Keep him looking his best, with our range of cufflinks, watches and wallets that make the ultimate 50th birthday gifts for him. Whether it's a quality timepiece to keep him on time, or perhaps some novelty cufflinks to keep him looking dapper while showing off his personality or a leather wallet to keep him organised; it's all here to celebrate his 50th birthday.

Cufflinks, Watches, and Wallets The Perfect 50th Birthday Gifts For Him

Fashion is for every man and woman, at any age and any point in their lives. For men, style is often about finding the right accessories. All a man needs to look and feel fashion-forward is a nice tie, a stylish watch, and a modern pair of cufflinks. A leather wallet never hurts either!

A stylish man of 50 knows the importance of simple, yet high quality accessories. That’s why we carry a wide variety of fashionable gifts for men who like to put their best foot forward. From classic cufflinks to contemporary watches, it’s as easy as pie to find 50th birthday gifts at Gifts Australia.

We have stylish gifts for stylish Dads!

Do you have a fashionable dad? Does he make a point of looking his best before leaving the house? Whether your dad is a businessman, a socialite, or simply enjoys looking great, you’ll find fabulous 50th birthday gifts at Gifts Australia. Take time to explore our stylish range of cufflinks, watches, and wallets. With such an ample collection of classy, luxurious gifts, your dad’s 50th will be his most fashionable birthday yet!

For hundreds of years, cufflinks have been a practical, yet stylish item in men’s fashion. To this day, cufflinks serve a useful purpose while also making a fashion statement. They come in a variety of shapes, sizes, materials, and colours. At Gifts Australia, you’ll find novelty cufflinks for men with a good sense of humour and fun.

We also carry classic silver cufflinks that are both understated and dashing. To add a pop of colour, browse through our modern cufflink sets, decorated with coloured enamel and adorned with interesting designs. A great pair of cufflinks is the perfect way to add a stylish finishing touch to any suit for any occasion.

The same can be said for a beautiful watch. A fashionable timepiece is a spiffy addition to any outfit, be it a suit, a pair of jeans, or relaxing loungewear. Gifts Australia is proud to carry a dapper collection of men’s watches. If your dad is a traditional type of man, consider picking up one of our classic-style watches with a quality leather band.

Or is your dad more modern? Does he love clean lines and understated colour schemes? Then you’re bound to find the perfect timepiece among our great watch collection. Many of our timepieces comes with clean and contemporary designs. From simple black and white clock faces to gorgeous metal bands, we have perfect 50th birthday watches for your dear old dad.

Bowties are in. From hip young bartenders to professional businessmen, a fashion-forward bowtie is a fun way to add something special to any outfit. We have classic black bowties and pinstripe beauties of all colours! Oh, and did we mention that we also carry suspenders and handkerchiefs? That’s right, we have all sorts of dapper gifts for dapper dads.

Though a man’s wallet is rarely seen, it’s an incredibly important part of a man’s overall style. Just imagine seeing a man with a nice watch, stylish cufflinks, and a crisp suit. Then imagine him pulling out a tired old wallet with holes. It just doesn’t work. For the man carrying the wallet, it needs to be functional and comfortable to keep in his pocket. Gifts Australia carries fashionable and durable leather wallets for men of all ages. If your father prefers classic black leather, we have wallets he’s sure to love. But if he likes earthy brown wallets, we have those too!

Men’s fashion often does double duty for function. Cufflinks, wallets, and watches all serve important functions. But being functional doesn’t bar them from also being fashionable. Here at Gifts Australia, we make a point of carrying men’s birthday gifts that sit at the intersection of fashion and function. Shop at Gifts Australia today to find the stylish, yet practical present perfect for your dad.

Celebrate style at any age!

True style and panache are ageless. Men and women alike can be fashionable throughout their life, whether that style is defined as classic, modern, or somewhere in between. We want your dad to have a stylish 50th birthday, so shop Gifts Australia today. With a lovely pair of cufflinks, a pinstripe bowtie, and a stylish new watch, we know your dad will look more dashing than ever!

Celebrate style, age, and experience with Gifts Australia. And we encourage you to take time to celebrate your dad. He spent years raising you. Isn’t it time you show your dad how much you appreciate him and enjoy spending time with him? Take him out to his favourite restaurant. Dress up and paint the town red! Give him a reason to wear his new cufflinks, use his new wallet, or don his new bowtie.

Explore Gifts Australia for stylish gifts galore!


Wish your dad “Happy Birthday” with Gifts Australia. Browse the website now to find the best men’s 50th birthday gifts. And take advantage of our convenient shipping options to get your dad’s birthday gifts to where they need to be. From your Gifts Australia cart, explore shipping for every budget, timeline, and location.

We offer free shipping through Australia on every Gifts Australia order over $99 AU. Same day delivery is available to Sydney when you place your order before 1PM (GMT+10). We also offer next day delivery to other Australian capital cities. So if you left your birthday gift-shopping a bit late, never fear! We’ll deliver your presents directly to his door and he’ll be none the wiser.

Use our top-notch gift-wrapping service to send your dad’s 50th birthday gifts wrapped and ready to be opened. Just choose a bow and our experts will do all the wrapping work for you. And if you’re getting your gifts wrapped, don’t forget to add a personalised greeting card. Each Gifts Australia order comes with a complimentary greeting card. However, you can upgrade this greeting card from your cart for extra customisation.

Keep him looking dapper with our range of 50th birthday cufflinks, watches and wallets for the stylish man.

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