Beer Hampers

Beer Hampers are the ultimate 40th birthday gift idea for those who enjoy savouring the best brews ever. Whether it's Australian micro breweries or the best beer from around the world they'll love savouring these delightful beer hampers. We've paired the tastiest nibbles with the finest beers to make the perfect 40th birthday beer gift hampers ever.

40th Birthday Gifts – Beer Hampers

From a young age, we know what we like and what we dislike. We have innate interests; things that we believe we were born to do. And then developed interests; things that we discovered we liked as life progressed. Over the past four decades, you have gained a firm grasp on what your interests are, but there are literally thousands of hobbies and other things that have yet to be tapped into. Consider 40 your year of discovery, about the world around you and moreso about yourself. This is your year for adventure, for trying new things, and for being free of your typical inhibitions.

Most people are hesitant to be excited for their 40th birthday because they think 40 equals old. But, in a time where people commonly live well into their 90s, and sometimes beyond, 40 is merely a scratch on the surface of life. You have decades ahead of you. Decades of new experiences, which is reason in and of itself to celebrate. We all have some sort of bucket list in our heads; you know, that compilation of stuff that we want to do one day, from the typical to the seemingly impossible. If you have been waiting on a sign to check off things on your bucket list, consider this your go-ahead.

Beer Hampers Are Awesome 40th Birthday Gifts

There is nothing quite like kicking your shoes off after a long day, lying back in your recliner, and enjoying a cold brew. Your sigh of relaxation and contentment are tinged with exhaustion, but you are in your happy place. Every sip of beer is an indulgence, as it should be, and you are happily indulging. It is the same feeling you get when a beloved friend comes over, case of brew in hand. The two of you sit on the porch, happily sipping cold draft while the sun sets. No words are necessary, as you both sit in a comfortable, contented silence, brewskies in hand.

Now, you are in the position of friend, and your buddy’s 40th birthday is right around the corner. You know he would rather sip a brew and relax to celebrate, so you plan ahead with an awesome beer hamper from Gifts Australia. Our beer hampers are practically overflowing an assortment of delicious beers. If your bud likes a specific beer, like Corona, with have a beer hamper dedicated to the delicious chill of that particular brewskie. Or, if your pal loves the bite of local beers, we have a beer hamper committed to the fragrant tang of beers from Australian breweries.

Of course, no beer hamper would be complete without nibbles, and we have those in abundance. Each of our beer hampers comes with some kind of snacks, depending on your tastes. And all of the snacks are hand-picked to complement the taste of the beers. Yep, we were thinking ahead. For instance, with brews from the United Nations, there are green olives, BBQ peanuts, honey-smoked chips, and spiced nuts. Perfect for pairing with a bottle of Grolsch Premium Lager or Peroni Nastro Azzurro.

One More Great Beer-Themed 40th Birthday Gift

One thing that we love about beer hampers is the variety. You simply cannot get an assortment of good brews anywhere else. That is, unless you are touring a brewery. Which, unsurprisingly, is another experience we think doubles as a great 40th birthday gift. Especially because it complements a beer hamper, perfectly.

We have beer-themed tours through some of Australia’s best local breweries. You can find all of the information you need in our Experiences section. Most of the tours are for two people, so you can accompany your 40th birthday buddy on his tour. Of course, there are taste testing rooms, and a chance to have a few brews at the interior bars afterwards.

Other Nifty Stuff about Gifts Australia

Did you know we offer free shipping, Australia-wide, on orders over $99 AU? Now you know! And you have a slew of options at the end of your order. For example, we at Gifts Australia love a great presentation, so we offer gift-wrapping options. That includes plain or patterned wrapping paper, and a colourful ribbon of your choice, tied into a beautiful bow.

You can add an extra boost of specialness to their 40th birthday gifts with a personalized message. It is complementary on every order, but we also have a selection of birthday greeting cards for a small add-on fee. These cards come with a handwritten note, personalized to fit your specifications.

Only the perfect brews will be found inside our gourmet beer hampers, the perfect 40th birthday present is here.

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