Ultimate Beer Hampers

If your dad loves to discover and enjoy new brews; then our Beer Gift Hampers are the perfect Father's Day gift for him. Celebrating the best Australian and International Beer, this is the gift that is sure to impress. Paired with the perfect nibbles, it's a real beer lovers delight.

Father’s Day – Beer Hampers

Do you remember as a child when you would sit on the edge of your bed, after a nightmare, and call out to your dad? When he would arrive in the room, the shadows seemed to retreat and he filled the nightmarish space with light, love, and big bear hugs. His soothing voice was exactly what you needed to hear, and in that moment, your dad was the ultimate knight in flannel pyjama bottoms. He checked under the bed and in the closet, making sure the coast was clear of monsters and ghouls. Then, with a kiss on your forehead and a ruffle of your hair, he reassured you that everything would be alright before returning to his bedroom.

You slept peacefully, soundly, and heavily the rest of the night. And it was all thanks to your dad. The banisher of closet monsters, the eliminator of bad dreams, and the keeper of the best, most soothing hugs in the world. What great memories!

Your dad gave you something to strive for as a parent. When you thought about having kids of your own one day, he popped into your mind. You wanted to do as great a job raising your own children as he did with you—and you have. Now you are the protector, the banisher, the hugger, and the ultimate superhero to your littlest loved ones.

So, dads of all ages, if you put in the love, compassion, time, and effort to raise your children, we thank you. You are adored, admired, appreciated, and loved far more than you could ever imagine.

Lots-a Beer Hampers for Dad on Father’s Day

Was your dad a big sports fan? Or, did he simply love to spend a little time on the porch, sipping a cold beer, and feeling the breeze? For sports fans, you knew when sports season arrived, there would be tons of excited yells coming from the living room. And your dad, beer in hand, would be happily gesturing towards the television, urging his favourite team to make the perfect pass. Or, if your dad was in the business of enjoying a beautiful summer day, you knew you would find him in his favourite outdoor chair. Sitting peacefully, again with a beer in hand, watching the world go by.

The same aspect in these scenarios is, of course, the beer. Cold brews and your dad were a match made in heaven for the duration of the summer. He would imbibe in moderation, responsibly, but he had a favourite brand and everything. One that you may have sneaked a sip from on one occasion or another. You quickly discovered that beer is an acquired taste. Ha!

This Father’s Day, grab your dad a beer hamper, for old time sake. Lucky for you, Father’s Day is smackdab at the centre of the summer months, so you can bet he will have those beers chilled and ready for a day of relaxation in no time. Our hampers have a little bit of everything. Alongside good brew, that is. But it all depends on your dad’s unique palate.

For example, if he loves world-class brews from the United Nations, snag him a beer hamper that gives him a global exploration in flavours. From Belgium, Italy, the Netherlands, and Germany, these kinds of beer hampers make the best Father’s Day gifts for would-be travellers or beer connoisseurs. He can also indulge in bar-style nibbles, like BBQ peanuts, honey-smoked chips, and sun-dried tomato spread.

Or, if your dad prefers a few local breweries, we have a hamper of Australian beers. Complete with snacks like green olives, olive oil crisps, and fruit pastes. The mixture of bitter beer and sweet nibbles is a satisfying blend—perfect for summer. Plus, all of our hampers have enough beer and snacks to go around…if your dad is the sharing type. He might well keep all the goodies to himself. Wink!

Gift Vouchers are the Go-To Father’s Day Gifts

Whoops! Despite all of our great gift ideas on Gifts Australia, you have found yourself struggling to come up with the perfect Father’s Day gifts for dad. Bummer! But no worries. We have one more trick up our sleeves. Consider it a go-to Father’s Day gift when nothing else catches your attention. 

Give your dad the gift of variety with a Gifts Australia gift voucher! Set for any amount between $20 to $500, or sometimes a little more, your dad can pick out his own Father’s Day gifts. You can bet he has an idea of what would make the most useful present, so give him a chance to be versatile and choosy with what he receives this year.

How does it work? At checkout, you can set the amount of your gift voucher, and type in your dad’s email address. We can send the gift voucher directly, immediately to his email address. Or, simply specify another date, and we’ll send the voucher at a later time. You also have the option of printing the gift voucher yourself, then hand-delivering it to your dad personally.

Wrapped, Ribboned, and Sealed with Love

If you want to add an extra-special oomph to his Father’s Day gifts, we at Gifts Australia have tons of checkout options and add-ons. While we always offer a complementary gift card with a custom message on every order, you could go a step further with a handwritten Father’s Day card. The pattern, colour, and message are entirely up to you, of course.

Presentation-wise, our gift-wrapping services are both superb and professional. Pick a colour and we will match it with a beautiful, bow-tied ribbon. Your package will arrive presentable and gorgeous—no crinkles, wrinkles, or weird creases. And it comes wrapped in cellophane to avoid any bumpy accidents or tears during transport.

Additionally, on orders over $99 AU, we offer free shipping to anywhere in Australia. Again, your choice. Are you seeing a trend here? Every aspect of your order is customizable, so you can make this year one of the best Father’s Days for your dad. He definitely deserves it, after all.

Give Dad the Father's Day gift of the world's favourite beer, paired with the yummiest nibbles, from the expert team at Gifts Australia.

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