Her world is about to change forever; because there's no greater 40th birthday gift than the gift of experience and making memories. We've got experiences to suit everyone, from wild outdoor adventures, to inspiring cooking classes and even private photography tutorials.

Why 40th Birthday Gifts Matter!

When approaching 40, age jokes can begin to appear, but despite those who throw a few ageist jokes at the birthday girl's expense, your 40th birthday is another year that you can pack with positive experiences, and beautiful birthday gifts for a 40 year old who's got plenty of life to live yet!

Consider 40 your banner year; the one where you throw your inhibitions to the breeze and declare freedom for your mind, heart, and soul. You have played many roles in your lifetime so far, such as mum, aunt, lover, friend, confidante, and sister, but now you can play the parts of creative mind, free spirit, and maybe even adventurer, world traveller, and explorer. Remember that your 40th birthday is more than a celebration of the last 40 years. It is a commemoration of you; the beautiful, amazing, wow-worthy person that you’ve been, are, and will be.

What are the best Experiences for her 40th Birthday?

Has your mum always talked about doing something wild and uninhibited? Was she the first one to ride all of the rollercoasters at a theme park? Or check out the highest mountain tops when you went hiking as a family? Did she dream of bigger peaks and the ultimate adrenaline surge? Gifts Australia features a wide range of Experiences for those adventurous beauties; the ones who have always dreamed of skydiving from a plane over Sydney, or rock-climbing in the vast canyons of the Blue Mountains.

Customization is the best part about our expanse of offered Experiences. Yep, that is a capital E, because these Experiences are actually big-time adventures that require your attention. Most women, and men, for that matter, have bucket lists of things they want to do or see before they…err, well, kick the proverbial bucket. If you know her bucket list from front to back, then why not gift her with a 40th birthday present that is something she has always wanted to experience?

Does she fancy herself a chef with a taste for fine cuisine and a flair for delicious cooking? Send her to a wood-fired pizza class, where she will learn the long-time art of pizza creation. She will knead, spin, fire up, and munch on her favourite Italian dinner, all in a single class. Or, if your birthday girl doubles as your romantic interest, venture on an adventure with her for her 40th birthday. Gifts Australia offers several Experiences for couples. Hop in a plane to a beautiful picnic spot. Relax together in a natural hot spring. Go on a decadent tour of a modern chocolate factory. Or, plan a wine tour with plenty of opportunities to taste the winery’s wares.

We call these adventures “Experiences” because she should experience the beauty and magic of each event. If your birthday babe is an animal lover, send her snorkelling with the sea lions for an afternoon. Or, lean towards more dangerous, fascinating waters with an underwater, up-close encounter of Great White Sharks.

Bonus: Most of our Experiences are valid for up to a year after the date of purchase. Score!

Birthday Celebration Can Happen Anywhere!

It is our firm belief that the best 40th birthday gifts for her are ones that can happen anywhere, anytime. Our experiences happen all over Australia, depending on which adventure you choose, so the celebration of her big day is more memorable. The sweetest memories are the ones you want to hold onto for the longest, after all. That is especially true for birthdays. Some of those years we all want to forget, but a memorable birthday is a commodity that you should cherish.

What makes the perfect 40th birthday gift, you ask? There is no linear answer for that because every woman is different, with her own unique interests and passions. Instead of blindly pondering the pros and cons of a single birthday gift, ask her what she would like to do. Discover her passions, her likes, interests, and wants. Is she the adventurous type? Or would she rather luxuriate in a spa? Does she enjoy mounds of chocolate truffles? Or is she more of a wine and dine gal? When you uncover her inner personality, you will automatically answer the question of what the perfect 40th birthday gift should be.

However, if she is a bit shy with her answers, or if she simply has too many interests to name, we suggest a Gifts Australia gift voucher. You can get these vouchers in almost any amount you see fit, so she can peruse the Experiences for herself later.

Other Gifts Australia Stuff to Consider

We think a good celebration of her 40th birthday begins days, even weeks, ahead of time. Why? It takes prep work, of course! If you want to get the best bang for your birthday bucks, cash in our $99 AU worth of Experiences for your birthday girl. This gets you free shipping to anywhere in Australia. Pretty cool, huh? You can get tons of cool birthday stuff alongside an Experience, making her 40th the best, most memorable birthday ever. At least for another year. Wink!

Want her to receive a notification immediately about her 40th birthday gift? Great! We will send out an email to let her know the details of her Experience-to-be. Need a few days to plan for her birthday before the gift gets there? No problem! Simply select the delay option and pick a date for delivery.

Thought about a card yet? You can always customize your Experience with a sweet, complementary message on the packing slip or email. Or, you could invest a few more dollars for a personalized birthday greeting card. We handwrite whatever message you want on your card, then send it to your birthday beauty. Go a step further and add a beautiful ribbon to the envelope in her favourite colour, like vivid purple, bright yellow, or neon green.

The best 40th birthday gift for her just has to be a life experiences. Give her the gift of inspiring memories she'll never forget.

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