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Gifts Australia has outdoor experiences that could be gifted for special occasions. We have experiences for different types of recipients, so you will always find what you are looking for in our store. Want some recommendations from the Gifts Australia outdoor experiences catalogue? Check out our suggestions below!

Which Outdoor Experience Do You Recommend for Animal Lovers?

For animal lovers, it is only natural to choose an experience that involves interaction with animals. There are several options for animal lovers at Gifts Australia; this includes the Off-Road Safari Experience in Melbourne.

The Off-Road Safari Experience takes your recipient for a tour through the Werribee Open Range Zoo. During this tour, your recipient will experience the savannah; this includes all the smells, sounds, and sights you could expect in Africa! Naturally, your recipient will also encounter some African animals; this includes zebras, hippos, giraffes, rhinos, and many other wonderful African wildlife.

Which Outdoor Experience Do You Recommend for an Entire Family?

Customers who are looking to buy a gift for an entire family could consider one of the group-orientated outdoor experiences available at Gifts Australia. One of these experiences is the Family Helicopter Flight for 4, enabling a family to experience the wonders of a luxurious helicopter flight, as well as the beautiful environment below.

Before the start of the experience, the family in question will get the opportunity to take a picture together in front of the helicopter. Participants are also allowed to take their cell phones and cameras during the flight, because there are loads of interesting pictures to take!

Which Outdoor Experience Do You Recommend for Luxury Lovers?

Not everyone associates the outdoors with great luxury, but it is certainly a possibility with the experiences available at Gifts Australia. One experience that could provide such a luxurious experience is the Lunch & Hot Springs for 2 Experience.

During the Lunch & Hot Springs for 2 Experience, recipients receive a delight for all the senses. Not only can your recipients count on numerous, pampering bathing experiences, they also get to enjoy some local gourmet foods and wine. Of course, all this takes place in the beautiful surroundings of the Mornington Peninsula.

What Outdoor Experience Do You Recommend for Campers?

Anyone who loves camping will find many experiences at Gifts Australia to peek their interest. We have suitable camping experiences for those who like to experience the true Australian bush, but also those who like to camp with a bit more luxury.

If your recipient likes camping, but hates to say goodbye to the conveniences and luxuries of their home, you could gift the Glamping Hub Voucher. The Glamping Hub Voucher enables your recipient to have an unforgettable outdoor camping experience, but stay in accommodations suitable for a king!

What Outdoor Experience Do You Recommend for Bike Lovers?

Anyone with a passion for motorcycles will appreciate an experience that enables them to spend time in the great outdoors on an amazing motorbike. Fortunately, such an experience is available at Gifts Australia, more specifically the Half Day Harley Tour.

The Half Day Harley Tour includes a 5-hour tour on a genuine Harley Davidson motorcycle. Before the start of the tour, your recipient will receive a leather jacket and helmet; this to ensure your recipient looks the part when travelling on this outstanding bike!

There is also some time for a few pitstops along the way. While you will explore many country roads and rural towns, there is also time for morning tea and refreshments at Tambourine Mountain. There is also plenty of time to take some photos with your driver and the environment. Since this tour also passes along lush rainforest and World Heritage sites, a good camera is certainly a must!

What Can I Do If I Cannot Find a Matching Outdoor Experience for My Recipient?

Some customers are not that familiar with the personal preferences of their outdoorsy recipient. Fortunately, Gifts Australia has the perfect solution for you in the form of a gift voucher. Simply choose a voucher to match your budget, and your recipient can buy the outdoor experience that fits him or her the best!

Where Can I Find More Outdoorsy Experiences at Gifts Australia?

We only covered some of the most popular outdoor experiences at Gifts Australia, because there are many others left to discover. So, in addition to the experiences we already mentioned, you can also count on Gifts Australia for gardening mentorships, sailing experiences, nature photography, and much more.

To get more inspiration for the outdoorsy recipient, please head over to our ‘experiences’ section. Please note that outdoor experiences are not your only options, because we have plenty of indoor experiences too!

Need some help selecting a good outdoor experience for your recipient? Do not hesitate to contact the Gifts Australia team to help you select the perfect outdoor experience!

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