Gourmet Food & Wine

Delight their senses for their 40th birthday gift thanks to our range of gourmet food and wine hampers at Gifts Australia. Their 40th birthday gift should be special, and these luxury gift hampers have been created to feature the world's finest sweets, nibbles and refreshing wine to make their 40th birthday as delightful and memorable as possible.

40th Birthday Gifts – Gourmet Hampers

40 is an odd age because people have mixed emotions about it. Many people would rather do something other than celebrate their 40th birthday, while others cannot wait for the party that accompanies turning the big 4-0. Where some guys and gals have an aversion to middle age, others embrace it, using the new number as a new excuse for a year of new adventures. While we totally understand why you would want to forgo a celebration of your age, we at Gifts Australia encourage birthday celebrants to completely go all out for their 40th.

Think of your 40th birthday as a turning point. Even if, at first, you ask yourself, “what makes 40 so different from any other birthday?” True, there is no outward distinction, but your inner self is at an age of wisdom. Think about it. You have spent the last four decades learning and growing from your experiences.

Everything about you changes, or has changed, at some point, many times, over the last 40 years. Your senses are different. You find yourself enjoying things that you never thought you would, like exotic foods and quiet nights at home. Or, if you were an introvert in your younger years, you probably crave the company of your loved ones more now at 40 than you did at 25. You simply appreciate that closeness more.

So, if you are usually the type to hide away from your age, make 40 a year of change, beginning with a 40th birthday celebration. Gather your close loved ones, pop open a bottle of bubbly, and bask in the humour and knowledge of those who have where you are.

Gourmet Hampers for 40th Birthday Celebrants & Foodies

As we mentioned above, when you get older, your senses change, beginning with taste. You enjoy new, more robust flavours, and are more adventurous when it comes to trying exciting, sometimes odd foods. But then there are those foods that you always had a hankering for, like chocolate, cheese, red wine, and fresh-baked cookies. Scrumptious!

So, dear loved ones of 40th birthday celebrants, we suggest snagging a gourmet hamper or two from our wide selection of 40th birthday gifts for foodies. What are gourmet hampers? We pack picnic boxes with the most decadent nibbles. And, more often than not, that includes a bottle of wine, champagne, or beer. Your choice, depending on which “basket” best suits the birthday guy or gal.

Gifts Australia offers heaps of gourmet hamper options, each handcrafted to cater to the unique senses of your 40th birthday celebrator. For example, if they are in love with the luxurious richness of cheese and the sweetness of fruit mixed together, we have an assortment of classic gourmet hampers that includes fruit pastes, crisp crackers, and delicious vegetable spreads. Plus, a bottle of sparkly champagne. All you need is a wheel of cheese! Or, if they have a killer sweet tooth, opt for one of our most popular sweets gourmet hampers. Usually, these type of picnic boxes are filled with handcrafted chocolate truffles, a few yummy cookies, chocolate-covered fruits, and a divine bottle of award-winning wine.

If your birthday bud is celebrating their 40th without wine or spirits, opt for a gourmet hamper of strictly nibbles and foodie goodies. Perfect for an indulgent picnic, or a romantic, intimate celebration at home, some of our simpler gourmet hampers are snacks only. Nibbles might include a bag of chocolate fudge, boxes of sweet biscuits and macarons, a bags of caramels and toffee, boxes of chocolate truffles, and white chocolate drink mixes.

How to Pick the best Gourmet Hamper

You know you’re your gift recipient best, so think about what they like the most in terms of food and experiences. If they have talked nonstop about a certain country or food from somewhere they would love to visit or revisit, opt for one of our international gourmet hampers. Or, if they lean more towards the savoury side of yummy meals, we have a huge assortment of gourmet hampers that boast a pinch of sweetness in the wine or beer, but mostly richness in the nibbles. There are dozens to choose from, and each one literally makes an awesome 40th birthday gift.

Because they deserve only the best for their 40th birthday gift, our gourmet food and wine hampers are a must.

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