Champagne Hampers

60th Birthday Champagne Gift Hampers

Lovers of Champagne and Sparkling wine will be more than impressed with our finest selection of Bubbles this side of Epernay! The whole world loves Champagne and Australia is no exception! Did you know that parts of Australia have the highest consumption of Champagne outside of France? Now we must get a few facts out there, that the production of Champagne is only produced in the regions of Champagne in France and the production of bubbles in Australia is called ‘Sparkling Wine’. The Methods of making champagne may be used here in Australia but they produce fine ‘Sparkling Wine’. Gifts Australia have combined our selections together in one spot for you to choose from. What a wonderful way and tradition to celebrate a 60th Birthday! As Monsieur Bollinger once said – “Shampoo, Champagne”!

What types of Champagne and Sparkling Wine can you expect?

Kicking the celebrations off for 60th Birthdays there is no better way to celebrate and propose toasts than with French Champagne. The regions of France like – Epernay, Reims and Cote De Blancs produce the finest champagne in the world. Those locations are about 160klms from Paris and have been known for centuries for the historic, magical and secretive production of Champagne. By law, Champagne is only produced and named within this beautiful region of France. The families through generations of skill and expertise have crafted their art for lovers of the drink, Royalty, Presidents and you and me. One of the most amazing facts about the production and storage of this ‘Drink of The Angels’ is that the soil and chalk of the regions of Champagne are unique to that area. The storage of Champagne known as the ‘Carves’ are underground and contain a perfect atmospheric temperature due to the clay and chalk in the ground. The ‘Carves’ under some of the Champagne Houses can be miles long with hundreds of thousands of cellared bottles containing decades old vintages. Gifts Australia are proud to offer your 60th Birthday gift recipient a champagne selection they will never forget.

Krug champagne is one of the finest and most sophisticated champagnes on the planet. The House of Krug was founded by Joseph Krug in 1843 and is produced in Reims. It is a famous champagne house that formes on of the Grande Marques. The Krug family is still actively involved in the champagne production. We have on offer for your next 60th Birthday celebrations a gift box set of Krug Grand Cuvee. The Grand Cuvee means that the vintage of the champagne is of the first or second harvest of the grapes and you will find a decadently rich, extravagant and complex note on your palette that is refined with small bubbles of 60th Birthday HEAVEN! This Krug 60th Birthday gift will be delivered to your recipient free of charge.

‘Today Tomorrow & Everyday with Champagne’ gift hamper is a luxurious and feminine way to say I LOVE YOU on a 60th Birthday. Piper Hedsieck champagne is another beauty that is produced in the Epernay region of France. They call this Champagne – “The Champagne to the Stars” because it is loved by Star watchers and celebrities all over the world. The Champagne itself is one of the few champagnes that is a 100% chardonnay grape in production. The flavours on the palette are intensely beautiful, like a fresh apple or powerful kick of a luxurious sherbet. The ‘Non-Vintage’ champagne is thoroughly enjoyed with seafood or as a wonderful day champagne. We have this beautiful Champagne hamper with some luxurious treats for your next 60th Birthday Gifts. They won’t be disappointed!

A Champagne To Suit Every Taste

The global love of Bollinger has been known for centuries by people all over the world. The Champagne House is the only Champagne House with the ‘Royal Seal of Approval’ by Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II - and rightly so. The Bollinger family art masters of their art, and this champagne is liquid art. 60th Birthdays should always consist of a Bollinger toast at some stage, and we have the fine Champagne in a stunning luxurious hamper that contains fine chocolates and all things fine and French. This pure indulgence hamper is a keepsake and will be the most outstanding 60th Birthday Gift ever!

Another of the fine luxurious houses of Champagne is Verve Clicquot. This champagne house is one of the well-known and superb houses. They produce a stunning glass of Champagne with striking flavours of melon and rain on the fresh earth. Madame Clicquot was the founder of the house and produced such world renown Champagnes like “madam Clicquot’ their Cuvee De Prestige. Our stunning 60th Birthday Gift Hamper comes with some beautiful foodie treats like Morgan’s Honey Roasted Peanuts and Maison Fossier French Palmier Pastries. Wow, what a stunning 60th Birthday Gift!

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