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When it comes to choosing a gift for a 60th birthday, Gifts Australia certainly has you covered. In our catalogue, customers can find countless suitable gifts for a recipient celebrating his or her 60th birthday. So, to find the perfect present for the birthday of your recipient, check out the suggestions from this catalogue below.

What 60th Birthday Gift Do You Suggest for a Gourmet Lover?

For the 60th birthday of a gourmet lover, we always suggest one of our luxurious gourmet hampers. We have suitable hampers for both men and women, so there is a suitable gourmet hamper for any recipient celebrating their 60th.

One of the gourmet hampers for female recipients is the Luxury Pamper Hamper with Chandon Rosé. As the name of this gourmet hamper already indicates, this hamper offers more than just gourmet treats! In addition to a countless selection of gourmet treats such as chocolates and fudge, the Luxury Pamper Hamper with Chandon Rosé contains quality cosmetics. So, with this gourmet hamper, your 60-year-old recipient can celebrate her birthday with the ultimate pampering experience.

What 60th Birthday Gift Do You Suggest for a Hobby Chef?

Anyone who loves to spend time in the kitchen will appreciate a kitchen tool or accessory to add to their collection. At Gifts Australia, customers can find several of these tools and accessories for the kitchen; this includes the outstanding Maverick Single Burger Press.

The little brother of the Maverick Double Burger Press, the Maverick Single Burger Press is a must-have for your kitchen. With this fun little gadget, it becomes a whole lot easier to make homemade burgers, and with a diameter of 12 centimetres, this burger press can deliver some outstanding patties!

At Gifts Australia, customers can also find the Maverick Double Burger Press. The Maverick Double Burger Press enables recipients to press two patties simultaneously; this could certainly save your recipient some time during parties and family gatherings.

What 60th Birthday Gift Do You Suggest for a Wine Lover?

Gifts Australia stocks many gifts for wine lovers, so customers will have no problems finding wine-related gifts for a 60th birthday. You could choose a lovely wine pack, but also one of our extraordinary wine accessories.

There are several wine accessories at Gifts Australia, but one of our personal favourites is the Davis & Waddell Wine Aerator. The Davis & Waddell Wine Aerator enables red wine lovers to aerate their wine immediately, without having to leave it for a lengthy time. So, if your recipient does not like to wait for his red wine to aerate, be sure to get the Davis & Waddell Wine Aerator from Gifts Australia.

Of course, you could also choose one of the wine selections available at Gifts Australia. To ensure superior quality for all our customers, we only stock wines from Australia’s best wineries; this includes Brown Brothers and Robert Oatley. Check out our full range of wines today to discover the best wines for the 60th birthday of your recipient.

What Novelty Gifts Do You Recommend for a 60th Birthday?

When someone hits 60, it is common for that person to retire. Of course, retirement brings new challenges such as finding a hobby! Fortunately, you can count on Gifts Australia to help your recipient find that retirement hobby.

One of our suggestions is a book for future hen keepers, ‘Wisdom for Hen Keepers – 500 Tips for Keeping Chickens’. Upon retirement, it is common for people to enjoy the quiet life; this may involve getting some chickens. With this book, your recipient is bound to find a new passion for the art that is hen keeping.

What Homeware Gifts Do You Suggest for a 60th Birthday?

You could choose homewares for a 60th birthday and the possibilities are almost endless. Customers can choose something functional such as a magnetised bottle opener or Waterford Crystal decanter, but they can also choose something to create an atmosphere in the home!

One of the things that can set the right tone in any home is the La Cruz Luscious Vanilla Pod Caramel Candle. As the name of the product suggests, the candle features a successful aromatherapy combination of vanilla and caramel. Now, this combination could make any home pleasant and will certainly be appreciated by anyone celebrating their 60th birthday.

Where Can I Get More Inspiration for 60th Birthday Gifts?

Gifts Australia stocks many other birthday gifts for recipients celebrating their 60th birthday. If you want more inspiration for your recipient, simply head over to the ‘birthdays’ section and select ‘60th birthday gifts’ to uncover all suitable options.

Do you have a question about the 60th birthday gifts mentioned here today? Or do you have a question about our 60th birthday gifts in the catalogue? Contact Gifts Australia today for additional information.

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