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Our professional team are here every step of the way to ensure that your 60th Birthday Experience is celebrated with thrills, laughs and more awesome conversations on your 60th Birthday celebrations. We know that our ‘Experience Packages’ will come with delight as so many of our Gifts Australia customers have been enjoying the packages for quite some time now.

Be Unique For a 60th Birthday, Choose an Experience!

There are many 60th birthday gifts you could consider, but why not choose something a little different than most 60th birthday gifts you can find in gift stores? If you want to be original with the 60th birthday gifts you must obtain this year, we can recommend choosing one of the experiences available at Gifts Australia.

Want to learn more about the experience in our catalogue with 60th birthday gifts? Read on to discover the best experience for the 60th birthday of your recipient.

What Could I Buy for the 60th Birthday of a Laid-Back Recipient?

Anyone who loves silence and a relaxing experience will appreciate the following experience from our 60th birthday gifts catalogue, more specifically the Lunch & Hot Springs for 2 Experience in Victoria.

The Lunch & Hot Springs for 2 Experience in Victoria gives your recipient and companion access to delicious seasonal tapas, following by one of the many bathing experience available at the experience location. It is an experience that enables your recipient to fully relax, so this is an excellent choice for a laid-back recipient.

What Could I Buy for the 60th Birthday of an Adventurous Recipient?

There are countless options for adventurous recipients, including the Yarra Valley Hot Air Ballooning Experience! If your recipient is good with heights, and would like to explore some of the most beautiful areas in Australia from the sky, then this experience should be on your shortlist for your recipient’s birthday.

During the Yarra Valley Hot Air Ballooning Experience, your recipient will be exploring some of the finest locations in Australia from the sky. It includes flying over Yarra Valley vineyards, but also its stunning mountains and the Yarra Valley River.

After the balloon has landed, there is some time for refreshments. Upon arrival, your recipient will be greeted with a genuine champagne breakfast. So, this experience does not only offer adventure from the balloon, but also a culinary adventure.

What Could I Buy for the 60th Birthday of a Gourmet Lover?

Even though we offer various experiences for gourmet lovers, nothing beats an experience where the gourmet lover can learn a new skill to last a lifetime. Valuable skills can be obtained from an experience such as the Handmade Sausage Cooking Class, but also other cooking classes available at Gifts Australia.

During the Handmade Sausage Cooking Class, your recipient will learn how to make fresh sausages from scratch. The class covers topics such as bratwurst making, but also how to select the best meats from the butchers. Your participant will learn how to ground meat, fill natural sausage casings, and even various methods on how to cook sausages. So, this experience covers sausage making from beginning to end.

What Could I Buy for the 60th Birthday of a Daredevil?

Being 60 does not mean your recipient should leave his daredevil ways behind, because there are many amazing things your recipient can do after celebrating his 60th birthday.

One of the daredevil experiences suitable for a 60th birthday is the Abseiling Mount Ngungun Experience in Queensland.

The Abseiling Mount Ngungun Experience is a 6-hour adventure, which starts with an experienced guide who will provide your recipient with the appropriate training. The guide will also determine the safest way for your recipient to experience abseiling, which could mean an adjustment on the route if necessary.

During the abseiling experience, your recipient can be scaling cliffs of 20m and 40m; this surrounded by the beautiful surroundings of the area. The best thing about this experience? There is no age restriction, so recipient’s celebrating their 60th birthday could certainly enjoy this experience thoroughly.

What Could I Buy for the 60th Birthday of a Creative Recipient?

For the creative recipient, we suggest one of the creative experiences suitable for 60-year-old recipients. One good example is the One-to-One 3 Hour Photography Experience.

The One-to-One 3-Hour Photography Experience from Gifts Australia is a fully tailored workshop for creative recipients with an interest in photography. During the experience, your recipient can learn more about things such as camera control, flash photography, composition, image design, natural lighting, portraiture, macro, studio techniques, and much more. In short, everything the creative recipient needs for an unforgettable day!

Where Can I Get More Inspiration for 60th Birthday Experiences?

Gifts Australia has an extensive experiences catalogue, so the experiences we mentioned today are just some of our personal favourites. If you wish to obtain some additional inspiration before you buy, we suggest heading over to the experiences section on the Gifts Australia website.

Do you have a question about any experience available from Gifts Australia? Or do you want to determine the suitability of a certain experience for your recipient? Do not hesitate to contact the Gifts Australia customer service team for more information. 

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