm? Does she love going out with friends? Use as much information you can about your mum to select the perfect Mother’s Day gifts.
2.    Send her a gift card.
If you are not sure what she likes or which among particular items she would love the most, you can always give her gift cards. Gift Australia has $50, $75, and $100 gift vouchers you can choose from.
3.    Surprise her.
Whether it is a breakfast in bed or a trip to the spa, do not give her an idea what your Mother’s Day gifts are. Surprise her in the way she surprises you with Christmas presents under the tree.

Mother’s Day Gifts Suggestions

Still cannot decide what to give your mum on her special day? Below are a few suggestions you can consider.
·       For the artsy mum
Adult colouring books are taking the world by storm. If your mum is artistic or just simply loves colours, give her adult colouring books. Colouring reduces stress and anxiety. Help your mum feel relaxed without getting bored with colouring books as Mother’s Day gifts.

Gifts Australia has adult colouring books your mum will surely love to have. Glorious Gardens Adult colouring book features illustrations based on nature. Let her colour the clouds, the flowers, and the mountains with this hundred-page book.
Beautiful Patterns Adult Colouring book, on the other hand, is jam packed with exciting and unique designs that would suit your mum’s every mood.
The Dazzling Patterns is another colouring book available at Gifts Australia. Each page contains intricate patterns from all over the world. Colouring a great way to destress after cleaning the home with this book at hand.
·       For the kitchen queen
Mums are queens of kitchen. They love to cook for the family, and bake for the kids. She will surely adore Mother’s Day gifts she can use in her kitchen.
Gifts Australia has a Belgian Waffle Maker to make it easy for mums to prepare meals for breakfast.
If your mum is a by-the-book type of chef, an Acacia Recipe Book Holder from Davis & Waddell is a perfect surprise. She can cook her meals with ease without ruining her books.
You can also invite your mum to a Pasta Making Class at Mornington Peninsula in Victoria. Gifts Australia has vouchers for this Pasta Making Class where students learn to make fresh pasta from scratch. The flour, other ingredients, and equipment will be provided. All you have to do is book your mum for it. You can even book for two and join her at her Mother’s Day gifts.
·       For the pampered empress
Every woman loves to be pampered and your mother is no exception. Give her gift sets such as Marshmallow Diamond Bath Robe & Fragrance, and Oh How I love Thee.
The Marshmallow Diamond Bath is a gift set by MOR which contains a deliciously-scented perfume with soft notes of sugar-dipped rose petals, pink musk and cotton candy, fused with carnation and marshmallow, and a white bath robe with pale pink piping ties perfect for any sweet mum. Both are packed in a keepsake-looking box.
The OH How I Love Thee is another hand cream set by MOR. It features vitamin e-enriched hand creams with lychee flower, marshmallow, and blood orange trio scents.
·       For the mother of adventure
If your mother loves the outdoors and adventures, Gifts Australia got you covered when it comes to Mother’s Day gifts.
Check out Gift Vouchers section, and you will find 20-minute Helicopter Scenic Flights over Sydney Harbour or Melbourne, Glamping Cockatoo Island for a night, and so much more outdoor activities.
Here, at Gifts Australia, you will find Mother’s Day gifts for your mum’s every want and need.

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