'Once in a Lifetime'

Turning 30, embracing a new decade; being inspired to live a better life, it's such a special time. To celebrate that special time; let's give them the most amazing gift of all; unforgettable memories with our 30th birthday gift like no other - Once in a lifetime experience vouchers. Sky diving or porsche driving, no matter what they enjoy we've got an experience to inspire them.

30th Birthday Gifts: Lifetime Experiences

Many people cringe when they realise that they are about to hit the age of 30. They may feel a lot of pressure because this is supposed to be the stage where you have already figured out the answers to some major questions in life, such as the career you are finally going to pursue in the long run, the qualities that you are looking for in a partner, or just what you are going to do with your life in general.
Being 30 doesn’t need to become a terrifying experience for a person. In fact, this is only a start of the great things that are about to happen in your life! Commemorate the special occasion by getting birthday gifts for them that can only be done once in a lifetime. We have a lot of great choices here in Gifts Australia, read on to see some of our most popular choices below.

Once in a Lifetime Birthday Gifts are Worth Every Penny

Hitting the big 30 only comes once in a lifetime, so you should find a way to celebrate it in the most unforgettable way possible. Choose birthday gifts that they will never forget for a long time!

Portaledge Cliff Camping Experience for Two

Perhaps you or your friend has a great love for nature. Camping is one of the best ways to bask in the special ambiance only nature can give. If you want to do something different, why don’t you purchase the Portaledge Cliff Camping Experience for Two. Do what you love the most: camping, but from several hundred metres above the ground! Indeed this will be one of the most unforgettable birthday gifts one could ever receive – camping out on a portaledge at the side of a cliff. The location is situated 3.5 hours from Melbourne in Mt. Buffalo National Park at Victoria. Birthday gifts like this are the first of its kind in the country.
Think really hard should you decide to give this as birthday gifts because this is not suitable for those who have a faint heart! Participants will undergo a comprehensive training from two professional guides before you proceed to the main campsite: portaledges perched on the cliffs of the Mount Buffalo Gorge. The portaledge is basically a hanging tent that was created for rock climbers. It is meant to hang at the side of the face of a cliff with adjustable fastenings. The adventure also includes everything you’ll need to enjoy the experience such as breakfast, dinner, and most of all, breathtaking scenery!

Sydney Aircraft Aerobatics: Passenger Takes Control!

Aircraft aerobatics is an important technique used in gliders and airplanes as a form of training, entertainment, amusement or sport. This involves rotating the aircraft along its longitudinal and lateral axis. This improves a pilot’s ability to adapt to problematic flying situations. This makes it an important component of safety training courses in flying. Wouldn't it be amazing if you give birthday gifts that will make adrenaline rush through one’s veins?
With the Sydney Aircraft Aerobatics: Passenger Takes Control, the excitement will be twice as big. Not only will you be able to experience what it is like to be on a craft doing aircraft aerobatic, you also get the chance to take control of the plane Robin 2160 while being guided by a professional pilot. Expect that you will be going through barrel rolls and loops as you learn about the behaviour of the plane and how it will smoothly operate at different heights so that you get to fully grasp the technique. By the end of the day all the other birthday gifts received will seem ordinary because of all the fun and excitement one will have from the Sydney Aircraft Aerobatics: Passenger Takes Control Gift package!

Blue Mountains Abseiling & Canyoning Combo

They always say that two is better than one. Why will you limit your once in a lifetime birthday gifts to only one when you can give the person you love twice the fun? With the Blue Mountains Abseiling and Canyoning Combo, they will surely learn to love you more as you get to share this memorable experience with them. The participants in this activity will first learn about abseiling during the first part of the day, when you and your loved ones will be scaling heights ranging from 2 to 25 metres. As you go through each level you will slowly master all the needed skills and technique to conquer the Blue Mountain.
After this challenging activity, you shall re-energise with a picnic while enjoying a beautiful view. After this, you will be discover more about the beauty and wonder of the Blue Mountains as you engage in the canyoning activity. You will go through a series of activities that is guaranteed to challenge you physically such as climbing, bushwalking, water jumping and caving. You also get to apply the skills you have learned in abseiling as you traverse through waterfalls!
You don’t need to be scared because the whole day will be supervised by a group of experts who fully know the ins and outs of the Blue Mountain. Birthday gifts like this will forever be embedded in the memory of the recipient as they get to appreciate the beauty of the Empress Falls, Juggler, and Grand Canyon, all of which can be conquered by beginners.

Why Should You Purchase Your Once In a Lifetime Experience Gifts at Gifts Australia?

We should always celebrate the gift of life no matter what age we are in. We should make the festivities even grander as we reach milestones like the age of 30! To highlight the occasion, the birthday gifts you buy should be so memorable and precious just like the once in a lifetime gift items that Gifts Australia has to offer! We provide top-of-the-line gift wrapping services and deliver items for free nationwide. Browse through our online catalogue and order your once in a lifetime birthday gifts today.

Give them a gift they could only dream of with our Once in a Lifetime Experience Vouchers, for an unforgettable 30th birthday gift.

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