Foodie & Gourmet Tours

60th Birthday Foodie & Gourmet Tour Experiences

Australia is home to some of the most outstanding produce and gourmet delights anywhere in the world. The pastures, vineyards, farms and orchards are just a few examples of why our great country is world renown for food, chefs and cooks. We harvest and produce the best quality in all arenas of food and wine for all to enjoy. We have been awarded for successful food and wine produce many times. That is why we believe that our ‘Foodie & Gourmet Tours’ would be an unbelievable treat and gift for a 60th Birthday. The selection is as fine as the food and wine served whilst experiencing the gourmet packages.

What can you expect to enjoy on our ‘Foodie & Gourmet Tours’? Every person is different as with the types of food families and friends enjoy at home. Gifts Australia has created a divine collection of ‘Foodie & Gourmet Tours’ for your next 60th Birthday Gift. The ‘Foodie & Gourmet Tours’ range also in where they are located. There will be a selection that is just right for you. No matter your tastes and flavours, no matter where you may live, we can provide you with assistance for your questions about our ‘Foodie & Gourmet Tours’.

One of our many beautiful Australian spots for gourmet treats is the Mornington Peninsula down in Victoria. Victoria has a wide ranging climate and a wide range of food and wine production. That’s why the Mornington Peninsula is one of our ‘Foodie & Gourmet Tours’ favourites. One of the packages we offer is a course for gourmet pizza lovers. The ‘Art of Wood Fired Pizza Class for 1’ you become part of the family at ‘Green Olive’ family and have a wonderful tour of the kitchen garden and learn the art of wood fired pizza making. What a wonderful 60th Birthday Gift for those who aspire to be the next Stephanie Alexander.

Gourmet sausages have become the food Du Jour for many at home and for their Aussie BBQ’s. The variety of gourmet sausages you can buy and make is world class. The trend in moving away from the fatty, common sausage is not only a flavour treat but also a health benefit. A unique package that we offer as a part of our ‘Foodie & Gourmet Tours’ is the ‘Handmade Sausage Cooking Class for 1’. This package is also in our beloved Victoria that includes learning the art of perfectly ground meat production and the expertise of combining the right Herbs, spices and other flavours with your sausage making. We are sure the gourmet cook in your family or circle of friends will love this for their 60th Birthday.

Butchery Courses To Delight Meat Lovers

Cooking meat or proteins is one thing but having the correct cut of meat for a particular dish is the key to gourmet delight. There are so many different types of wonderful dishes to cook and serve but when the flavour hits the pallet it should be combined with the correct cut of meat. We love our ‘Foodie & Gourmet Tours’ and this particular ‘Techniques of Butchery Cooking Class for 1’ will bring you right up to the standard we know you can cook at! This is the perfect 60th Birthday Gift for the foodie lover in your life. Experienced chefs demonstrate and explain meat cuts while the students gain hands on experience boning chicken and quail. Set against 27 sustainably farmed acres, students are taken through the entire process of breaking down a lamb carcass into different cuts of meat. If you have any questions regarding the ‘Foodie & Gourmet Tours’ please do not hesitate to contact us.

60th Birthday Experiences In Sydney

While we are on the subject of 60th Birthday treats, we would like to offer you a wonderful experience. Sydney is the largest of our major cities and loved the world over for its spectacular landmarks and gourmet experiences. The city is home to many amazing restaurants and chefs, beer makers and coffee artisans. There is a very popular part of colonial Sydney called Balmain. Balmain is a location in Sydney that was one of the first settled suburbs and built by convicts in our first settlement. Balmain is a stunning example of our historic architecture and colonial style buildings that is home to some awesome places to visit, like the old world pubs. You can now enjoy this charismatic and unique history of the Balmain whilst visiting and tasting some beer in some of the oldest pubs in Sydney. The tour is a guided walking Pub tour and is approximately 2.5 hours of character filled fun. A wonderful way to say Happy 60th Birthday the special person in your life.

If you are looking for an unforgettable experience to give the ones you love for their 60th Birthday, check out our ‘Wine & Waves Helicopter Ride for 2’. Australia’s beauty lies in its varied landscapes & this helicopter flight explores the stunning wine regions across to aqua blue ocean breaks of Newcastle’s city coast line. A delightful gift for 2 people on a momentous occasion like a 60th Birthday.

Gifts Australia look forward to making the 60th Birthday a real treat!

This is just a few of our many 60th birthday gifts that we have to offer at Gifts Australia. If you need more information, or have any questions about the ‘Foodie & Gourmet Tours’ we offer, our expert team of specialists are right here for you. We look forward to hearing from you and we hope that his 60th Birthday is a momentous and special occasion! Don’t forget to checkout our vast range of 60th Birthday Experiences and Adventure packages for both him and her on our wonderful gift website. You will be sure to find a 60th Birthday treat or two!

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