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His 40th birthday gifts should be stylish and what better gift for him to celebrate than a quality men's watch, or perhaps some personality filled novelty cufflinks, or how about a wallet to keep him organised? We've got a wonderful range of men's gifts that are sure to make his 40th birthday celebrations perfect.

40th Birthday Gifts for Him – Watches, Wallets & Cufflinks

For many, 40 is a time of self-reflection. You look back and wonder if you made the right decisions, loved the right people, and valued your youth. But, as the old George Bernard Shaw quote goes, “Youth is wasted on the young.” But their 40th year won't be wasted, because we've got the best 40th birthday gifts to keep him smiling for the entire year.

the 40th year is a time to look ahead to the days of good humour, good fortune, many adventures, and knowledge. So, celebrate your 40th birthday with pizzazz and confidence. Take comfort in the fact that you are exactly where you need to be. You are exactly the person you were destined to become. And you are totally headed in the right direction to the next awesome phase of your life.

Why gift watches for his 40th birthday?

There are dozens of reasons to gift watches for his 40th birthday, and not just because the selection at Gifts Australia is wow-worthy. When we think of watches, Alice in Wonderland springs to mind. The ever-late White Rabbit, hopping mad in a waistcoat and an overgrown pocket watch. Perhaps your reason is the gift of punctuality. If he has been late on more than a few occasions. Or, if he takes pride in his lateness with a casual joke about never being on time. Then give him time on a wristband for his 40th birthday.

We at Gifts Australia offer a slew of great watches and the bands are all different. From black, brown, and silver bands, to leather, fabric, or pliable steel, we offer something for every kind of punctual birthday guy. The clock faces are sleek and sexy, exuding an air of confidence to match any ensemble. He can be dressed in a fine tailored tuxedo and still don the same watch he wore with a comfy pair of jeans and a tee shirt.

Stylish 40th Birthday Gifts for Him

If your 40th birthday celebrant is a business man, we have a wide selection of other great 40th birthday gifts for him. Aside from the aforementioned watches. Sure, a watch would look great with his suit, but Gifts Australia also features a variety of cufflinks.

You can snag the regular, shiny cufflinks, devoid of design. Or, grab a couple of cufflinks that capture his unique, sometimes quirky personality. For example, if he is a Dr. Who fan, he can subtly don the Tardis on his sleeve cuffs. The same applies for is he loves football, regularly goes fishing, enjoys gambling, or wants to show his Australian pride.

You can complete his 40th celebration ensemble with a pair of suspenders and a bow tie. He will be the most dapper guy to ever turn the big 4-0. At least for a night. We also have a few wallets, just in case he needs to carry around a few dollars for celebratory birthday drinks.

40th Birthday Gifts to Keep Him Smiling

So you have perused our webpage for hours, looking for the perfect 40th birthday gifts for him. And while you found some great stuff, like our collection of watches, cufflinks, and wallets, you are still unsure about what to get him. He only turns 40 once, so you want to make it special. We understand. We suggest, if nothing else, opting for a Gifts Australia gift voucher. You can personalize it with a special note to make it a bit more personal and heartfelt.

Simply set the gift voucher for whatever amount you have in mind from $20 to over $500. We will send him the voucher via email on the date you specify. Then he can search through our Gifts Australia website for himself, coming up with the perfect gift that celebrates his 40th birthday, his way. 

Make His 40th Birthday Gift Extra Special

The best part about gifting him with great 40th birthday gifts is the personalization. You get him something that speaks volumes about who he is so you can watch the smile light up his face. It is definitely a special moment, but you can boost that specialness by customizing his 40th birthday gifts to the hilt.

While we do offer complementary birthday messages on every order, there is an add-on option that allows you to pick out a birthday greeting card. Then you tell us what you want it to say, and we will beautifully hand write the message to make the card feel more personal and intimate. You also have the option of gift-wrapping his birthday gifts in the colourful paper of your choice, topped with a pretty, professionally-tied bow.

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