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Trying hard to find the perfect 30th birthday gift for the adventurer? Know someone who loves heading outside camping or exploring? They'll definitely be delighted with our amazing range of 30th birthday gift experience vouchers for that special adventurer in your life. Celebrate a new decade of opportunity with the ultimate memory-making experience.

30th Birthday Gift Ideas: Outdoors and Fun Adventures

In this age wherein everything just seems to be automated, many people will agree that having technological advancements has its advantages and disadvantages. Even though it has made our daily activities easier, certain aspects of our lives tend to be compromised. Try observing the people that walk along the streets. You will notice that people are starting to alienate themselves from each other. Each person seems to be minding their own business while fiddling with their smartphones or tablets. This is why it is important that the birthday gifts we give should still encourage socialisation. Why not give your friends or loved ones outdoors and fun birthday gifts from Gifts Australia?

Why is it Good for us to Engage in Fun Outdoor Activities?

People should learn to let go of their gadgets even for a short while in order to experience the wonders of nature. A lot of us may not know it yet, but there are studies supporting the claim that engaging in outdoor activities will provide huge benefits to a person.


Outdoor activities like walking around the park, no matter how simple they may be, will always promote physical exercise. Going out for a walk during the morning will help you catch Vitamin D which is good for the bones. Participating in fun games can help improve agility and body coordination.


We should make it a point to become well-rounded individuals, which means that we should also develop other aspects such as mental health. When you participate in nature activities such as camping and hiking, your mental health also improves. Navigating a map while you explore the woods is a great way to exercise the brain.

Behaviour and Personality Development

No man is an island. People should learn to interact and work with their peers, a skill that can never be learned by staring at your gadget the whole day. Outdoor activities teach problem solving and cooperation. Participating in outdoor activities will also allow them to take a break from the hustle and bustle of their office jobs. They will soon realise that there is a bigger world outside than just staying at home together with their gadgets.

What are Some of the Best Outdoor Activities I Can Give as Birthday Gifts?

One Hour Harley Ride in Brisbane

Have you ever experienced watching a television show which features the protagonist riding a Harley Davidson motorcycle while he saves the day? Don’t you ever wish that you also get to experience the feeling of looking amazing while you ride in a Harley? With the One Hour Harley Ride in Brisbane gift package from Gifts Australia, you and your friends will be provided with a leather jacket to complete the experience as you tour around Brisbane City. A professional rider will take you to the most well-known tourist spots in Brisbane for an hour. Expect to have your heart pumping as you breeze through the freeway towards the winding corners of Mount Coot-tha.

Blue Mountains Introductory Rock Climbing

Do you feel like you and your friends are in a rut lately? If you are hungry for some adventure, purchase the Blue Mountains Introductory Rock Climbing as 30th birthday gifts! The rock climbing activity is a great way to celebrate freedom and adulthood under the watchful eye of a mountaineering guide. You will be taught about safety and climbing techniques while being guided under the watchful eye of an expert.
Be prepared to have your jaw drop as you stare in awe of the country’s most beautiful sceneries located in the Heritage Area of the Blue Mountains. Rock climbing is a beneficial activity wherein your balance and concentration will be put to the test. The participants of the activity will learn how to strategize and put their strength to good use. Don’t worry, you don’t need to be an athlete to enjoy birthday gifts like the Blue Mountains Introductory Rock Climbing. A scrumptious picnic lunch will also be provided for you and your friends to take in the beautiful surroundings you are in. There are different sites to choose from such as Mt. Piddington, Wolgan Valley, Zig Zag and Narrow Neck.

Exclusive Paintball Elite Pack

If the person who will be celebrating their 30th birthday has a strong competitive spirit, then birthday gifts like the Exclusive Paintball Elite Pack would be the perfect choice for them. Paintball is one of the best activities involving large groups such as birthday parties, family reunions, or corporate team building events. Fortunately, Gifts Australia was able to identify the best company that provides the best paintball arena in the country. The venue utilised for the Exclusive Paintball Elite Pack has a wide range of paintball arena designed to imitate scenes that you see from famous movies such as Tomb Raider, Tropic Thunder, and Resident Evil! Prepare to immerse yourself fully in the action and excitement while you compete with your friends, colleagues, and loved ones as you battle it out in realistic and humongous pyramids, army helicopters and double-decked buses. Only Gifts Australia offers this kind of experience voucher which already comes with entrance fees, body armour, paintballs and tons of fun!

Why Should You Purchase Your Outdoor and Fun Gifts at Gifts Australia?

We should always keep in mind that the beauty of our world isn’t there just to be left unnoticed and unappreciated. We must make an effort to enjoy the beauty of our surroundings because this will also help us grow and develop into well-rounded individuals.
What better occasion to do this than on one’s 30th birthday? Purchase Outdoor and Fun Presents from Gifts Australia in order to make your own or your loved one’s 30th birthday momentous. We have a wide selection of packages for birthday gifts that the recipient will surely appreciate. We provide top-of-the -line gift wrapping services and deliver items for free nationwide. What are you waiting for? Check out our online catalogue and order your outdoors and fun birthday gifts today!

Outdoor adventures and memories to last a lifetime; that's what our 30th birthday adventure experience vouchers are all about.

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