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If they're forever trying out new recipes and ingredients in the kitchen, cooking programs are their favourite, don't get them another recipe book; we've got the ultimate 30th birthday gift for foodies. WIth our amazing range of gourmet foodie experience vouchers, they're sure to be inspired by these fun tours and cooking classes that will delight their tastebuds.

30th Birthday Gifts: Foodie and Gourmet Tours

Shopping for birthday gifts can be a challenging task. You may feel especially pressured if you’re buying a gift for a milestone such as a loved one’s 30th birthday. After all, who wants to give a present that will just be unwrapped, stored in a closet, and forgotten about? Definitely not you! You want to get them a present that will actually be used and appreciated.

The Ultimate Birthday Gifts for Foodies

Birthday gifts for foodies are often something kitchen-related such as cookbooks or the latest kitchen tools and gadgets. But don’t the special people in your life deserve birthday gifts that are just as extraordinary as they are? Foodie and gourmet tours may be the perfect gift you’re looking for.
If you want to get truly personal birthday gifts, you can’t go wrong with experiences based on the recipient’s hobbies and interests. Putting some extra thought in your birthday gifts will allow you to take them on an once-in-a-lifetime experience that they will be talking about for years to come.
At Gifts Australia, we offer an extensive selection of tours, classes, and other foodie experiences that are guaranteed to tickle the taste buds and delight the senses. These experiences can make amazing birthday gifts, anniversary gifts, Valentine’s Day gifts, or even just thoughtful, every day tokens of love for someone important to you.

Give the Gift of Knowledge

You can never be old enough to learn new things—especially in the kitchen.
Food lovers are sure to appreciate the Art of Wood Fired Pizza Class for 1, where they can choose ingredients straight from the garden, learn about yeasts and making dough, and uncover the secrets to making a scrumptious pizza.
Another option is a Handmade Sausage Cooking Class for 1, which covers everything from choosing the best cuts of meat and grinding the meat to filling sausage casings and discussing the various ways to cook sausages.
Meat-lovers who wish to develop their butchery skills will definitely enjoy the Techniques of Butchery Cooking Class, where they are walked through the procedure of breaking down lamb carcass into different cuts of meat, and also gain hands-on experience in boning quail and chicken.

Exploring Different Tastes

For the man in your life that appreciates a good drink, there are a number of interesting tours to choose from that will give him an experience he will never forget. Take your loved one on a Balmain Pub Walk Tour to learn about some of the most interesting historical stories that transpired within pub walls and to enjoy other fascinating sights along the way. The tour includes a drink at each of the three pubs on the tour.
Treat your man to The ABT Night Sessions for a fun night of gourmet beer and food. The lucky recipient will be taken to some of the most unique craft beer destinations in Melbourne, and will discover a fascinating and even amusing assortment of flavours such as toffee, Champagne, fruits, and coffee.
The Beer Tour: Hipsters & Hope Sydney, meanwhile, is a full day that allows four up to ten people to uncover a number of the best brews that Inner West Sydney has to offer, inclusive of a delectable lunch. This tour is perfect for enjoying exceptional brews in the comfortable company of a small group.
Another option is the Melbourne Urban Beer Odyssey for 2 which takes you and the birthday celebrant to some of the best commercial breweries and microbreweries in Melbourne for generous tastings and scrumptious food and beer matchings the entire day. Though the itinerary for the day depends on factors such as product availability and weather conditions, there will surely be a taste of both old favourites and new craft beer offerings.

Grander Gestures of Love and Appreciation

If you are looking to make a grand, romantic gesture for the love of your life, Gifts Australia has numerous options for birthday gifts to choose from that are guaranteed to sweep someone off their feet and take their breath away.
The Wine Country Highlights Helicopter Flight for 2 takes two very lucky people on a helicopter flight tour of Newcastle’s wine country to see the magnificent sights of wineries, mountain ranges, and botanical gardens. This 10-minute flight is just the right amount of time to relish the beauty of the Hunter region’s most stunning wineries.
Coupling wine with adventure, the six-hour Harley Davidson Yarra Valley Tour is something the lucky birthday boy will be talking about for years. Take in the striking views of the Yarra Valley—and as a passenger on a Harley Davidson motorcycle no less. This tour starts and ends in Melbourne city, with pit stops at select wineries in order to taste some of the finest wines in the country.
The Helicopter Flight and Bubbly Breakfast for 2 is a picture-perfect way to begin any birthday or anniversary. Start the day with a scenic helicopter ride and a charming breakfast over Hunter Valley’s spectacular wine region, followed by a leisurely stroll around the charming Pepper Creek Village. Complete the tour with a return flight to take in more picturesque landscapes.
Last but certainly not the least is the Helicopter Flight and Picnic Escape for 2, which whisks you and your loved one away on a 15-minute scenic chopper ride over Hunter Valley and to a specially-prepared private gourmet lunch at the gorgeous Audrey Wilkinson vineyard. Lunch includes a mouth-watering assortment of salads, cheese, breads, and desserts, accompanied by wine tasting and your own bottle of wine.

Spend the Perfect Shopping Day Birthday Gifts and More at Gifts Australia

These are just a fraction of the many incredible experiences you can get your special someone for his or her special day.
Still need more ideas for birthday gifts or anniversary gifts? Gifts Australia offers a wide array of choices suitable for all kinds of special occasions. The best part is that you can find these wonderful options at various price points in order to meet both your budget and your needs.

Gourmet Chocolate Tours or Organic Cooking Classes; we've got the perfect foodie 30th birthday gift here at Gifts Australia

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