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If you know a beer lover who's turning 30, then look no further for the perfect 30th birthday gift. Here at Gifts Australia, we've got the best range of beer gift hampers available, and they're waiting to be delivered directly to the door of your lucky recipient. Beer and perfectly paired nibbles never disappoint for the perfect birthday gift.

Beer Hampers for the Best 30th Birthday Party

A birthday is a yearly event for every person, but the manner of commemoration differs each year. Some birthdays go by quietly, while others are much more intense. A person’s 30th birthday is a milestone that is worthy to be marked with a raise-the-roof party, overflowing birthday gifts, and company of loved ones.

What is the Significance of Celebrating a 30th Birthday?

There is a reason why a lot of people dread turning 30. While it varies per person, the overarching theme is the fact that it marks the age of adulthood. As the doorway to adulthood opens, a person’s world expands as well in terms of all areas of his life. Simply put, 30 is the era of new beginnings.
A study of human history would reveal how 30 has always been a defining moment in a man’s life. Several good examples are found in the Bible. At the age of 30, Joseph the dreamer became Egypt’s Prime Minister, Saul was anointed to be Israel’s first king, David succeeded Saul to the throne, and Jesus Christ began his ministry. In more recent time, Hillary Clinton began her career as a public servant at the age of 30. Likewise, when J.K Rowling, the creative mind behind the Harry Potter series, was 30 years old, she was in the process of having the first Harry Potter book published.       
Clearly, great things happen at a person’s 30th year. It is a time of setting priorities straight, developing maturity, appreciating the essentials, and growing in all facets of one’s life. These things are actually the greatest birthday presents that a person receives on his 30th birthday. If those are not enough reasons to celebrate, we do not know what is.

What are Some Awesome Birthday Gifts for Someone Turning 30?

It is settled then that a 30th birthday is worthy and must be celebrated. What does this signify for you? For starters, you need to think of thoughtful birthday gifts that your loved one will appreciate. This is a tricky part since there are millions of possible birthday gifts sold at the market.
However, the Gifts Australia has a unique suggestion for you that any birthday celebrant will enjoy. People tend to limit birthday gifts to tangible objects. But we believe that one of the best birthday gifts in the world is an opportunity to have fun and experience life with the people closest to us. If you are as crazy as we are, you should heed our advice; choose throwing a loved one a rocking birthday bash as your 30th birthday present. 

A Few Ways to Throw a Rocking 30th Birthday Bash

If you know someone who is moping around saying that turning 30 is no big deal, convince them otherwise by throwing a fun birthday bash. Here are some fun ways how:

·  Organise a Camping Adventure

Is the birthday celebrant someone who revels in the great outdoors? If yes, a camping adventure is the perfect birthday celebration. There are various places that are conducive to pitching tents and huddling around a campfire. You can select from beaches, mountains, forests, wooded paths, or anywhere where you can explore and bask in the beauty of nature. Make the celebration an intimate affair by inviting the celebrant’s close friends and family.
Cap off the camping adventure with the Premium United Nations Beer Hamper. Containing first-rate beers and yummy nibbles from around the world, it is the fitting hamper for a one of a kind adventure. It would afford a nice opportunity to bond and at the same time take a break from the daily busyness. 

·  Hangout at a Backyard Barbecue

Not in the mood for an adventure? You can throw the party at the comforts of your own backyard. Delightful barbecues with fun people never get old. Give the celebrant time to relax and take delight in delicious grilled treats paired with ice cold beers and delicious nibbles from the Beers of Australia Hamper.

·  Have a Pub Crawl

For celebrants who are magnetised by loud music and party raves, you should considering doing a pub crawl. Essentially, a pub crawl is touring and taking drinks in several bars or pubs. If you have not tried that, it is a good way to meet new people and interact with strangers. Everyone invited to the party and the celebrant, of course, will get hyped-up by the experience. We bet that at the end of the pub crawl, you would wish parties never end.

·  Go to a Concert or Music Festival

Music unites people and evokes memories and all sorts of emotions. A 30th birthday party and music definitely blends well together. A good way to celebrate a birthday and music is to attend a concert or a music festival. These venues provide a great place for entertainment.
You can enjoy the music better with a full stomach, making food and beverage as must-haves. There are food concessions in concert and festival grounds. However, they might burn your budget. As a practical alternative, you can opt to order beer hampers, such as the United Nations of Beer Hamper from Hamper Emporium, and bring them to the event. That way you can stay hydrated and stuffed all throughout the festival.

·  Sing Your Hearts Out At a Karaoke Marathon

Another way to celebrate a birthday with music is through a karaoke marathon. No, singing skills are not necessary although ear plugs are in that case. Throwing a karaoke birthday party is easy. Just have a working karaoke machine, which you can rent, and enough food and beverage for everyone, and voila, let the party begin. We recommend the MicroBreweries of Australia Hamper for great beers and snacks that will keep everyone energised. For an extra twist, you can keep score of people’s karaoke ratings and have a fun dare for the worst singer or a reward for the best one.

·  Get Lost In a Road Trip

Finally, travelling with the gang to a destination that the celebrant has always wanted to visit is a unique but rocking way to celebrate 30 years of living. The best part is you do not even need to have a destination. Just drive around and see where the road leads you. There are numerous of things to do in a road trip or nothing at all, it depends on you. Make your trip more special by packing the ANZAC Ciders Hamper with you. The non-alcoholic and healthy ciders included in the hamper will ensure that you will arrive at your destination safe and intact.   

Where to Get Beer Hampers?

We are sure you are excited to start planning a rocking 30th birthday party for your loved one. We are excited for you too! Be sure to get the beer hampers we have recommended for a smooth and fun party. You can order them from Gifts Australia and we will have it delivered to you in time for the party.   

The perfect 30th birthday gift for beer lovers; our beer gift hampers are created to delight.

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