Give Dad the Father's Day gift of great memories, with one of our amazing experiences to brighten his day. Whether it's a skydiving experience in Sydney, or surf lessons in Byron Bay; for the foodie Dad we even have gourmet cooking class vouchers. Whatever your dad dreams of doing; we've got the perfect Father's Day experience voucher to keep him inspired.

Father’s Day Gift Experiences

Daddy. Dad. Father. Pops. Pappy. Old Man. Dada. Pa. Papa. Pop. As a society, we have tons of names for our fathers. And even more appreciation for all they do in our lives. Raising children is a challenging gig, and it takes a man with heart, perseverance, compassion, ambition, determination, and LOTS of love to do the job just right.

For some, a dad was someone dependable, who always knew the score to the latest baseball game, and was never too busy to have his nails painted if his little princess demanded it. For many, a dad was, and still is, a best friend, confidant, protector, and all-around amazing man.

Regardless of your name for him, if your dad fits the bill of wow-worthy, always-there father, he deserves an awesome Father’s Day gift. One that truly shows your appreciation, admiration, and adoration for the man behind the role. We often forget that our fathers are people too, with interests and a whole life of experiences all their own. They were someone before us and they were someone new with us. And when all of his youngsters are out of the house with families of their own, our dads will still be the same fun-loving guy he always was. Only now he might be called grandpa more than daddy.

What are the Best Experiences for Dads on Father’s Day?

Remember how we mentioned that your dad had interests before he was officially a parent? Shocking—we know. Most dads are associated with bedtime stories, night-time bogeyman checks, and playing catch in the backyard. But we promise that there is so much more to your father’s personality. He might have an adventurous streak. Or, he may love to cook with exotic spices. Or, perhaps he always wanted to do an in-depth exploration of the ocean. Your job, to obtain the perfect Father’s Day gifts, is to really get to know your dad as a person, find out what he loves to do, and check out our experiences to make a match.

We at Gifts Australia call our adventure programs experiences because most of them are once-in-a-lifetime opportunities. Where else would your beloved pop be able to snorkel with a few friendly sea lions? Or, go tandem skydiving over Melbourne with a professional skydiver? These kinds of experiences make the best Father’s Day gifts because they are rare, memorable, and so much fun.

Do you have fond memories of your dad working on cars in the garage? Is he a hard-core motor-head who loves a smooth ride in a true classic? Gift him with a speedy tour through Sydney in a shiny, gorgeous, well-maintained Porsche. He will get a full-throttled joy ride, steeped with adrenaline, from Royal National Park to the Sea Cliff Bridge. Or, if your dad is more geared towards motorcycles, sign him up for an 8-hour Harley Davidson ride from Great Ocean Road to Apollo Bay. Of course, these experiences offer plenty of photo opportunities and stops for a scrumptious lunch.

Does your dad love vintage photography? Set him up with one of our professional photographers for a black & white, one-on-one photo shoot and beginner workshop. He will learn how to master photography from different angles, as well as some of the most popular, beautiful places to photograph in Australia. Or, if your dad is more a foodie than an artist, give him the gift of a gourmet cooking class, where he will make either his own delicious sausages, or yummy pizzas. End his Father’s Day on a high note with a tour through one of Australia’s best breweries. Taste tests included, of course.

Father’s Day Gift Thoughts -- What It Means to be a Good Dad

As the old saying goes, “Anyone can father a child, it takes an amazing man to be a dad.” If you had a good dad, then you should be able to reflect on the good memories from your childhood and recent years. Good dads are those who will stop everything to bandage a booboo after you have fallen off your bike. Or, they’ll gladly sit through a tea party, complete with teddy bears, because it would make you smile.

So, what does it mean to be a good dad? it means being reliable, dependable, compassionate, passionate, heartfelt, memorable, loving, caring, responsible, respectable, respectful, and inspiring. A good dad encourages you with endless support and unconditional love. He is the rock that holds you up when the world says you have to be kept down.

He is your superhero because, in your eyes, he could and can do anything. A good dad shows you what kind of parent you should strive to be when you have your own children. He sets a fantastic example. And, above all, he loves you for the great person you were, are, and will become.

Go-To Gift Vouchers for Father’s Day

If you find yourself feeling indecisive about what to get your dad for Father’s Day, opt for a Gifts Australia gift voucher. These vouchers, set to any amount you’d like, are the perfect go-to Father’s Day gift because your dear ole’ dad can peruse and purchase anything he wants. He can even invest in his own experience, like diving with Great White sharks, or learning how to surf with a one-on-one professional lesson.

Our gift vouchers for experiences are good for up to 12 months from the purchase date. When you buy your dad a gift voucher for Father’s Day, we can email it to him immediately, directly afterwards. Or, you can set the delivery time to a later date.

All of your Father’s Day gift orders, and any order for that matter, will arrive with a complementary, customized message from you. So be sweet, heartfelt, and thankful to your pop! Or, if you’d prefer a handwritten note of your personalized message, add on an extra special father’s day card at checkout. Additionally, all orders over $99 AU are shipped free, Australia-wide. And you have the option of having your tangible orders professionally gift-wrapped in colourful paper and ribbons.

Give Dad the gift of amazing life memories this Father's Day with our range of Adventure, Gourmet and Life Experiences.

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