What Are the Best Engagement Gifts?

Gifts Australia stocks many engagement gifts you could consider for the happy couple. To help you find the perfect engagement gifts for an upcoming engagement party, Gifts Australia has listed the best gifts for this occasion below. So, read on to discover the Gifts Australia recommendations for engagement parties!

Should You Bring a Gift to an Engagement Party?

Bringing a gift to an engagement party is a tradition. Of course, this also means that there are some traditional gifts you could be taking to such a party. Gifts Australia stocks all these traditional gifts, some of which have been included in the overview below.

What Kind of Gifts Do You Give for an Engagement Party?

There are several suitable gifts at Gifts Australia for an engagement party. These gifts vary from hampers to home decorations. To help you choose the perfect selection of engagement gifts today, we have included three of our most popular ones below.

Amore Marriage Photo Frame

The Amore Marriage Photo Frame is the perfect gift for an engagement, and a traditional one! It enables the happy couple to display a photograph of themselves in their home; this includes their engagement photo, but also any wedding pictures they take later.

Our Amore Marriage Photo Frame can hold onto a photograph measuring 4” x 6”. The entire frame measures 2 x 28 x 23 centimetres, which means it also accompanies a sentimental message to display next to the photograph of the happy couple.

Customers can choose this photo frame for the happy couple and add a photo of the couple before gifting it. Of course, if you do not have such a photo, we are sure the happy couple will find one of their personal favourites.

Kate Spade Dessert Gold Sparkle Set

Cutlery and servers are also traditional gifts for engagements. Fortunately, there are many servers and cutlery sets that you could choose from Gifts Australia; this includes the Kate Spade Dessert Gold Sparkle Set.

The Kate Spade Gold Sparkle Set contains a gold-plated knife and a server. These cutlery pieces are commonly used to serve cake, something we are sure the happy couple will do a lot after their engagement. Therefore, this traditional gift makes a fantastic gift for any couple who just got engaged.

Kate Spade Best Wishes Tray

Celebrity Kate Spade designs many items for engagements and weddings; this includes the Kate Spade Best Wishes Tray. The Kate Spade Best Wishes Tray is another traditional gift for couples who just got engaged.

The Kate Spade Best Wishes Tray is a beautiful porcelain tray, characterised by various metallic gold accents. The tray also has an inscription in the middle, which reads “treat yourself”.

What Are the Top-selling Engagement Gifts?

As you can imagine, some engagement gifts are more popular than others at Gifts Australia. Today, we will cover our most popular engagement gifts, giving you instant access to the most popular options from our catalogue.

Lunch & Hot Springs for 2 in Victoria

Physical gifts are popular for engagements, but so are our experiences. One experience is even an engagement bestseller specifically the Lunch & Hot Springs for 2 in Victoria. During this experience, the happy couple can enjoy some amazing tapas! Of course, all of this is followed by an extraordinary bathing experience in a lovely environment.

His & Hers Luggage Tags

Engagement gifts do not always have to be huge or expensive; this much is proven by another poplar gift from Gifts Australia: the Kate Spade His & Hers Luggage Tag Set. As the name of this gift already indicates, it contains one “his” and one “hers” luggage tag. Something that is bound to come in handy at the honeymoon.

Kate Spade Everdone Lane Tidbits Set

Our third top seller makes it clear that Kate Spade is a popular brand for engagements. In addition to the luggage tags earlier, our third top seller is a set of Kate Spade Everdone Lane Tidbits. The set contains four designer plates, each featuring a design of gold polka dots. In short, the perfect addition to the home of the happy couple.

What Are Memorable Engagement Gifts?

Looking for the most memorable engagement gifts for the happy couple? Check out these suggestions from Gifts Australia, which are bound to be remembered by the couple who is about to get married.

The Gold Coast Romantic Flight & Picnic for 2

Want the happy couple to spend some romantic time together before their wedding? Then, be sure to choose the Gold Coast Romantic Flight & Picnic for 2 from the Gifts Australia catalogue. Naturally, this experience provides plenty of romance, so we are sure your recipients will thoroughly enjoy it.

The Classic Celebration Hamper

Of course, you do not have to choose one of our engagement experiences to make your gift memorable. Instead, you could go for one of the most extensive gift baskets in our catalogue; this includes the Classic Celebration Hamper!

Inside the Classic Celebration Hamper, the happy couple will find delicious nibbles such as shortbread, chocolate, Morgan’s nibbles, and more. They will also find a bottle of celebratory champagne and a good wine. Everything the happy couple needs to celebrate their engagement.

Laguiole White Mirror Cutlery Set

The final most memorable gift from Gifts Australia is a set of Laguiole White Mirror Cutlery. Every couple needs quality cutlery for their future life together, so why not choose the best cutlery from French manufacturer Laguiole? Of course, you are not obligated to choose the Laguiole White Mirror Cutlery, because there are more options from Laguiole in our catalogue!

Where Can I Find More Gift Ideas for Engagements?

Do you need additional gift ideas for engagements? Be sure to head over to the engagement catalogue of Gifts Australia, which contains countless experiences, physical gifts, and even gift vouchers for engagements! In this catalogue, we are sure you will find the inspiration you need.

Have some additional questions about our engagement gift options? Do not hesitate to contact the Gifts Australia team for more information.

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