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Turning 50 shouldn't be about sitting around waiting for the rest of their life to pass by; it's time to get out, have some fun and adventure and celebrate just how amazing life is with our range of Outdoor and Fun Experience Gifts. Challenge them, inspire them and delight them with these special 50th birthday gifts.

50th Birthday Gift, Fun & Outdoor Experiences

Poet Lord Byron once wrote, “There is pleasure in the pathless woods, there is rapture in the lonely shore, there is society where none intrudes, by the deep sea, and music in its roar; I love not man the less, but nature more.”

And indeed, it’s in nature that we find peace with the world and with ourselves. Spending time outdoors relieves stress and symptoms of depression. Nature has also been shown to boost creativity and improve focus. In other words, get outside! Give your mother, father, or friend an exciting outdoor adventure for their 50th birthday. This time spent outside will make them feel refreshed and ready to face the world.

Our experts here at Gifts Australia have found the best outdoor experiences and 50th birthday gifts for men and women alike. From checking off some bucket list items or simply reconnecting with the world, we recommend you browse our experience gifts today. You’ll discover luxurious camping packages, sports car hires, and motorcycle tours through Australia’s beautiful landscape.

Fun, Outdoor Experiences for All!

If nature is what you want, nature is what we’ll give you! Our outdoor experiences make great gifts for outdoorsmen and women. Spending time in nature is healthy and clarifying. At 50, we take time to take stock of our lives. We look backward and in doing so prepare for the future. For your friends or family members who are coming up on their 50th birthday, send them out into the beautiful landscapes of Australia for some clarity and some well-deserved fun.

And what’s a better way to enjoy what nature has to offer than rock climbing or abseiling? These experiences combine sport and nature to create a truly awesome experience. Our abseiling and rock climbing adventures take place in the beautiful Blue Mountains of New South Wales. This UNESCO World Heritage Area is a natural wonder, filled with mountains, lakes, rivers, and over 400 types of wildlife.

To participate in our rock climbing or abseiling experiences, participants should be moderately fit and healthy. The experience providers supply all the safety equipment required. Both adventure packages are perfect for beginners and amateurs. Our experienced instructors are ready to make your mom or dad’s 50th birthday an unforgettable day of adventure. All your gift recipient needs to bring is weather and activity-appropriate clothing, sunscreen, and water.

Just as our abseiling and rock climbing packages are a great way to enjoy the mountains, our surfing packages are a great way to enjoy the beach and the ocean. Each of our surfing packages are tailored to fit beginners in the Bondi and Byron Bay area. We offer group lessons, one-on-one surfing experiences, and family packages. It’s never too late to learn how to surf!

Have your parents ever been glamping? Glamping is a great new way to camp and enjoy the outdoors. It’s glamourous camping! But what makes camping glamourous? First of all, the tent and the bedding are set up for the campers. So everything is ready by the time your friends or family arrive! The glamping location is quite glamourous too. Cockatoo Island sits in the Sydney Harbor at the intersection of the Parramatta River and Lane Cove River. From this beautiful location, you parents will enjoy a view of Sydney like they’ve never seen it before. They’ll be able to sit back and relax as boats pass by the island. The island itself, a former industrial site, also offers guests a variety of interesting attractions.

Finally, on Cockatoo Island, campers have the opportunity to enjoy a range of activities, including tennis and self-guided walking tours. All your parents have to do is pack clothing, kitchenware, and food. Food and alcoholic beverages can also be bought on the island. And for forgetful campers, the campground provides a range of toiletries and camping equipment.

For parents or friends with a need for speed and the open road, a Harley Davidson tour sounds like a great 50th birthday present. Your gift recipient can hop onto the back of a hog and take a joy ride past popular attractions and down beautiful roads. Each motorcycle driver is a licensed professional, so you know your gift recipient is in good hands. The open road is calling and it’s time to answer!

Just as exciting, our Porsche tours are wonderfully luxurious 50th birthday gifts for nature-lovers and car enthusiasts. Experience participants have the opportunity to get behind the wheel of a classic sports car and whip down the coast and through a nature reserve. If you ask us, we’re not sure what’s better about this package: the sports cars or the beautiful vistas and landscapes. Our Porsche tours are available for the Sydney region. The tours last anywhere from a few hours to a full day!

Like our Porsche tours, our helicopter tours combine luxury and nature for one all-encompassing experience. Send your wine-loving mom, dad, or friend on a helicopter tour of Newcastle’s wine region. The beautiful, green rolling hills and the gorgeous coast are sights to see! Soaring above the earth, passengers are taken on an incredible tour of natural landmarks and cityscapes.

A Great Selection Of Experience Vouchers at Gifts Australia

What’s the best part about shopping for experience gifts at Gifts Australia? All experience vouchers are emailed directly to the gift recipient, so you don’t have to lift a finger or open your wallet for shipping. Your 50th experience gifts can be delivered immediately upon purchase or you can tell us to wait for a bit. It’s completely up to you.

Giving a gift has never been easier! We only regret that you won’t need to pick out one of our beautiful bows, since we don’t yet know how to gift wrap an email. Your gift recipient has a whole year - 12 months - from the date of purchase to redeem their voucher. Full details on how to redeem Gifts Australia experience vouchers are given upon purchase.

Make memories this year and shop Gifts Australia for experience gifts and exciting 50th birthday presents.

They'll make adventurous memories that will last a lifetime with our 50th birthday experience vouchers.

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