Cheers to that! It's time to toast to their special birthday with our wonderful selection of 21st birthday novelty drinking gifts from Gifts Australia. From beer gifts to novelty drinking games; we've got the perfect range of fun to keep them enjoying the party for the ultimate in 21st birthday celebrations.

Gifts Australia’s Best Novelty 21st Birthday Gifts!

When you are looking for something special for a 21st birthday, we can almost guarantee you will find it in our novelty 21st birthday gifts section. At Gifts Australia, we stock 21st birthday gifts for all types of recipients, but our novelty gifts are certainly something special. Curious to learn what our favourite 21st birthday gifts from the novelty range are? Find out by reading the article below!

Which Drinking-Related 21st Birthday Gifts Are Available in the Novelty Section?

There are many drinking-related birthday gifts in our range. Many drinking-related novelty gifts are suitable for 21st birthdays, so there is plenty to choose from at Gifts Australia.

Shots are popular during a 21st birthday party, so you could certainly delight your recipient with a set of Doctor’s Orders Syringe Shooters. Contrary to the traditional shot glass, the Doctor’s Orders Syringe Shooters provide shots in a whole new format!

As the name of the gift set suggests, the Doctor’s Orders Syringe Shooters are provided in a syringe shape. Each of the syringes measures 3cm x 3cm x 14cm, which makes it the perfect size for your recipient’s favourite shots.

Another drinking-related novelty gift you could consider for a 21st birthday is a party game, more specifically the Drinkopoly Drinking Game. The Drinkopoly Drinking Game is quite different from the traditional beer pong game, because this party game includes a full game board and task cards. Therefore, the Drinkopoly Drinking Game could provide many hours of fun!

Which Novelty Books Could I Obtain for a 21st Birthday?

Not every 21-year-old is an avid reader, but that does not mean you cannot provide your recipient with a novelty book. You don’t need to have a love for reading with a novelty book, because such books are so funny they almost read themselves.

One of the novelty books you could choose for a 21st birthday is the “Book of the Party Animal”, a book specifically written for those with a love for partying. The book contains useful tips on how to be the king of the dance floor, but also how to make the best party drinks! In short, this book is an essential for anyone who wants the best 21st birthday party.

Of course, you could choose another drinking-related novelty book for a 21st birthday party. There are several choices available at Gifts Australia; this includes “Drinking Games and Hangover Cures”. So, if your recipient is planning on enjoying a drinking game during the 21st birthday party, be sure to add this book to the gift list.

Which Novelty Tech and Gadgets Could I Obtain for a 21st Birthday?

Tech and gadgets are also options for a 21st birthday; this applies to both men and women celebrating this milestone birthday. Of course, the type of gadget or tech you obtain must match the gender of your recipient.

One of our tech gifts that could be used for both male and female recipients is a set of Kreafunk Ahead Bluetooth Headphones. With these headphones, recipients can listen to their favourite tunes from a 10-metre distance! They can also use these headphones to answer phone calls, so even the workaholic might appreciate a pair of these headphones for their 21st birthday.

The following novelty tech suggestion is quite fun, because this tech gift enables your recipient to make his or her own remote-controlled paper plane! The tech connects to your Smartphone, which you can use to guide the paper plane in the right direction. Simple, yet one of the most fun novelty gifts you will ever find!

Our last suggestion for a 21st birthday is a fun gadget, more specifically the 90-Degree View Horizontal Glasses. The 90-Degree View Horizontal Glasses consists of a special refractive lens, enabling you to lay flat while watching TV simultaneously. So, your recipient is not the only one who could use a lovely pair of these glasses, you could obtain some for yourself too!

The last piece of tech we recommend for a 21st birthday is the Kreafunk Wireless Speaker, which could also complement the Kreafunk headphones mentioned earlier. With this wireless speaker, your recipient can listen to his or her favourite tunes throughout the house, since these speakers do not require a wired connection either! This also makes the speakers suitable for a garden party or barbecue!

Where Can I Find More Novelty Gifts for a 21st Birthday at Gifts Australia?

Gifts Australia has a special section for 21st birthdays; this includes a subcategory filled with novelty gifts. If you need more inspiration for a 21st birthday, we suggest heading over to the 21st birthday catalogue to get some additional gift ideas.

Do you have a question about any of the novelty gifts mentioned here today? Feel free to contact our team via telephone, email, or instant messaging to get some additional information about each of our novelty gifts!

Let's toast to the night of their life with our fun range of 21st birthday drinking gifts from Gifts Australia.

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