Keep him looking as amazing as possible with our wonderful range of men's grooming gifts for his 40th birthday. Whether it's a handy travel kit to keep him looking dapper on the go, or a quality shave set, we've got everything he needs to celebrate this amazing new decade of his life.

40th Birthday Gifts for Him – Grooming

There is something sensual and sexy about a man who takes care of himself. One who genuinely cares about and takes pride in his appearance. First impressions are, after all, very important, but so are seconds, thirds, and so on. If you look your absolute best, or at least smell awesome, when you meet someone, that person thinks the best of you. If he loves to look his best, then we have the perfect 40th birthday gifts for him.

Great hygiene could be the maker or breaker for that dinner date with your long-time crush. Or, the decider for a professional promotion in the company you worked so hard to get ahead in. Your confidence comes from feeling great about yourself, and taking care of yourself, both physically and mentally, goes a long way towards your good mood.

Over the last four decades, you have honed your hygiene routine. With your 40th birthday in the not-so-distant future, you know it’s time to don you’re A-game for the upcoming celebration. You want to look good and feel great when your friends and loved ones join you to ring in your 40th year. Combing back the salt-and-pepper of your hair with a pinch of pomade, you wink at yourself in the mirror. Yep, you make 40 look good!

Grooming & Hygiene Stuff for His 40th Birthday

Time passes in the blink of an eye. One minute, you’re looking in the mirror, face still chunky and round from childhood. But you see the budding man beneath, complete with a few sprigs of facial hair. You were oh-so proud of the peach fuzz that adorned your upper lip and lower chin. Oh, the memories. Now, at 40, you notice your jawline has made quite the appearance, along with a 5 o’ clock shadow that seems to be permanently into your cheeks. But you look good, you feel awesome, and you have a self-care routine that boosts your confidence to sky-high levels.

Or, perhaps you know someone who takes great care of himself. And it just so happens, his 40th birthday is approaching. It could be your dad, husband, boyfriend, uncle, brother, friend, lover, or any number of other roles that men typically play in life. Either way, for the man who faces 40, and the man who appreciates good hygiene, we at Gifts Australia have a slew of great grooming tools that double as perfect 40th birthday gifts. Perhaps a little unconventional, but your birthday guy will appreciate something useful to add to his hygienic repertoire.

Beard contests are some of our favourite things to hear about. We love the idea of well-groomed facial hair, and most guys feel better when their beards and moustaches garner heaps of attention. There is something awesome, and even a little erotic, about a man with soft, untangled facial hair. So, give him the gift of hygienic sexiness with one of our many shave sets. Unruly facial hair is a death trap for crumbs and debris, but a well-groomed man will trim and tidy up his beard and moustache regularly.

Other hygienic 40th birthday gifts for him include beard oil for softer facial hair, a travel kit for on-the-go grooming, and styling pomade for non-greasy, gorgeous hair. Yep, men can totally be beautiful in their own rugged ways. If your birthday beau has sensitive skin, we have shaving bars of aloe or sea buckthorn. Both ingredients are soothing to sensitive skin, providing the lathered base for a close, smooth shave. Be sure to pair these bowl and bar combo sets with a new shaving brush, guaranteed to give him the perfect lather.

Old-timey barbershops were pretty cool, especially with their moustache logos and candy-striped poles outside. Gift the 40th birthday guy with barbershop décor for his bathroom. Nothing too flashy, but just enough to bring on a wave of nostalgia. For instance, we have a collection of Dapper Barbershop plates and jars—great for holding his must-have grooming supplies in the bathroom. Include a traditional shave kit to tie together a vintage look for his restroom décor.

40th Birthday Gifts for Avid Travellers

Many men travel for work. And leisure, for that matter. Which means they commonly leave their grooming supplies at home. Why? Because it gets tiresome carrying around your hygiene routine. They usually throw a comb and toothbrush into their bag and leave the rest. However, we at Gifts Australia think that it’s important to keep with your grooming routine, no matter where you go.

For avid travellers, we have a bunch of 40th birthday gifts that make on-the-go grooming a cinch. For instance, everything compact will fit into one of our toiletry bags. Each bag is spacious and durable, comprised from strong leather for reliable, long-lasting use. Or, grab a to-go travel kit of body wash, shampoo, and shaving bars. These boxes of grooming necessities are lightweight and close-packed, perfect for storage in a suitcase or luggage bag.

If this travel trip is all business, give him a shoe polish kit to help him look his best. Gifts Australia offers a buff brush, shine utensils, and shoe pomade for a clean, professional shine that makes a great first impression.

Shipping. Wrapping. Enjoying.

For orders over $99 AU, we offer free-shipping to anywhere in Australia. You can have his 40th birthday gifts delivered directly to his door. Or, have them delivered to you, then gift them to him personally. Gifts Australia also offers gift-wrapping options with either plain or patterned wrapping papers. Our professional wrappers are great at what they do, and every package looks professional with clean, crisp creases, topped with a colourful, ribboned bow.

If you’d rather skip the to-do of tangible 40th birthday gifts for him, grab a Gifts Australia gift voucher instead. These are deliverable through email and he’ll receive them on the date you specify. They can be set for almost any amount, from $20 to over $500, and each voucher is redeemable for anything on our website. He can grab his own grooming products. Or, he could go an entirely different route, celebrating his 40th birthday with stuff he loves.

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