Father's Day Socks

We've found Australia's best range of Father's Day socks just perfect for every dad this Father's Day, because the basics don't have to be boring. From the most comfortable socks for a stylish Dad to hilarious novelty socks for a Dad with a sense of humour, we have cool Father's Day sock gifts he'll love. Socks are a traditional gift for Father's Day that we think every dad should receive, at least once! These are our top picks for Father's Day socks that are sure to put a smile on his face, all in stock for online delivery from Gifts Australia.

Father’s Day Socks & Gifts

Funny dad socks are always a winner on Father's Day. If your dad does so much for you every day, we think it's time he put his feet up — wearing awesome socks, of course! Celebrate all the great dads and father figures in your life this Father’s Day with a gift of socks they'll actually love to wear. Socks are versatile gifts you can choose for stepdads on Father's Day, your father-in-law, dads-to-be, and your pop. You'll find fun styles, colours, and unique sock prints for everyone including fun food themed socks to hilarious, sarcastic socks with attitude.

There's No Better Traditional Gift Than Father's Day Socks

Was your dad the breadwinner? Do you remember running to greet him with hugs when he came home from a lengthy day at work? Did his long hours go towards putting food on the table and making sure you were warm, well-fed, clothed, and loved? Thank him. He did the best he could do and he deserves your appreciation, admiration, adoration, and love, and of course the world's best Father's Day socks gift.

Or, was your dad the stay-at-home type? Did he often prepare your lunches before giving you a forehead smooch on your way out the door? Do you remember finding notes wishing you a good day? Was he there to help you with your homework, make sure you had a healthy dinner, and tell you great bedtime stories? Thank him. You were loved beyond imagination, more than you will ever know. And he needs to know that you appreciated every note, lunch, kiss, hug, and word of encouragement.

There is no right way to be a father. You simply have to be there for your kiddos. Be loving and available. Be compassionate, understanding, and memorable in the best ways. If your dad was all of these things, and so much more, thank him. That is what Father’s Day is all about, but really, every single day is a new opportunity to give him a hug and express how much you cherish him.

Why do socks & handkerchiefs make great Father’s Day gifts?

Socks and hankies make some of the greatest Father’s Day gifts because they are classics, tried and true. If your dad always tormented you with his cold toes, then gift him with a pair of woolly, soft socks. Or, if he prides himself on wearing the perfect-coloured socks with a pair of professional loafers, find a pair of Happy Socks favourites that you know he would love. Or, then again, if he is the type to commit the sin of wearing socks with sandals (which your mum hates), encourage his quirkiness and make him happy with a pair of oddball socks.

Is your dad the artistic sort? He would love a pair of imaginative socks for Father's Day in all of their quirky glory. Or, does he like the retro look better? Grab him a pair of stylish Father's Day socks, complete with a gorgeous gift box and Father's Day card. Cool kicks, daddy-o! We also have pairs of plain (boring) socks for Father's Day, in case your mum has an influence in what your dad is allowed to wear out of the house. Wink!

Gifts Australia has so many socks that would make the perfect Father’s Day sock gifts! You are sure to find a sock gift set for dad that matches your dad’s unique ensemble choices for Father’s Day.

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