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He's turning 30 and he deserves to look his best, and to ensure he does we've created a stunning range of 30th birthday gifts for him. With stylish watches, a range of men's wallets, and an extensive range of cufflinks including a novelty cufflink range, everything he needs is right here at Gifts Australia.

Cufflinks as 30th Birthday Gifts for Him

You can never go wrong with getting timeless pieces and sure classics as birthday gifts for his special day. Fit for any occasion, classic birthday gifts can be both versatile and elegant. On his 30th birthday, get him something that he will appreciate. Gifts that are functional and stylish can show your appreciation and love.

Keep in mind what his interests are, as we all as his personality, in choosing the right gift. In this stage of his life, he’s probably making a name for himself and starting to create a legacy. Whether it’s in the corporate world, social circles or simply personal performance, his actions and hobbies can say a lot about what he wants as a gift.

So, make sure to get him birthday gifts which reflect his personality. Watches aren’t just watches, and cufflinks aren’t simply accessories. The style, make, and even colour of the birthday gifts you get should complement his lifestyle. For example, if he’s the type to be boisterous and fun, he’ll surely get a good laugh and a brighter smile with novelty ties. On the other hand, more serious and formal birthday gifts can show your admiration for his successes.

And of course, classic birthday gifts also include presents with fun and pampering in mind. With the high-paced lifestyle of the modern man, he’ll surely love any respite from the stress of his work or social life.

What Makes Ties and Braces Fit for the Modern Man?

Ties and braces can complete any outfit, making them some of the best birthday gifts you can buy. For suits and dress shirts, give him a gift that can help him keep his outfit neat. The BUCKLE Black Clip Braces are convenient, functional, and stylish. It can go with just about any outfit.

The BUCKLE Black Bow Tie is also a classic you can give to your friend, family, and co-worker. He can wear it to any corporate or social event, and still stand out.

However, if you’re looking for something that’s more novel, you can give him bow ties with more personality. The BUCKLE Navy Pinstripe Bow Tie has the right balance of colour and formality, which makes sure his ensemble won’t be boring. You can also get the BUCKLE White Pinstripe Bow Tie.

And if you’re really looking for a bow tie that screams personality, the BUCKLE Purple Pinstripe Bow Tie definitely brings more life to any outfit.

What Makes Cufflinks the Most Ideal Birthday Gifts on His 30th Bithday?

Cufflinks are staple birthday gifts because of their usability and stylishness. They can be the perfect complement to any dress shirt or suit. In fact, the right pair of cufflinks can determine the overall vibe or appearance of his whole outfit.

It’s important to choose cufflinks that can fit his existing wardrobe. Luckily, there’s a wide range of options at your fingertips.

Start out by looking at novelty cufflinks. These pairs of cufflinks are perfect for the less formal events that he’ll be going to. Even in semi-formal to formal events, these cufflinks can be a statement of life against a boring landscape.

The Bottle & Corkscrew Cufflinks are a subtle yet fun go at novelty cufflinks. Made with a muted, metallic colour, it takes a closer look to see the personality in the intricately shaped cufflinks. For guys who are a fan of TV shows and sci-fi, you can give the TARDIS Cufflinks as a birthday present. As an added bonus, they can even be used as a conversation starter.

Another novelty pair of cufflinks is the Gin to My Tonic Cufflinks. Outlined in silver, this pair of cufflinks offers a bold statement for a laidback and relaxed impression.

Aside from these novelty cufflinks, you can also get cufflinks that reflect his interest in hobbies or sports. Is he a fan of the outdoors? Get him a pair of Fishing Cufflinks. Or if he’s a fan of sports, the Golf Club Cufflinks might just be for him. These pairs of cufflinks show how well you know him.

There are more formal cufflinks that you can choose as birthday gifts; however, just because they are more formal doesn’t mean they can’t have any personality. The Blue Mini Square Cufflinks, for example, have a classic make yet give a splash of colour to any ensemble. The Blue Textured Cufflinks, bordered by a silver frame, will also be a favourite.

For a more elegant appearance, you can’t go wrong with the Black and Gold Diamond Cufflinks, and the Silver Grid Cufflinks. These pairs are the perfect gifts to celebrate his corporate or business successes.

And if he’s the type of guy to have many cufflinks and accessories, give him a gift that will help him keep them all together. The Gents Hardware Cufflinks and Tie Clip are the perfect complement to these classic birthday gifts.

How Wallets and Watches Make Perfect Companions

These birthday gifts are the finishing accessories to his daily or formal wear. For wallets, you can get either a classic design or a novelty piece.

For classic wallets, try the durable and stylish BUCKLE Hugo Brown Wallet, which also comes in black. The simplicity of the wallet is perfect for the guy with simple needs. You can also go for the understated luxury of the BUCKLE Oscar Black Wallet, which also comes in brown.

For the traveller and map enthusiast, a great birthday gift to add to his bag is the Cartography Wallet. This will definitely please the aesthetic of any modern man. You can also complement or pair this gift with the Cartography Card Holder, which reads out “On the Road” in bold red.

And for the fan of comics and movies, the Lightweight Batman Wallet will definitely delight. With the iconic yellow on black logo, this artistic twist on a classic gift is a novelty he’ll appreciate.

For watches, there’s a variety of sporty and classic designs to choose from. For the classic look, try the Cesare Concept Silver Leather Watch. The OOZOO Vintage Black Leather Watch is also a classic, bringing with it a vintage and sleek appearance.

If he prefers earthy tones, the OOZOO Vintage Cognac Leather Watch may have the right texture for him. If he’s a modern man with a taste for the metallic palette, the OOZOO Vintage Grey Watch might just complement his wardrobe.

There are also watches that can complement an on-the-go lifestyle. The OOZOO Sport Rose Gold on Black Watch offers a delicate contrast that’s best for the active man. And if he’s a swimmer, he can wear the OOZOO Steel Blue Diver Watch in and out of the water.

Ordering Online and Getting these Classic Gifts

Buying the best birthday gifts for your family, friend or co-worker can be difficult, but with Gifts Australia, it’s now easier than ever. Gifts Australia offers a wide range of classic gifts, from bow ties to watches, as well as other functional gifts perfect for your man. Go get him the best classic birthday gifts today! 

He's guaranteed to look amazing with our range of men's wallets, watches and cufflinks from Gifts Australia

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