Beer Hampers

The perfect blend of hops and malt; we've found the best beer from Australia and around the world and packaged them into delicious beer gift hampers that make the perfect 50th birthday gift. With a brew to delight every person's taste and preferences, these gourmet treats will make them feel special and loved this birthday.

50th Birthday Beer Hamper Gifts

Beer. Where would we be without it? How would we relieve stress after a long day? Or, more importantly, how would we celebrate special occasions? If a parent or a friend is turning 50 soon, start chilling those beer glasses now and get ready to celebrate properly. And as you get ready to party, browse Gifts Australia for delicious beer-based gift hampers.

Among our beer hampers, you will find delicious international brews alongside delectable domestics. Both make killer 50th birthday gifts for beer enthusiasts. From ciders to pales ales, our gift hampers run the gamut of beer varieties. Each hamper comes with 5 bottles of premium beer and snacks to match. It’s the perfect amount for sharing or for enjoying on a quiet, solitary weekend of relaxation.

Beer Hampers Galore!

Plato, in his infinite wisdom, once stated, “He was a wise man who invented beer.” Truer words have never been spoken! That’s why we take pride in our premium beer-based gift hampers, filled to the brim with that liquid gold we all love so much. We encourage you to take a close look at these hampers to find the best 50th birthday gifts your friends or family could ever ask for. So, what kind of beer hampers do we offer?

Australian beer is some of the best in the world. Our domestic beer-based gift hampers are designed for those who prefer a taste of home. These hampers include Australia’s best brews. But don’t take our word for it, take a look at our domestic beer hampers and see for yourself.

Over the past decade, interest and appreciation of cider has increased around the world. Our Anzac Ciders Hamper contains crisp, delicious ciders from Australia and New Zealand. We’ve included ciders from the Barossa Cider Co., Three Oaks Cider Co., Matilda Bay Brewing Company, and more. Of the brews included in this gift hamper, your gift recipient will receive delicious pear and apple ciders.

But Australia is known for much more than its tasty ciders. Our other domestic beer hampers include refreshing lagers, golden ales, and complex pale ales. These delicious brews come from skilled microbrewers and such iconic brewers as James Squire.

So what about 50th birthday gifts and beer-based gift hampers for men and women who love to try new imports? Then may we suggest one of our international beer hampers? These hampers will transport the gift recipient to a different country in just one sip, making it possible to travel without ever hopping onto a plane, train, or automobile.

Our collection of international imports is made up of the finest beer in the world. These beer hampers even offer rare Trappist brews. Trappist beer is frequently considered some of the best in the world. Made with love and care, these brewskies are made by Trappist monks. In fact, there are only 11 monasteries where authentic Trappist beer is still brewed. This type of beer is always top-fermented, making them more like ales than lagers.

In addition to our monk-made beer, our international beer hampers and beer gifts include lagers and pale ales from several countries in Europe and Mexico. There are lagers from France, Belgium, the Netherlands, and Germany. For lovers of a good pale lager, you can’t go wrong with our Corona Beer Hamper.

Let’s not forget that each and every beer hamper is rounded out with an assortment of satisfying savoury snacks. Our gift hamper experts have included a variety of flavoured mixed nuts, mouth-watering dips, and lovely crackers. Your gift recipient will also enjoy noshing on marinated green olives, tapenade, and beef jerky. So delicious and perfect to enjoy with a lovely glass of cold beer.

Raise a glass and say, “Happy Birthday”

We can hear it now, toasts being made to the birthday boy or girl, followed by a rendition of the “Happy Birthday” song. Everybody’s laughing, having fun, and celebrating. Help your gift recipient have fun on their 50th with one or two of our beer-based gift hampers. We can’t think of a better way to celebrate the first 50 years and toast to the next!

For this birthday and every birthday after, come to Gifts Australia to find 1000s of incredible birthday presents and gift hampers. And be sure to check-in with us throughout the year; we’re always adding lovely products for men, women, and children of all ages and interests.

Shop Gifts Australia today for a wonderful gift-giving experience!

To make your gift-shopping experience the best it could possibly be, we offer an array of useful services to help you save time, money, and stress. After adding beer gifts and 50th birthday presents to your Gifts Australia cart, you have the opportunity to explore some great personalisation options. Our gift-wrapping service, for example, is a wonderful way to save time. Using gorgeous embossed wrapping paper and the bow of your choice, we’ll make sure every gift is ready to be opened by the lucky birthday boy or girl.

And what would a wrapped birthday present be without a beautiful greeting card? Each Gifts Australia order comes with a complimentary greeting card, perfect for any birthday, holiday, or special occasion. But if you’d like to customise your card, it’s quick and simple to upgrade from your Gifts Australia cart. We have cards for every major holiday and life event.

Once you have your personalised gift-wrapping and greeting cards squared away, it’s time to explore your shipping options. If your order exceeds $99 AU, your gifts qualify for free shipping throughout Australia. So go wild! Isn’t a milestone birthday like 50 a great time to spoil your mum, dad, or friend? We think so!

In addition to free delivery for qualifying orders, you’ll discover an array of convenient shipping options during checkout. For example, we offer same day shipping to Sydney and next day shipping to other Australian capitals. We make it easy to find the right delivery options for your location and your budget.

The ultimate brews are carefully selected and packaged with the finest nibbles in our 50th birthday beer hampers

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