Champagne Hampers

When there's a celebration happening, Champagne is always necessary, and for their 40th birthday celebrations they'll delight with our Champagne Gift Hampers. We'll deliver these delightful hampers directly to their door, featuring the finest gourmet nibbles and treats along with a world-class bottle of bubbly.

40th Birthday Gifts – Champagne Hampers

It might seem silly, but some of the best, most popular names in movies and music have stayed around because of reinvention of themselves. For instance, Madonna and Cher have stuck around for decades. How? With every passing decade, they reinvent how we see them, from the music they make, to their image, and the overall energy they exude. Milestone birthdays, like the big 40th birthday, gave these musicians and artists new reason to come back bigger, better, and stronger. We love their appeal because they are able to show us a whole new facet of themselves, kept locked away until the right moment.

While we definitely don’t expect you to bombard a stage wearing nothing but a leather g-string or a pointy bra, a little reinvention of yourself is a good thing. Many of us dread our 40th birthday. We think it means we are getting old. But that could not be farther from the truth. You are in the prime of your years; a great opportunity to unchain new, uninhibited parts of yourself, and reinvent the person you are. Wear your 40th birthday like you would an expensive suit, with pride, honour, and strength.

Our Best Selection of Champagne Hampers

Champagne is an acquired taste, and many of us have a hard time stomaching the sweet sparkle of this bold beverage until we are quite a bit older. As you age, your taste buds change, so what you loved when you were 25 might seem weird at 40. For instance, if your first sip of bubbly at 18 was enough to make your tongue retreat in defeat, you might find your senses love everything about a good glass of champagne on your 40th birthday.

So, dear loved ones of birthday celebrants, we have a great selection of champagne hampers. Nothing too fancy, but it definitely gives the average 40th birthday celebration a boost towards luxury and elegance. There is something decadent and refined about a glass of champagne. We all have an upscale image we conjure when someone hands us a flute of sparkly bubbles.

Some of our best champagne hampers are simple, inclusive of a bottle or two of light, aromatic champagne. These boxes come in singles or pairs, decorated with bubbly décor to represent an airiness that we all associate with this spirit. If you are settled in for a romantic, intimate 40th birthday celebration with your sweetheart, then a single bottle of our best champagne should be enough to leave you both giddy and relaxed. However, if you are prepping for an all-out blowout celebration for their 40th birthday, grab a double box, or two, so that everyone has a glass of champagne to go around.

Snacks add an extra oomph to any 40th birthday celebration, so we throw in a few nibbles in some of our champagne hampers. For example, if your 40th birthday babe or beau has a sweet tooth, we pack some of our champagne hampers with decadent chocolates, fresh-baked cookies, bags of chocolate-covered fruits, and champagne, of course. Gifts Australia even offers champagne baskets that double as pamper hampers, complete with candles, bubble bath, body butters, and hot/cold packs.

Other Gifts Australia’s Options for 40th Birthday Gifts

We at Gifts Australia love words like indulgence, luxurious, and happiness. We love the idea of being able to provide birthday boys and girls with the best 40th birthday gifts that their loved ones can invest in. However, sometimes, even if you have perused our entire webpage, you still draw a blank when it comes to what to get your birthday babe for their 40th. Understandable, and we have a remedy.

If you came up empty handed on 40th birthday gifts, snag a Gifts Australia gift voucher instead. We offer almost any amount, from $20 to well over $500, but there are some cases where you can set your own amount. Just ask. When you buy a gift voucher, we automatically, immediately send it to your birthday celebrant with a sweet, customizable message. Or, option number two, you delay delivery until you’re ready, and we’ll wait to send the voucher until your specified date. Simple! The birthday guy or gal can log on and use the gift voucher for whatever they want. What a great way to celebrate their 40th birthday!

It's time to toast with the best Champagne and nibbles because a 40th birthday gift should be luxurious

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