Give the gift of memories for their 40th birthday gift this year; because life is about the moments, not just the things we acquire. Send them out on an adrenalin filled adventure, help them learn gourmet cooking or offer the gift of ultimate relaxation. Skydiving, spa indulgence or rockclimbing, there's no limit on fun.

40th Birthday Gifts - Experiences

40 happens quicker than you think. One minute you are 12 and so excited to finally hit 13. Then before you know it, 18 is here. Then 21…25…35. And inevitably, you settle at 39, dreading your next birthday when you realize that four decades have passed. So quickly that it’s like you blinked and they were gone.

Dun dun dun! Just kidding! There seems to be a stigma attached to, and we all feel a little relief when the big day finally passes. Especially if we buried our head under the pillows and chose to ignore it completely. However, we encourage you to try something new. Instead of avoiding your 40th birthday altogether, do something that you have always wanted to do. Look at the last four decades as preppers for the next four decades. You were simply racking up wisdom, cutting your teeth through hard-learned experiences.

Now that you are wiser to the ways of the world, and life in general, you can feel free to let your hair down. Either literally or figuratively, whichever works best for you. Wink! In other words, let your freedom flow. Everyone has a “bucket list,” and you should totally get started checking off the things on yours. Why? Because you deserve a bit of happiness, of course. You deserve to follow your dreams.

Which experiences make the best 40th birthday gifts?

The better question would be, “which experiences make the worst 40th birthday gifts?” The answer? None of them. But first…let us explain what we mean by experiences.

To us, experiences are travel-related adventures. They are positive, happiness-inducing experiences that you EXPERIENCE with our help. So, of course, we think they make awesome 40th birthday gifts. Okay, birthday boys and girls, stop reading here. This next part is for your loved ones. You know, the ones investing in an extraordinary experience to make you smile.

So, what experiences make the best 40th birthday gifts? It depends on the personality of your birthday celebrant. We have something for everyone. For example, does your dad regularly sit on the seashore, musing about the creatures that lurk in the ocean depths? Gift him with an up-close encounter with Great White sharks. Or, opt for a less scary snorkel with sea lions. Does your mum love the idea of family time—anywhere, everywhere? Gift her with a family camping experience on a beautiful island, complete with a tent, campfire, and plenty of spooky stories, stargazing, and roasted marshmallows.

Some of our experiences are more adventurous than others. Their itineraries are designed specifically for birthday ladies and gents who crave an adrenaline rush. For instance, motorcycle lovers will enjoy a two-hour long Harley ride though the beautiful mountains of Brisbane. Or, true adrenaline junkies will absolutely love the freedom of a tandem skydive over Byron Bay.

Once-in-a-Lifetime Experiences as 40th Birthday Gifts

We definitely consider some experiences once-in-a-lifetime opportunities. Not everyone has the means, or the gusto, to experience new, exciting things, so giving someone the gift of adventure is, in our opinions, the best 40th birthday gift you can give. We also have a few calmer experiences for people who simply want to try something a little different. Examples? Pizza-cooking classes, surf lessons, helicopter rides, or tours through chocolate shops and wineries.

If you have found yourself at an impasse, stuck between multiple experience choices. Or, if you haven’t found an experience that would suit your birthday guy or gal. Opt for a Gifts Australia gift voucher for the amount of your choice. Usually good for 12 months from the date of purchase, these gift vouchers allow your birthday celebrant to pick their own experience. Or, they could pick something entirely different, like a tangible present from our plethora of 40th birthday gifts.

We at Gifts Australia have found that reflection is best before gift-giving. Truly reflect on whose 40th birthday you’re celebrating and why they are so special to you. Sure, there are things that they have asked for, but some of the best-received gifts are the ones that are surprises. Like our slew of experiences.

Celebrate with Passion and Pizzazz!

Yep, we said pizzazz. Not pizza. Although pizzazz AND pizza would make one heck of an awesome celebration! Throw in some streamers, a party hat…or 10, and a ginormous cake, loaded with frosting and weighed down with decorations. Best 40th birthday ever!

If you are spending your hard-earned moolah to make someone’s 40th birthday the best, then that person obviously means something special to you. They are loved and lucky, in the same way you are loved and lucky in return. So you have your passion; your reason for snagging them the absolute perfect experience as their 40th birthday gift. Now for the pizzazz.

When we say pizzazz, we mean personalization. The best experiences, or even the best 40th birthday gifts in general, are better when you personalize them with a touch that’s all your own. For instance, we have gift-wrapping options that apply to tangible presents. If you are gift-giving an object alongside an experience, ask for a ribbon and bow in the celebrant’s favourite colour.

Why do we assume that you might get multiple presents to accompany the awesome experiences? Because we offer Australia-wide free shipping on orders over $99 AU. If you want to be just a little selfish, you can always get the experience for the birthday babe or beau. Then get something nice for yourself too. It’s win-win for everybody! Or, be super-generous and grab a bunch of stuff to double as their 40th birthday gifts.

Another way we love to customize is through personalized, customized messages. Nothing says love quite like a custom birthday message of extra-special direct quotes and sweet nothings. If you are really feeling the birthday love, ask for a handwritten birthday greeting card. We handwrite and deliver your message right to their door. They will appreciate the extra touch and you will receive automatic points as the best gift giver ever. Or at least in the top 3, definitely. Wink!

Add some adrenalin to their 40th birthday this year with our amazing range of experience gift vouchers that will give them the time of their lives; literally!

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