If you're looking for a unique 21st birthday gift for him we've got just the thing thanks to our range of novelty cufflinks. These fun cufflinks make the perfect gift for men who love to look their best with some added personality. We've got everything from sports cufflinks or cufflinks for their favourite hobby.

21st Birthday Gifts: Cufflinks

The 21st birthday is the coming-of-age year. Turning 21 brings a lot of responsibilities. It is also the time when one needs to start taking his or herself seriously. This means putting a stop to dressing like a kid and being more put together. Giving the perfect birthday gifts to people at this age can be hard. You want to give them something age appropriate and practical.

Giving gifts can sometimes come as second nature to people. Other times, it can bring anxiety. Picking out birthday gifts can be a tedious task. Imagine how hard it can be if you are giving it to a man who has his style on point.

Selecting the Gift He Wants

Giving birthday gifts to someone you know inside out is easy. However, there are times that your knowledge of someone’s interests fail you. If you are still searching for the right gift or if you are at a loss for gift ideas, we are here to help you. So, what are the things you need to remember in selecting a gift that he will want? Here are a few tips:

1.    Take note of his hobbies and interests. This will help you narrow your choices. Do not worry if your gift is not too sentimental. What you’re after is something practical.
2.    Research. Reading magazines and fashion blogs can help you widen or narrow down your gift ideas. For the stylish guy, men’s magazines can help you be updated on the hottest trends. This move will not disappoint a fashion-forward guy.
3.    Narrow your selection to three. To help you do this, you should think of these three factors – what he would appreciate, what he would use, and what’s within your budget. The items that go beyond your budget should be eliminated right away. Depending on your relationship with the guy, you should eliminate those that go beyond your price point. But if the guy is someone really special, you should look into extending your budget but still ensuring that it is within your means.

Choosing What He Needs

If you have an access to his belongings or to his room, survey what’s missing or what is needed. Going through his room or his car will tell you a lot about what the person needs. These things or your gifts don’t need to cost a fortune. Some men will not mind being given the nicest things, some don’t care about what is needed, and others may not have the means to buy everything they need. Choosing a gift that he needs might not elicit the same awe as getting him something that he wants, but you will surely see it being used a lot.

For example, he might want the newest gadget, but if his pair of shoes needs replacing, you might want to buy him a new one instead. The gadget might give the “wow” factor, but you know that the shoes are used more often. And of course, the price range will make a lot difference. We don’t want you spending more than what you intend to spend.

For the guy who has everything, your best bet is to buy him accessories. He might not need it yes but soon, it can be useful to him. If he likes expensive things like cars, you can get him accessories that won’t cost you a fortune but will still be enjoyable.

Buying the Right Accessories

Cufflinks are perfect gifts for stylish men who love to look their best but still exude a certain personality, and they won’t cost you a week’s worth of food. Following are some birthday gift suggestions you can look into.

The Bicycle Cufflinks are perfect for the cycling enthusiasts. This beautifully crafted cufflinks will give some edge to the usual attire of its recipient. Another great accessory for your stylish guy is the Bullet Cufflinks. This will make him look more dapper as nothing exudes manliness like bullets. If the guy you’re giving a gift to loves playing cards, the Ace Playing Card Cufflinks is the perfect accessory. This classy gift will surely make your man look fine while show off his favourite hobby. If you are in search for the one-of-a-kind accessory, the Black Pool 8 Ball Cufflinks is for you. These cufflinks are made from beautiful silver combined with a fun 8 ball design. Your pool-playing man will surely appreciate this unique accessory.

These cufflinks are not only for the fun-loving types. The Australian Flag Cufflinks will make any civil servant or patriot look more dashing. The beauty of these cufflinks is that they can be worn in a formal event but also during a casual one. The Australian-patriot in him will surely take pleasure in receiving these resin-coated cufflinks.

Birthday Gifts Online Available at Gifts Australia

From sports to their favourite hobbies, cufflinks can be a wonderful gift to the man who likes the finer things in life. All of the accessories we’ve mentioned can be found online. Yes, you do not have to hop from one store to another in order to score that amazing birthday gift. From cufflinks to other novelty items, Gifts Australia has you covered.

Gifts Australia is an Australian-owned and managed company based in Sydney. As one of the oldest and largest online stores, we have a wide range of high quality products for every gifting need. Since 2000, we have been catering to Australians in giving the best gifts to their loved ones. Even if we are an online store, we see to it that our customers get the best service there is. From a user-friendly website to fast delivery countrywide. We also offer deluxe wrapping and gift card options to ensure that your gift will have the best presentation. With just a few clicks on your computer, you will have the best birthday gifts for the people you hold dear.

What you give a person for his birthday reflects how you value him as a person. Make sure you don’t disappoint by giving the best birthday gifts on their special day.

Novelty cufflinks to keep him looking great while showcasing his personality. A fun 21st Birthday Gift.

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