60th Birthday Gifts

Adventures are us at Gifts Australia and we have the perfect 60th Birthday Gift for your next purchase. So the grand age of 60 has arrived and so has your opportunity to get going with creating more unbelievable memories. Into the best years of your life you go on one of our adventure packages from Gifts Australia. Our expert team are here every step of the way to ensure that your 60th Birthday is celebrated with thrills, laughs and more awesome conversations on your 60th Birthday celebrations. We know that our ‘Experience Packages’ will come with delight as so many of our Gifts Australia customers have been enjoying the packages form quite some time now.

What and Where can you expect to end up?

That is the question on everyone’s lips and we are right here to answer that question for you. We know exactly where you will end up – with a smile on your face for your 60th Birthday for starters! The ‘Experience Packages’ are just that, they are there for enjoying, trying something unique and of course to ensure you are beside yourself with happiness on your special day! The team at Gifts Australia have compiled the best of the best packages from all types of people – Adventure seekers, thrill seekers, food and wine lovers and of course those who like to chillax!

Let’s start with those of you who love the outdoors. Camping, what better way to experience the great Australian outdoors and landscape. Camping is a very Australian thing to do, with family or friends or just as a couple or on your own. The “Serenity of it” is a favourite past time and there are so many options of where to camp. Gifts Australia have a wonderful offer and surprise at hand for your 60th Birthday. Ever heard of Cockatoo Island? Maybe or maybe not. Even so, the majestic surrounds of Cockatoo Island are a world wonder and that’s right, you can now camp there through Gifts Australia for your 60th Birthday gift. Give the Gift of 60th Birthdays to your loved ones without the hassle on Sydney’s famous Cockatoo Island. There is little more to do than bring your clothes and food and sit back and enjoy some of Sydney’s iconic scenery.

While we are “Chillaxing” let’s take a look at the best of the best Spa treatments for men and woman who deserve the time out on their 60th Birthdays. Our wonderful home, Australia, has some of the best spa treatment facilities in the world, some of them indoors and some of them outdoor. That’s why we have hand selected the ‘Farmers Lunch & Natural Hot Springs Bath for 2’ down on Victoria’s Mornington Peninsula. The package is a perfect 60thy Birthday ‘unwind’ for a lovely 60th Birthday couple to enjoy. The food has never tasted better than when it is fresh from the farm which is why we know how delicious these meals are! But it gets even better thanks to the Hot Springs down there on the Mornington Peninsula. The hot springs will sooth you into the best years of your life!

Water Experiences For The Perfect 60th Birthday Experience Gift

Still love to be in the water? So do we, and we love Bondi! Bondi is the world renown and favoured surfing spot for beach goers and surfies alike. It has been given the reputation of one of the best surfing breaks on the surfing scene. The waters are warm, the waves are up and so is our ‘Bondi Private Surf Lesson’. The local pro surfing ladies and gents down there at Bondi are ready to give you a new life experience all whilst remaining fit and fun. There is no better way to advance your surfing skills with one of Gifts Australia Private Surfing Lessons. The surfing lessons are tailored to your specific surfing skill and standards – check it out for your next 60th Birthday Gift.

Let’s stay in the water but take you right underneath – down where all the action happens! Australia is a country with the most outstanding underwater and marine life in the world. People of all ages come to experience our marine wildlife and enjoy the vast and stunning coral reefs. So, while you enjoy water, bet you have never been face to face with a Sea Lion! Our ‘Adults Swim with Sea Lions Experience’ is shore to create the perfect 60th Birthday memory. A wild and unforgettable experience for all to enjoy. The adventure package takes you on a half day swimming tour with endangered Australian Sea Lions. You can take joy in their cheeky twists and dives, and their sweet antics in this ultimate 60th Birthday package down at Port Lincoln.

Do you know a 60th Birthday recipient who loves the o9pposite of being underwater – flying high in the sky? The Birthday boy or girl will be turned upside down and have their engines on thrust with our ‘Sydney Aircraft Aerobatics’ Red Baron flight package. The passenger will take over the controls on this ultimate thrill seeker experience. The stunt plane is Piloted by a pro but he will offer you control over the’Robin2160’ as you zoom and zap through the air. We only offer the best thrills here at Gifts Australia for a 60th Birthday.

Celebrate 60th Birthdays with Gifts Australia

Gifts Australia can help you find the perfect gift for the special man or lady in your life that is turning a wonderful 60! We have a huge and diverse range of gifts that are ideal for a 60th Birthdays. Our catalogue of 60th Birthday Gifts will satisfy a broad range of desires and tastes and create unforgettable moments on that special day. Foodies, will love it, Thrill seekers will love it, they will love our 60th Birthday gifts at Gifts Australia. The love and moments shared and enjoyed are priceless and we know that your shopping experience for 60th Birthdays will be a memorable one. Help your special man or lady enjoy their special time with a very special gift.

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