'Once in a Lifetime'

They've had lots of amazing memories over their last 50 years, but it's time to give them a "Once in a Lifetime" memory to mark the amazing occasion of turning 50. Whether it's stunt plane flying or driving a luxury sportscar, we've got impressive experience gift vouchers to gift them a 50th birthday memory like no other.

50th Birthday Gifts That Are Once In A Lifetime

What comes to mind when you think of lifetime experiences? Though everyone is bound to have a few different ideas about what constitutes a lifetime experience, many of us will have a list that looks similar. Skydiving, for example, is often considered a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Driving fast cars, abseiling from a rock face, and working with a photography legend all make ideal bucket list experiences.

In fact, these incredible adventures and opportunities are what bucket lists are made of. So we’re here to help you and your family start checking off some of those list items. Here at Gifts Australia, our 50th birthday gifts include driving Porsches, skydiving over the gorgeous north coast, and learning to cook with five-star chefs. Find out for yourself by taking a few minutes to peruse our 50th experience gifts.

What bucket list experiences do we offer?

A good bucket list is filled with adventures and experiences that leave an indelible mark on the soul. These are experiences that, no matter how short, last a lifetime in pictures and memories. They change us and teach us something about ourselves. And, as long as we’re still breathing, it’s never too late to check off our bucket list items.

So what kind of once-in-a-lifetime experiences will you find at Gifts Australia? We’re happy to provide amazing adventures and 50th birthday gifts for all manner of men and women. In fact, our selection of experiences is the perfect place to start building a bucket list. From exhilarating adventures to luxurious drives in iconic sports cars, our collection of experiences is what dreams are made of.

Driving a luxurious and classic sports car is an excellent bucket list item. And it’s one we happily cater to. Our 50th experience gifts include several Porsche tours for men and women who would kill to get behind the wheel of luxury sports car. These tours last anywhere from a few hours to a full day. Participants will zip down the coast, over hills, and through valleys, so they can really get a taste for what the car can do. This is also an amazing way to experience the beauty of Australia and its breathtaking coast.

If staying on terra firma isn’t exciting enough, browse our sky-high helicopter tours. These tours operate in Melbourne and Sydney, so they’re perfect for residents and vacationers alike. There’s no better way to see these gorgeous cities than from the air! In fact, we’re sure your gift recipient will have a whole new admiration for these incredible places. Our helicopter tours are great for couples and families.

And speaking of taking to the air, what bucket list would be complete without an aerobatic experience? After taking off, the experience participant will soon be enjoying barrel rolls, wingovers, and more. Passengers on these flights experience serious G-force, so they’re definitely not for the faint of heart. That said, the experienced and talented pilots will make sure your gift recipient has the time of their life.

Oh, but we’re not done with sky-based adventures just yet! The only thing more heart-stopping than experiencing barrel rolls as a passenger in an aerobatics plane is jumping out of plane at 14,000-feet. Yeah, that’s pretty high. For the 50-year-old who dives into the deep-end, you can’t go wrong with any of our skydiving packages. All you have to do is choose from a variety of skydiving locations: Byron Bay, Cairns, and Sydney, to name a few.

Alright, for those mums, dads, and friends who prefer something a bit more calm, we have once-in-a-lifetime experiences tailored just for them. If learning to cook with a world-class chef at a world-class restaurant doesn’t sound like a lifetime experience, we don’t know what will. Or what about studying photography with a world-renowned photographer? That’s right, you can send your mum or dad to a one-on-one photography lesson with one of Australia’s most renowned photographers.

Start checking off those bucket list items today!

50 is as good as 20 to start checking off bucket list items. Give your mum or dad a hand in whittling down their bucket list with experience gifts from Gifts Australia. Providing luxurious sports car tours, exciting skydiving packages, and fun surfing lessons is just part of a day’s work here at Gifts Australia. Our experts work around the clock to find the best 50th birthday gifts and experiences for you and your family. So come back each week to discover great new gifts for everyone on your list.

Experience gifts and once-in-a-lifetime adventures make impressive 50th birthday presents for your friends and family who already have everything they want or need.

How do Gifts Australia experience vouchers work?

Gifts Australia experience vouchers are fairly straightforward. After you find the perfect 50th birthday gift for your mum, dad, or significant other, we’ll then ask you for the gift recipient’s email address. It’s important that the email address is correct as our experience vouchers are delivered by email. When you’re sure you’ve given the right address, you then get to choose when the voucher is delivered. So whether you’re buying a last-minute gift or planning ahead, we’ve got you covered.

Once the experience voucher has been delivered, your gift recipient is free to schedule their experience as they please. In fact, they have 12 months from the date of purchase to plan their adventure. Vouchers are redeemable directly with the experience provider. Full details are given upon purchase.

Important Information For Experience Gifts

We’re so happy to provide once-in-a-lifetime experiences for men and women with a variety of interests. But for the safety of the experience participants, some packages come with weight, height, and health restrictions. As you shop, please be aware of these restrictions. We want you and your gift recipient to stay safe and happy for a long time!

Rest assured that we offer experiences that anyone and everyone can enjoy. Just browse Gifts Australia now to discover unbelievable 50th birthday gifts and experiences.

The ultimate once in a lifetime experience voucher gifts to celebrate this landmark birthday in style.

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