Don't give him just any 40th birthday gift; give him the gift of experience. Gifts Australia's experience vouchers offer him the opportunity to learn, enjoy and make memories. Whether it's abseiling or cooking classes, relaxation or fun, we've got the most memorable birthday gifts Australia has to offer.

40th Birthday Gifts for Him – Experiences

One of the most popular memes circulating the internet features a bottle of champagne, cork popped, with the quote, “Life’s milestones aren’t supposed to be counted. They’re supposed to be celebrated.” It's time to help him embrace his 40th birthday as the serious but fun milestone that it is. A milestone that symbolizes four decades of wisdom and learning. To celebrate in style we've got an amazing range of experience gift vouchers that will make the perfect 40th birthday gift for him.

Life in general is a series of learning experiences, and it seems that most of us realize and appreciate these experiences more when we turn 40. Society might tell you, as they always have, that you should act a certain way; a way they deem appropriate for your age. But come on. Since when have you been anything but a rebel? Wink!

Why do we call them 40th Birthday Gift Experiences?

We at Gifts Australia are passionate about new adventures, especially ones that double as great 40th birthday gifts for him. To us, new adventures are Experiences. Yep, with a capital E. Why Experiences? Because you experience them, of course. These adventures are memorable experiences; ones planned by us to ensure you have an absolutely amazing time.

Some of our experiences are tamer than others. We respect that every birthday guy is different, and plan for these differences accordingly. For instance, if your 40th birthday “boy” loves everything about the ocean, Gifts Australia offers an up-close encounter with Great White sharks. Or, you could opt for the less scary snorkelling encounter with sea lions. If he loves cars, motorcycles, and all things that go vroom, gift him with a Harley ride and discovery tour through Melbourne City. Or, put him in the driver seat of a gorgeous, brand-new Porsche for a luxury cruise through Sydney.

If your birthday guy doubles as your sweetheart, take him on a camping adventure with a pop-up pitch-tent, a warm campfire, and a night sky filled with stars. If he prefers luxurious camping, opt for a “glamping” trip to Cockatoo Island. This version of camping is more glamorous and comfortable, featuring a cosy camp bed, sun lounges, and pre-made BBQ packs. If your birthday babe prefers to learn new skills, send them to any number of experience classes for making pizzas, sausages, pasta, or beer.

There are seriously tons of Experiences in our repertoire to choose from. We at Gifts Australia want you to thank the birthday guy for simply being around. Being himself. You should make him feel appreciated and cared about, which is exactly why these adventures make such great 40th birthday gifts for him. Plus, you could always join him since most of our experiences are designed for pairs.

Experience Gift Vouchers Arrive Instantly

If you saw too many great 40th birthday gifts to choose from, grab a Gifts Australia Experiences gift voucher instead. Specifically, for Experience packages, these gift vouchers are good for up to 12 months from the date of purchase. When you purchase a voucher, you have the option of immediately, directly sending it to the birthday celebrant. Or, if you’d prefer, you could set another date and we will take care of delivery from there. They can choose the Experience that best suits them. Or, you could look on the website together and decide on a good adventure for the both of you.

Don’t Forget a 40th Birthday Message!

With every purchase, we offer a complementary message that you can customize at checkout. However, if you want to give your message an extra special touch, pick out a birthday greeting card for a small fee. These cards are beautiful, thought out, and handwritten. Simply tell us what to write and we’ll deliver your message to the birthday “boy” asap.

40th birthday gifts for him don't get much better than our experience gift vouchers; full of fun, learning and adventure.

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