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Trying to find the perfect Father's Day gift for the dad who loves nothing more than savouring gourmet delights? We stock Australia's best range of Father's Day gift hampers for the Dad who appreciates fine fare. From Whiskey with perfectly paired nibbles to International Foodie Delights; celebrate Dad's special day in style.

Father’s Day – Gourmet Hampers

There is an old quote that goes, “Dads are their little boys’ first superheroes and their little girls’ first loves.” So sweet and so true. As children, we carry around the belief that our father can do anything in the world. He scares away the monsters under our bed and within our closet, knows that ice cream can soothe almost any childhood woe, and understands that bedtime snuggles keep the bad dreams away. Dads are the best, especially when they put in the time, effort, and love to raise their children.

As we grow, we replay our childhood memories, reliving them and reflecting on our youth. We never realize as children that as we age, our parents do too. And while many of us are lucky enough to still have our dads in our lives, memories are all some of us have. Which makes Father’s Day all the more emotional and heartfelt. That time when you came home from school with a scrape on your knee, and he bandaged you up, gave you some milk, and patted your shoulder to make you feel better. Or, the time when you rode with him to the grocery store, and he gave you a few bucks to get any kind of sweets you wanted. You shared on the way home, of course.

If your dad is still your best friend, confidante, and superhero, thank him for all he has done. We at Gifts Australia stock a plethora of great Father’s Day gifts, perfect for making your dad smile. So, here is to the best dads in the world. Those who were always there to offer words of wisdom, a shoulder to cry on, and warm bear hugs when the world seemed oh-so big and scary. You are all loved and appreciated more than you know.

Awesome Gourmet Hampers = Great Father’s Day Gifts

Is your dad a self-professed foodie? Did you grow up eating new and exciting (but sometimes weird) fare from one of his recipe books? Or, did he love to take impromptu picnics with a basket brimming with goodies? If your dad is what you would call a true gourmand, our gourmet hampers might be the best Father’s Day gifts you could give him.

Take a moment to think about what he loves to munch on. We have dozens of great hampers, but their contents depend entirely on your dad’s palate preferences. For instance, if he has a serious sweet tooth and a love for great wine, gift him with a basket of sweet red wine, scrumptious cookies, soft caramels, and delectable chocolate truffles. The wine is well-aged and corked for a flavourful note that hits his senses immediately. And the sweets are handcrafted and indulgent. In other words, exactly what he needs to celebrate Father’s Day.

If your pop strays away from the sweets, but gobbles up savoury goodies, gift him with a gourmet hamper of scotch whisky and crunchy nibbles. The whisky has been mellowed to a golden perfection with trace hints of vanilla, cinnamon, butterscotch, and a tinge of wood smoke. Delicious! The nibbles, such as fig crisps and sea-salt oat biscuits, are a conglomeration of flavours to complement the richness of the whisky.

Another popular gourmet hamper option is non-alcoholic and perfect for sharing. You can choose between sweet or savoury, and each hamper is packed to the brim with yummy snacks. Expect to find an assortment of green olives, herb-crusted crackers, spiced nuts, sweet jams, and sun-dried tomato spreads. Oh so appetizing!

Gift Vouchers for the Best Dads Ever

If our selection of gourmet hampers is leaving you less than impressed, feel free to peruse the rest of our webpage for great Father’s Day gift ideas. You can always ask questions directly during our business hours, or send us a message about our products during non-business hours. We promise quick, concise, helpful replies. We have a plethora of categories to explore, including one dedicated to Father’s Day gifts.

However, if you have spent an hour or more searching through Gifts Australia without luck, consider a gift voucher instead. These are go-to gifts for dads who either have it all or need something specific. Many fathers opt for useful gifts before they snag keepsakes, and our gift vouchers allow him to shop for whatever he wants. Within the set amount, of course.

If he goes over the gift voucher amount that you set, we will simply deduct the voucher from his grand total and he can pay the difference. Plus, if he spends over $99 AU, we will ship his packages for free to anywhere within Australia. Unfortunately, our free shipping policies do not cover international transportation fare. Maybe one day.

We think Gifts Australia gift vouchers are the perfect way to thank him for being one of the best dads ever! It is a versatile, reliable, useful gift option that he can use whenever, on a slew of cool items. That includes experiences, which are basically adventures waiting to happen. Or, he might look through our gourmet hampers himself and decide on one that makes his taste buds tingle. So many choices!

Extra-Special Customizations on Father’s Day Gifts

When you think you’ve found the perfect Father’s Day gifts for your dad, head on over to the checkout section for a handful of extra-special customization options. For instance, we offer complementary messages on every order. So you can customize a heartfelt, albeit brief, note to your dad, and we will deliver it on a no-prices slip with his packages. Or, you could opt for an upgrade on this customization. You still get to write a sweet note, but it will be in a Father’s Day greeting card of your choosing. And the note will be beautifully, professionally handwritten.

Still feel that his Father’s Day gifts need an extra oomph? Select our gift-wrapping options. His presents will be gorgeously, professionally wrapped in sleek, no-crinkle paper, then done up with a ribbon in his favourite colour. Rest assured, we offer plenty of customization options to send your dad’s Father’s Day gifts over the edge of super-special.

Delight Dad's taste buds with the perfect gift hamper blend of gourmet treats and our fine selection of wine and whiskey. Gift Hampers for every Dad.

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