Give her the gift of enjoyment with or wonderful choice of book gifts for her. Make her 40th birthday gift one to remember, with beautiful coffee table books, wonderful gourmet recipe books and even humorous novelty books to keep her smiling and happy.

40th Birthday Gifts - Books

Award-winning author Stephen King once said, “Books are a uniquely portable magic.” And it’s true. The best books are ones you can take with you anywhere, anytime, for every occasion and situation.

Self-professed bookworms love everything about a good book. The rustle of the turning page. The smell of the paper, either borrowed from a library, or snagged from a bookstore. The creak of a new cover’s spine, opening to reveal the magic of the stories and thoughts within. The pure genius that spreads out on every page, inviting you into new worlds for hours upon hours of lost time. Oh, what anticipation new books bring to us!

So, what are the best 40th birthday gifts for her? You know her best—the bookworm beauty in your life. What would make her 40th birthday the most memorable? Books, books, and more books, of course! Courtesy of Gifts Australia and our expansive array of must-reads.

Which books make the best 40th birthday gifts for her?

To answer that question, ask yourself another. What kind of books does she usually sway towards? If your mum appreciates the fashion-forward content of a fashion magazine, we have loads of great books on some of the world’s most fashionable, stylish beauties throughout history. Or, if your sister is working towards being the best chef, baker, and foodie in your family, grace her with one of our many cookbooks—most written by professional chefs from around the world.

When you buy her a book, she can delve into a 40th birthday gift that speaks volumes about her personality, personally. We have books galore, about almost every subject you can think of, from quirky mother must-reads, to gardening advice from famed farmers, and inspirational memoirs that motivate, celebrate, and encourage.

Some women want to look past their 40th birthdays, hoping that the number will simply vanish and forget itself. When really, women should embrace the new age. It holds so much mystery…so many new experiences, especially for an avid reader. Encourage her inner adventurer with our slew of travel books. Or, inspire her to write down her dreams, ambitions, thoughts, and hopes in a notebook or journal. Diaries make great 40th birthday gifts for her!

Exhale Stress. Inhale Positive Words.

Gifts Australia is all about celebration of life and love. We love what you love. We live for what you live for. And we celebrate your celebrations by offering you the best 40th birthday gifts, among other things. Celebration is all about having fun and being stress-free.

Most women have taken on multiple roles in their 40 years, from daughter, sister, and niece, to mother, aunt, lover, homemaker, business woman, caregiver, and rock-steady support. We rely on these women so much, so it’s a great thing to give back in heartfelt, memorable ways. Our collection of 40th birthday gifts extend past books, of course, but we like to highlight the must-reads for ladies who need a little time to themselves.

For example, for the birthday beauties with a creative, artistic streak, we offer several adult colouring books. The details are intricate and beautiful, requiring patience, time, consideration, and imagination to bring the pictures to life. She can colour tigers in such a way that they seem to jump off the pages, or spend hours adding vibrancy to elaborate line-work, or go into a calming, meditative state with a colouring book of unique mandalas.

If the birthday babe doubles as your lady love, she is probably less than thrilled about turning the big 4-0. As her confidante and sweetheart, it is your sworn duty to make her feel good about herself. We have bunches of inspirational books that would be the perfect 40th birthday gift for her. Many of them are packed with heartfelt quotes and phrases; ones that will really make her stop and think about the love she has for herself and others, as well as how beautiful and amazing she is, both inside and out. Make it extra special by penning a sweet note on the inside cover, especially for her.

Sure, the birthday gal in your life loves books, but she probably loves other stuff just as much. Like animals, for instance. We have a proverbial shelf of fantastic must-reads for animal lovers. She can awe and ooh over the cuteness of fluffy kitties and sweet-faced cats. Or, she can giggle at the hilarious antics of bounding pups, adorable canines, and shaggy dogs. Most of our pet book selection comes in coffee table book sizes, making them a staple in her living room.

Make her 40th Birthday a Memorable One

We could go on and on about our nifty selection of books, especially ones that would make the best 40th birthday gifts for her. But instead, we are going to reserve this section to talk about other cool facts about Gifts Australia. After all, our main aim is making her 40th birthday a memorable one; something she looks back on with a smile on her face, and maybe a few happy tears in her eyes.

If you spend over $99 AU, we ship for free, Australia-wide. Which means you save big on the usual shipping costs, and your birthday sweetie gets all of the best books to commemorate her 40th year. Not that she wouldn’t get that anyway, but $99 can buy tons of good reads from Gifts Australia! So she’ll simply get more of the same greatness that you’re already planning on gifting her for her birthday celebration.

Customization is a big deal too. She will want to know who to thank and hug for the best books ever, so opt for a sweet, complementary message with your gift. Or, choose a birthday greeting card. We will handwrite a great, personalized message from you. There are also gift-wrapping options, and you can top your gift with a pretty bow. Some of our colours include navy blue, neon pink, and vibrant yellow, but we can easily find beautiful ribbon in her favourite colours, hassle-free.

Inspire her, entertain her and fill her with wonder. That's what our range of 40th birthday book gifts will do.

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