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If he enjoys the finest of drops; we've got the perfect 30th birthday gift for him. If he's a beer lover he'll delight in our range of 30th birthday beer gift hampers or perhaps send him on a beer tour experience. For wine lovers we've got beautiful gift packs, and if whisky is more his style - we have that too at Gifts Australia.

Beer-tastic Birthday Gifts!

In this fast-paced, modern world, finding the time to relax is a precious gift. On his special day, give him birthday gifts that would help him relax, have fun, and unwind from work. After all, life doesn’t stop in his 20s!
Unwinding from the stress of work or even personal relationships can be fun with the right birthday gifts and experiences. Whether he wants to relax by himself, or with friends, or even outside, there’s the perfect gift for him. You can choose from a variety of beer gifts and hampers, wine or even whiskey.

Why Do Hampers Make the Best Birthday Gifts?

Birthday gifts with a little bit of everything would surely be appreciated. Hampers and wine bottles come with the gift of great taste and good experience.
For hampers, you can start out with the James Squire Ale Hamper. It comes with a selection of great ale, from Chancer Golden Ale and Stowaway India Pale Ale. There are also delightful salty and savoury complementary nibbles, like BBQ chips and beef jerky.
If he’s more of a beer guy, you can help him relax while watching a game with the Premium United Nations Beer Hamper. The classic varieties of the Beers of Australia Hamper might also be more to his taste.
Is he more of a whiskey guy? If you’re shopping for great birthday gifts, you can’t go wrong with the sophisticated and masculine tastes of the Jameson Select Reserve Whiskey Hamper. And if he’ll appreciated Ciders, try the ANZAC Ciders Hamper.
You can also give wine bottles instead of hampers for his special day. It’s all about the quality of the drink and the taste.
The Devils’ Corner Wine Gift Pack is a favourite for gift giving. If he wants red wine, the Premium Red Wine & Sparkling Brown Brothers Gift Pack would be perfect for him. He can luxuriously sip the drink after a sumptuous dinner or during celebrations.
For something lighter, he’d definitely love the Most Awarded Sparkling Wine in Australia, from Brown Brothers. The 2010 Cellar Release Shiraz Triple Gift Pack might also be your best bet.
Lastly, he might love a touch of whisky before turning in for the night or while in his study. The Whisky Glenmorangie Original Gift Set has the perfect classic taste. And for a variety of excellent tastes, the Whisky Glenmorangie Taster Pack might just be for him.

What are your Options for Exciting Drink Accessories?

His kitchen and personal space might also be in need of a boost. Give him birthday gifts that can help him unwind and relax with that bottle of wine or beer. These drink accessories, from hip flasks to beer glasses, are the perfect complement.
Not only are these gifts usable, they are also amazingly stylish. They’d look perfect in his bar and drink counter.
Start the celebration with the 30 Years Beer Stein Mug. The classic beer mug is updated with a bold “30 Years” type on it, so that everyone in the gathering knows who to celebrate. Put the spotlight on him to shower him with affection on his special day.
You can also choose the Eva Solo Beer Glass Set, which is perfect for everyday use. You can’t go wrong with birthday gifts that would complement both his need for relaxation and the style of his kitchen.
And if he’s always on-the-go, something that would help him unwind while out would also be appreciated. Go for the stylish option with Ted Baker Men’s Hip Flask. The sturdy material of the hip flask is wrapped around a subtly patterned sleeve. Both the design and the make are perfect for a fashionable personality.
Lastly, you can help him unwind with a good glass of wine or beer with the right atmosphere. The Jonathan Adler Absinthe Pop Candle is a new twist on relaxing aromas. Carrying the smell of the alcohol it’s named after, this soy wax candle can help loosen stress and worries even more.
When it comes to giving birthday gifts for relaxation, make sure to give him only the best. Choose the hampers, drinks, or drink accessories that would fit his personality and his current tastes.

What Exciting Experiences Await the Lucky Birthday Boy?

Birthday gifts don’t have to be material. On his birthday, boost him up with a shot of life and great experiences. Get him moving and get him active with birthday gifts that would have him going around.
These beer and drink tours are perfect because not only do they give him a novel experience, but they also give him delightful tastes of great craft beers from around the city.
There are Melbourne experiences you can start out with. The Melbourne Urban Beer Odyssey is a journey through some of the most iconic and delicious beer stops in the area. Get him moving from Carlton and United Breweries to exciting drinks at Kooinda Brewery. You can even get him the experience for 2 with the Melbourne Urban Beer Odyssey for 2, so he can bring someone along.
And there are exciting ways to try out beer in Sydney too. The Beer Tour: 3 in 3 city Fringe Sydney will bring your friend, family, or colleague along some of the best beer stops in the city. The tour includes Young Henrys, Willie The Boatman, and The Rocks Brewery.
For a guy who’d appreciate places and tastes that are less mainstream, the Beer Tour: Hipsters & Hops Sydney would help him explore every beer nook and cranny in the city. The tour comes with a full day walk and stop inside Inner West Sydney. He won’t run out of craft beer to try.

Buying Him the Best Birthday Gifts Online

From beer-tastic hampers to individual wine bottles, drink must-haves and beer tours, Gifts Australia has everything you’re looking for. With a wide variety of offerings, you can also find other stylish gifts and accessories, from kitchenware to outfits, at Gifts Australia. When you shop at Gifts Australia, you even have the option to add a gift card and deluxe gift wrapping. Get started on getting him the best beer-tastic birthday gifts today!

With such a wide range of 30th birthday alcohol gift packs and experiences you simply can't go wrong.

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