2016 – Top Christmas Gifts

Author: Nicole Adler   Date Posted:27 May 2016 

It’s the holiday season once again! This is a time to celebrate and be thankful for all the good things that have happened the past year. And of course, none of it would have been possible without your loved ones by your side, constantly supporting you. What better way to show how much you care and are grateful to them than by giving them a meaningful gift? Whether it’s for your mum or dad, your partner in life, or your precious children, we at Gifts Australia have the perfect gifts for them. Here are the 5 top Christmas gifts of 2016 that the special people in your life would surely love.

Kick Back and Relax with these Christmas Gifts
For your loved one who is always stressed and who worries about a lot of different things, we have a wide selection of scented candles and fragrances that’ll relax and keep them calm. Aromatherapy has been such a big hit lately, and you wouldn’t want to be missing out on its wonderful benefits. With our scented candles such as the Fruity Floral Gilded Candle by MOR, your mum, wife or daughter, can fill their home with wonderful scents that will surely brighten up their day. Through aromatherapy, they will be able to just sit back, unwind, and feel the healing brought by the wonderful fragrances. Your loved one will definitely appreciate being given a gift that’s intended to make them feel light and lift their spirits. These candles can also be left lit up during holiday dinners and get-togethers, letting everyone take in the delightful aroma and feel merrier.
Healthy Gift Options: Juice your Way to Healthier Life

Everyone nowadays is getting into living and eating healthier. This is definitely one trend we all want to be following. For your loved ones who already are health buffs, or want to get started on the road to better physical well-being, juicing can be an option. Drinking fresh juice regularly has health benefits that can be felt and noticed at once. Juices provide a way for your body to better absorb the different minerals and nutrients that are naturally found in different fruits and vegetable.
You will certainly feel fresher and cleaner upon starting your regular doses of pure home-made juice. To help you in this process, we have different kitchen tools such as the Fresh Citrus Press & Juicer which can be used to manually press any fruit that fits yours preferences. Christmas gifts like this will be appreciated and regularly put to use as it is easy to operate and mess-free. The Electronic Personal Blender is another good option as it allows you to create your personal blends of juices and smoothies. This is also perfect for those who are on the go. Simply remove the personal cup from the blender, fit on the travel lid, and you can be off to work or the gym while enjoying your juice.
Get the Latest and Most Innovative Gadget
Kids these days always have a gadget or gizmo in hand. These are now the types of Christmas gifts that not only youngsters will enjoy, but grown-ups as well. In order for you to be able to pick out the best present, you must be up to date with all the latest technology. This is because different styles and types of phones, tablets, and gadgets are popping up one after the other. After having bought one model, the next thing you know, it’s no longer in fashion. It is important to get the latest tech so that the person you are giving a gift to can maximise all the possibilities that technology can offer.
Moreover, not only should the gadget be brand new, but it should also be unique and one of a kind.  Having something that no one else has will surely be appreciate by your children or siblings, as they can show it to their friends and be the talk of the town. An example of a unique and interesting gift you can give is the Smartphone Projector 2.0 by Luckies. You can connect this to an iPhone and project videos and photos from your phone that can be shown to friends and relatives at your next holiday party.

Drink and Be Merry with these Fun Christmas Gifts
The holidays are a time to take a short breather from all your responsibilities and have a bit of fun. And nothing spells a good old time than by having a couple of drinks here and there. Surely, your spouse, sibling, or friend is keen on taking the holidays as an opportunity to get some liquor in and enjoy all those Christmas parties as best they can. From our wide collection of delicious and luxurious liquors, you may purchase this set of Pinot Noir Devil's Corner Twin Pack. Giving this as Christmas gifts will ensure your loved one of having a great and merry time. 
For a more personal touch, you can grab a few bottles of your loved one’s favourite alcoholic drinks and couple those with books like Anna Gare’s Cocktail Hour Shaker. You don’t need a professional bartender to mix your drinks for you. You can make your own delicious cocktails on your own, and make them to your liking.
Curl up with an Interesting Coffee Table Book
Does your loved one love reading and curling up with a good book? Gifts Australia has a wide range of books that anyone would be happy to receive as Christmas gifts. Reading books is not only a simple past time, but also a way to learn about other people and different subject matters. You can get them any book from one of our selections of coffee table books.
These books are light reads and will be more and more enjoyable as you flip through the pages. They may also be a sophisticated addition to any living room, and will impress your guests. If your loved one is familiar with the hit social media page “Humans of New York,” then they’ll certainly enjoy the Humans of New York Coffee Table Book. Read up on all the different and interesting real life stories in this book. You can also opt to purchase the Ultimate Travelist, a list of the 500 best sights and attractions from all over the world.


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