She'll never forget turning 30 and celebrating in style; thanks to our range of experience vouchers that make the ultimate 30th birthday gift for her. We've got pampering experiences, adventure experiences and foodie experiences so you're sure to find a memory-making gift that she won't forget.

30th Birthday Gifts For Her: Memorable Experiences

Gone are the days when majority of women like to spend their money on material things such as makeup, bags, jewellery, clothes, shoes, and many more. Before, try asking them what they want to receive as birthday gifts and they will surely answer one of the items that were listed above. But these days are different. People are now aware that there is more to life than just improving a person’s physical appearance or how others will see them. Many have started to invest in things that will make them form strong bonds with the people that matter to them and will provide a venue for their growth at the same time. Are you looking for birthday gifts for your girlfriend’s 30th? Why not give them experiences from Gifts Australia as birthday gifts?

Why Should I Go For Experiences as Birthday Gifts Rather Than Material Gifts?

Studies have shown that experiences have the capability to induce happiness more than material things can. When you give experiences as birthday gifts to someone, you are giving not only a present, but you also strengthen your bond with that person as you get to know each other more with the activities you do together. Material things can get damaged or lost as time goes by, but the memories you have shared with each other is guaranteed to stay in their hearts and minds for a long time.

With that in mind, people now go to shopping malls, beaches, museums, and other places searching for experiences that they can share with their friends and loved ones. A lot of local tourist spots, companies, and organisations now offer packages that provide unforgettable experiences. However, giving experiences as birthday gifts poses a higher challenge to gift buyers. You need to consider the recipient’s interests, dislikes, or preferences so that you get to pick out activities that they will truly enjoy.

What are some of the Best Experiences that I can give as Birthday Gifts for Women?

Gifts Australia has a lot of gift packages filled with experiences that you and your friend will surely enjoy. We list them down below for you so you can check them out today!

CORPORATE Headshots Package with Professional Hair & Make Up

Once a woman reaches the age of 30, she should already be conscious of the way she looks and carries herself. At this age, any lady would love to appear mature and classy. This is important especially for those who plan to make a big career move at this point in their lives. You might want to consider buying the Corporate Headshots Package with Professional Hair and Make-up as birthday gifts for you and your friends. You will be working with some of the country’s most recognised photographers during a 30-minute photoshoot to capture your best angle while wearing carefully hand-picked outfits. Make-up and hairstyling are also included. Once the photoshoot is done, you get to pick one skilfully edited picture that you can utilise for your job application, corporate branding, or social media profiles.

Mini Glamping Cockatoo Island (Mon-Thurs)

Who says that women and camping can’t go together? If you know women who would love to try what it is like to be one with nature, then the Mini Glamping Cockatoo Island package should be part of your list of birthday gifts for them. They don’t need to worry anymore about the preparations to be done because everything has already been arranged at the ready-made campsites located in the Cockatoo Island camp ground.

The package includes a 2.4m by 2.4m tent, two single beds, linens, and sun lounges that will surely help you and your friends spend a night of fun and relaxation under the stars. To make the night more enjoyable, BBQ packs can also be bought 24 hours prior to your stay in the campsite together with the other meals and drinks that can be purchased from outlets situated on the site. A licensed bar area is also open to make conversations more free flowing with alcohol.

TANDEM SKYDIVE 14,000ft, Byron Bay

All of us have some sort of bucket list of the things that we want to do for us to say that we have maximised the borrowed time we have here in this world. One of the most worthwhile activities that should be part of your list is Skydiving. It is guaranteed to provide lots of fun and excitement especially if it is performed at the beach. Why not give birthday gifts like the Tandem Skydive 14000 ft., offered to you by Gifts Australia?

Byron Bay is one of the top skydiving spots in the country because of the spectacular view that it offers like mountains, rainbows, and the tropical forest. You will be guided by experts from the Skydive Australia. Rest assured that under their care you will be able to relish the adrenaline rush of dropping from the sky at a speed of 220km/hr, free falling in a short span of time of 60 seconds and still make it back in one piece! Isn’t this one of the most unforgettable birthday gifts one could ever receive?

Give Unforgettable Experiences as Birthday Gifts from Gifts Australia

We should always remember that our looks and status in life are not the only things that matter. We must also invest in experiences that will make us better individuals and form stronger relationships with the people that we love and care for. If their birthday is happening in a few days, give them experiences offered by Gifts Australia as birthday gifts.

Shopping for birthday gifts with Gifts Australia is so simple and efficient! You can just browse our online catalogue for a list of unforgettable experiences you can give as birthday gifts like the Blue Mountains Abseiling & Canyoning Combo. Once you have already made your choice, the birthday gifts can be gift-wrapped with a special gift tag.

You can also choose to have the birthday gifts delivered straight to the recipient’s address for free to several areas nationwide. Check out our online catalogue at Gifts Australia now and start searching for the best birthday gifts for your friends and loved ones!

Food, Fun and Pampering; we've got the ultimate range of 30th birthday gift experiences for her.

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