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Fill her home and her life with beauty with our wonderful range of 40th birthday gifts for her home. Our homewares and keepsakes are carefully chosen to celebrate just how wonderful she is. Whether it's a stunning vase, glorious scented candles, or amazing Waterford Crystal gifts she's sure to love it's all here.

40th Birthday Gifts for Her – Keepsakes

Think back a bit. What have been your fondest memories in the last 40 years? Do you think back as far as your childhood? You learned to ride a back, you chased butterflies around rose gardens, and you went on amazing adventures with your neighbourhood friends. Think further ahead. Do you remember where you met your sweetheart? Was it love at first sight? How about the first time you became a mum? Do you remember the feelings of love, adoration, and awe at the sight of your little one’s adorable face?

These sorts of memories are ones that made you who you are. They are 40 years of memories that you wouldn’t give up or change for the world. So why should you feel sad or bad about your 40th birthday? You shouldn’t. You should feel delighted to have made so many great memories. And you should feel excited about the new memories; the ones that are to come in the next 40 years. Like maybe becoming a grandparent, traveling the world, buying the house of your dreams, and spending plenty of quality time with the people you love and who love you.

Let us be the first to say… Happy 40th Birthday, Beautiful. You deserve all of the happiness that this crazy world has to offer.

Keepsakes are the Perfect 40 Birthday Gifts for Her

Dear aforementioned loved ones of the birthday beauty,

As someone who wants her to be happy, you should know that the best 40th birthday gifts for her are the ones that make the best memories. You know, keepsakes. Things that bring a smile to her face and tears to her eyes. The things that result in an instant bear hug and a smacking kiss on your cheek. The things that make her automatically, immediately, deliriously happy. And Gifts Australia has these kinds of keepsakes in abundance.

What are keepsakes, you ask? Keepsakes are memories incarnate. They are the objects that she can use, admire, or appreciate again and again. They never lose their value to her, especially because YOU gifted them to her on her 40th birthday. For example, mums love keepsakes that remind them of their children. Gifts Australia has a plethora of picture frames, from gold-tinged, to heart-shaped, and silver framed—all perfect for family photographs and picture collages that make her smile.

Another example would be your sweetheart. The perfect 40th birthday gifts for her might be a beautiful teapot—ideal for her soothing afternoon cuppa. Or, maybe she enjoys candles. We have all kinds of fresh scents to tantalize her senses, from citrus bases, to floral aromas, or rustic, woodland notes. If she is a self-professed foodie, opt for dishware and serving trays that never go out of style in her kitchen.

Most keepsakes are useful. At least Gifts Australia’s assortment of keepsakes are useful. We try to stray away from trinkets that will simply sit on a shelf, all dusty and forgotten. Instead, our keepsakes serve as memory-makers, reminders, and have an assortment of other uses. For instance, we carry an expansive array of kitchen goodies for bakers, glassware for wine lovers, and vintage stuff for retro collectors.

Keepsakes are extra-personal 40th birthday gifts for her. You can’t simply buy a keepsake for someone you hardly know because keepsakes are meaningful and memorable. These are things that should come from your heart to hers. If you find yourself struggling to snag a keepsake that would set her pulse aflutter, opt for a Gifts Australia gift voucher. You can buy one of these for any amount you like, and she can shop for the things she wants for her birthday.

Fabulous! Fantastic! Fearless! 40!

Many women would rather hide their heads in the sand and wait for the big 4-0 to pass them by. Why can we not stay 39 for just a few more years? Luckily, you are one of the few who realize that your 40th birthday is a milestone. After all, you are fabulous, fantastic, and fearless! For four decades, you have strove to be a good-hearted person, making memories with your friends, family, and other loved ones. You have put the time and effort into building the best you possible…and it shows.

Why fearless at 40? Because there is nothing to fear! Now is the time to do, say, and be all that you’ve ever dreamt of. You never know what the next few decades hold, so embrace the present to make heartfelt memories for your future. Yes, remember your yesteryears. But never, ever regret the decades before now. Instead press forward into everything your 40th year has in store. You never know. You could find love again, make new friends from around the globe, or discover a talent you never knew you had.

Need-to-Knows about Gifts Australia

We at Gifts Australia strive to encourage, inspire, and motivate. We think everyone is beautiful in their own way, and everyone can achieve their dreams through dedication, determination, and hard work—regardless of age. Which is why we are encouraging you, the gift givers, to snag the best 40th birthday gifts for her. These kinds of precious opportunities come around rarely, so seize the moment to make her happy.

If you want to further her 40th birthday experiences, grab several keepsakes to rack up $99 AU. How come? Because at $99 AU or above, we offer Australia-wide free shipping. You can even throw in one or two gifts for yourself. Wink!

Feeling lovey dovey? Write a special 40th birthday message to the birthday lady on a complementary greeting. Or, spend a little more to get a handwritten birthday greeting card delivered to her door. Both options are customizable and personalized, so you can say all of the sweet things you want to say. Be sure to ask for a ribbon option too! Gifts Australia has extraordinary gift-wrapping skills, so you can get her 40th birthday gifts wrapped up in pretty paper and topped with a colourful bow.

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