Turning 50 might feel overwhelming to some, but here at Gifts Australia we know it's an amazing milestone that's best celebrated with memory-making celebrations. Which is why we've found Australia's best 50th birthday experiences so that you can gift them fun, excitement and memories they'll never forget.

Experience Gifts Make Wonderful 50th Birthday Gifts

The world never ceases to amaze. Our incredible earth is filled with interesting people, places, and experiences. So at age 50, there are just as many amazing things in the world to see and do as there were at age 5. There’s no such thing as having seen and done it all. That’s why we proudly offer a wide selection of experiences and 50th birthday gifts for friends, family, and significant others.

Celebrate a loved one’s 50th birthday and browse Gifts Australia to find exciting experience gifts, like a helicopter ride over Sydney or a skydive above Byron Bay. There’s no time like the present to take life by the horns and enjoy!

What kind of experience gifts do we carry?

Experiences tend to make gift recipients happier for a longer period of time than traditional presents. Adventures and experiences stay with us, leaving memories to be savored for years to come. Gifts Australia is committed to providing the most interesting, fun, and delightful experiences in Australia. These include cookery classes, helicopter rides, adrenaline-filled adventures, and everything in between.

Our experiences range from the luxurious and relaxing to the heart-stopping! For friends and family who prefer to keep their heart rates down, we offer perfectly calm 50th experience gifts. How does a delicious lunch and a dip in a hot spring sound for relaxing? Or what about a mouth-watering beer tour? These are nice, calm ways to celebrate a 50th birthday.

Nature is soothing and healing. Give your mum or dad a night or two of glamping. What is glamping? Glamping is, simply put, glamourous camping. The frustration of setting up and preparing the tent is left to the professionals. Your gift recipient can enjoy all that camping has to offer without any of the annoyances. Glamping at Cockatoo Island is a great way to spend a 50th birthday. The island offers everything campers could need: food, drinks, activities, and beautiful views.

If you’re looking for hands-on experiences, we have plenty of those too. 50 is a great time to reinvest in hobbies and learn new skills. Start by perusing through our collection of cookery classes. For meat-lovers, a sausage-making or butchery class makes a fantastic 50th birthday gift. Our wood-fired pizza course is also quite popular with foodies and pizza enthusiasts. And for men and women who want to go the extra mile, we definitely recommend our pasta making class.

If cooking isn’t your gift recipient’s thing, we offer a one-on-one photography class that caters to a variety of skill levels. For loved ones who don’t mind a bit of excitement, we can kick it up a notch with helicopter rides, Porsche tours, and Harley Davidson tours. From Brisbane to Melbourne, discover a wide variety of tours to fit any budget and location. These tours are the perfect combination of excitement, luxury, and nature. Just imagine it: your mum or dad could be enjoying a nice drive down the coast, wind in their hair, and adventure around every corner!

But our adventures get a bit more exciting. As you shop Gifts Australia for 50th birthday gifts and experiences, you may have noticed an array of skydiving, surfing, abseiling, and aerobatic experiences. These heart-stopping adventures are not for the faint of heart, but they’re perfect for the 50-year-old who never plans to slow down!

Skydiving is a classic bucket list item and for good reason. It’s a bit crazy to jump out of a plane at 14,000-feet, but the rush is absolutely worth it! We offer skydiving experiences all over Australia, from Byron Bay to Sydney. So no matter where your gift recipient lives or vacations, we’re sure you can find a great location for their skydiving escapade.

Spending some time in the sky with a trained aerobatics pilot is another sure-fire way to get the blood pumping. Over the skies of Sydney, these aerobatic planes show off a number of maneuvers. This is an ideal gift for adrenaline junkies and history buffs as many of the maneuvers were used by real fighter pilots in real wars.

Finally, we offer exciting adventures on the ground too, like surfing and abseiling. These thrilling experiences combine excitement and nature for one enjoyable adventure. And if your gift recipient loves the outdoors, be sure to keep an eye out for other nature-based adventures, like swimming with sealions!

Send the gift recipient on a great adventure!

After half a century of life, the world can seem small. ‘Been there, done that’ may become a mantra for some, but for others, the fire of curiosity and life never goes out. For these mothers, fathers, and loved ones, Gifts Australia is here to help you feed that fire with adventures of all kinds. From luxury getaways to intense skydiving jumps, this 50th birthday is sure to be the most exciting birthday of your loved one’s life!

Experience Vouchers from Gifts Australia

We carry thousands of beautiful, exciting, and quality gifts for everyone in your family. Whether you’re shopping for your mum, dad, or significant other, we’re positive you’ll not only enjoy your shopping experience, but that you’ll find the perfect 50th birthday presents. And our experience gifts are not to be overlooked! Because there’s an experience here for everyone.

So, how do you give an experience? It’s as simple as a few clicks. All you have to do is provide us with the gift recipient’s email and tell us when you would like the voucher to be delivered. We’re happy to deliver the gift immediately or wait, whatever works for you. For example, if you left your gift-shopping late, we can send the experience voucher as soon as possible!

Your lucky gift recipient has 12 months from the date of purchase to redeem their experience voucher. So they can use their voucher whenever it’s most convenient to them. Please note that some experiences, like skydiving and aerobatics, require the participant to be in good health. There may also be some height and weight restrictions for these type of adventures. As you shop for experiences, please be aware of these possible limitations.

We've got Australia's most memorable 50th birthday gifts thanks to our range of experience vouchers.

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