BBQ Essentials

Is your Dad a world renowned BBQ King? Even if he isn't, our bet is, he loves spending time on the grill cooking for family and friends. We've found Australia's best BBQ gifts for men and have carefully chose a range of perfect Father's Day gifts inspired by BBQ loving Father's everywhere!

BBQ Essentials For Father's Day

It is time to celebrate the best way of cooking ever invented – the BBQ, because here at Gifts Australia; we know gifts and we definitely know that BBQ gifts make Australia’s best Father’s Day gifts.

Father’s Day is such a special time for families. It’s the one day of the year where the focus is just on Dad. It’s the perfect way to celebrate that special bond that father’s share with their children, because Dads really do occupy a special place in every child’s heart.

Whether Dad loves to cook or not, we bet that he doesn’t mind hitting the grill to create a BBQ masterpiece to feed family and friends. Does your dad love to grill garlic prawns to embrace the smoky grill flavour, and perfectly pair them with a green, crisp salad? Ah how delicious. Or how about beautifully marinated shish kebabs cooked over the open flame of a grill plate? Nothing beats a perfectly cooked steak for the adults and snags for the kids.

BBQ cooking isn’t just about the food that tastes amazing; the real beauty of the BBQ is the family quality time that happens while the BBQ magic takes place. Friends and family gather, enjoy a brew or two; the men gather around the flames and the women create delicious side dishes to suit. Buying Dad a Father’s Day gift for the BBQ doesn’t just encourage him to cook you an amazing feast; it also encourages quality together time, because that’s what really matters.

So what type of BBQ gifts do we have in stock at Gifts Australia? Not only do we have a wide range of Father’s Day gifts for all budgets, we’ve also got a wide variety of other gifts so you can be sure to find something that will impress your Dad. We’ve got a huge range of novelty BBQ gifts, because we believe that celebrating our love for our dads should always be a fun occasion. Novelty BBQ gifts will bring a smile to Dad’s face and keep the atmosphere fun and light hearted and who wouldn’t love that!

BBQ Gadgets that are bound to have Dad smiling are our specialty here at Gifts Australia, because Dad should always be smiling on Father’s Day. Whether he’s going to be roasting a BBQ chicken or cooking tender, juicy steak, we’ve got the perfect gift for him. Our sausage roller and BBQ Branding iron are some of our best-ever selling gifts and it’s because Dad’s absolutely love them.

So where did BBQ originate anyway? If you’ve ever wondered where the word, or the practice of barbequing originated, there’s no firm explanation, but we do know it’s thought to have originated from the Spanish who used the word barbacoa to explain the practice of traditional cooking over a wood platform. Of course, it doesn’t really matter where barbequing originated, we all know that Aussie’s are the kings of the BBQ and our Dads are the best of the best, with their own unique recipes and techniques; each believing they’re the best BBQ chef ever.

Not only have we got Australia’s best range of BBQ tools here at Gifts Australia; when it comes to Father’s Day gifts we’ve also got an amazing range of BBQ aprons, BBQ recipe books, BBQ serving platters, trays and roasting dishes, tableware that’s perfect for BBQ entertaining. Father’s Day gifts should be something special; something that improves your father’s life, and what improves Father’s Day more than a BBQ with friends and family.

Dads who are handy will love our other gift ranges here at Gifts Australia. If your Dad loves pottering around the house and yard, then not only will he loving creating gourmet fare with his new Father’s Day BBQ gifts, but if he loves to create a relaxing haven in the garden, then we’ve got the perfect outdoor gifts for him. How about the Dad who likes to read and relax , we’ve got a wide range of books for men, with everything from BBQ recipe books, humorous books for men, history books, whatever it is that your dad loves, we’ve got the perfect book for him.

What happens once you’ve chosen the perfect Father’s Day gift for the BBQ lover? Once you’ve found the perfect gift for that special man in your life, you can choose from our premium upgrade options such as premium gift wrapping and personalised gift cards, we’ll then package and post your gift to make sure it arrives perfectly at its destination. We’ve got over a decade of gifting experience and are proudly one of Australia’s biggest gift companies, with a wide range of gifts to suit every occasion and recipient.

Any time is the perfect time for creating a BBQ feast, and Father's Day is a great time to celebrate Dad's love of cooking.

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