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Get them outdoors, having fun and making memories to last for the next 40 years with our amazing range of 40th birthday experience vouchers full of fun and outdoor adventure. From surfing in Sydney or Byron Bay, or perhaps Cockatoo Island Camping, there's adventure to be had and our 40th birthday experience gift vouchers will have them making memories.

40th Birthday Gifts – Outdoor Experiences

According to author and activist Betty Friedan, “Aging is not lost youth but a new stage of opportunity and strength.” When you are 20, your 40th birthday seems impossible—a lifetime away. When you are 39 and your 40th birthday is less than a week away, those impossibilities don’t seem so impossible anymore. Many 40th birthday celebrants would rather hide from the upcoming years, burying their face to the aging process and hoping to remain young forever. Now that is impossible.

There have been hundreds of millions, even billions, of people over the centuries who had the same views on turning 40 that you do. Hesitation, fear, and upset. It is an uncontrollable fact of life…so you might as well embrace it. Think of all the things you love to do and do them. Follow your old dreams, make up new dreams, reach for the stars, and refuse to feel older than you are. 40 is by no means old! In fact, you are in the absolute prime of your life, where new possibilities have invited you to take a peek at all the things you can still do.

In the aforementioned quote from Betty Friedan, she makes an excellent point. You haven’t lost anything. Your youth was subjective, a passing phase, and you are only as old as you feel in your heart. Consider 40 your new stage; one where opportunities abound and you discover how strong your spirit, mind, body, and passion really are.

Outdoor Experiences Are Super-Cool 40th Birthday Gifts

The best 40th birthday gifts are ones that get your body moving, your heart surging, and your adrenaline pumping. They are activities that make you feel alive, younger, healthy, and better than ever. We at Gifts Australia want birthday guys and gals to be bold, creative, inspired, and strong. We want you to experience new things, because you deserve to feel fearless after four decades of putting your inhibitions ahead of your passions.

40th birthday celebrants, stop reading here. This next section is for all of the loved ones who are going to gift you with something awesome from Gifts Australia. Wink! If the birthday guy or gal loves the ocean, and water in general, gift them with a Bondi surfing experience. Or a regular surfing lesson. These classes are taught by professionals, and most of the equipment is provided. Or, if the birthday gift recipient would rather spend their 40th birthday on dry land, try a weekend getaway to Cockatoo Island. You two can camp under the stars in an easy-pitch, pop-up tent and roast marshmallows over a roaring campfire. What a great way to spend a birthday! Why you should celebrate your 40th birthday!

If you are still feeling a little freaked out about turning 40, think of the big 4-0 as just another number. Or, you could acknowledge the fact that you are officially four decades’ worth of awesome, and celebrate accordingly. You SHOULD celebrate! 40 will never come around again, so take full advantage of the opportunity.

For gift givers: you can choose to have the outdoor experience voucher emailed directly to the recipient. With a personal message from you, of course. Or, you could delay the delivery to a later date. There is also the special option of printing the voucher out, then gifting it personally. Best 40th birthday gift ever!

Give the gift of fun with our amazing range of 40th birthday outdoor experience vouchers.

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