He's a funny guy and he deserves a wonderful and entertaining birthday, which is why we know you can't go wrong with one of our novelty 21st birthday gifts for him. His mates will be in hysterics, his birthday will be full of laughter and his life will be that little bit brighter thanks to our range of novelty gifts for him.

Novelty Gifts for a Fun-Loving Man on His 21st Birthday

As if giving men gifts isn’t hard enough, looking for novelty items takes it to another level of difficulty. Fun birthday gifts for men are hard because you have to think like a man and what they think is funny. Unlike women who have multiple floors dedicated for them in a shopping centre, gift items for men are limited. A shopping centre will just have a few square metres dedicated to the male species.

To get you started on your gift-giving journey, you should start by staying away from generic gifts. “It’s the thought that counts” doesn’t cut it nowadays. If you are spending money on a gift, spend it wisely.

Tips on How and What to Buy

Before you go on a shopping spree, you should be armed with a few tips on how to maximise your time and effort. Diving in shopping isles without an idea of what to get will end up in disaster and a huge bill. Here are a few tips to remember to get that perfect gift.

1.    Have a budget in mind.

Before anything else, deciding on a budget is the most important factor when buying birthday gifts. This will also help you get an idea on what to get. Narrowing your options will also be easier because you will not think of getting things that cost beyond your budget.

2.    Get an age-appropriate gift.

Novelty items differ from one generation to another. Your favourite funny uncle might like something racy but your close friend might not be as impressed. A pogo stick will be nice for teenagers but it might break the back of elders. Age plays a vital role in picking out birthday gifts.

3.    Think out of the box.

A perfect birthday gift is something that nobody else in your immediate network has. This also makes the birthday gift more special. Pick something that the recipient will cherish because he is the only one who has it. A unique gift will also make the recipient remember who it’s from whenever he looks at it or uses it.

4.    Be wise with your choices.

Don’t buy something just for the sake of it. We usually end up getting something just because we’re running out of time and options. Best thing to do is to talk to the person about what he wants and start from there. If you don’t want to ask the person directly, ask the people closest to him. You can also tag him along in one shopping trip and observe the things that catches his attention.

5.    Research.

If this man is quite dear to you, you should put a lot of effort in getting that perfect gift. Apart from asking or observing his interests, the world wide web is also full of ideas. Google is not a bad place to start when searching for birthday gift ideas.

Make His Birthday More Fun with These Gifts

To spare you the embarrassment of giving a boring gift and wasting your time and effort, we have compiled some quirky gift ideas for men. These are just some of the unique items that you can find and will put a smile on the face of the recipient.

Man Cave Neon Light

This funky fun sign for his place in the house is a simple yet beautiful gift. Whether it’s his room, the garage or the basement, this neon light is like a warning sign for his territory. It’s a great way to label his sanctuary and to let others know that the space should be respected.

Luxury Gold-Plated Playing Cards

Your card-playing man will be delighted with this deck of 24 carat gold-plated cards. This set includes 52 cards and 2 jokers all coated in 99.9% pure 24K gold with $100 bill design on the back. It also comes in an impressive lacquered and lined mahogany case. Raising the stakes has never been more fun and luxurious.

Pipe Wrench Butane Gas BBQ Lighter

Your friend or family member who is into handyman stuff will love this gift. This lighter can make people believe that it’s a pipe wrench. This refillable butane gas BBQ/utility lighter will be the envy of his buddies. It’s not only cool, this gift is also quite affordable.

Spin the Shot

Something for the party-loving man, drinking with your buddies will be more fun with this gift. It can also be a substitute bottle for a cheeky game of spin the bottle. Just spin the arrow around and wherever it stops will take the shot, answer the question or do a dare.

Drinkopoly Drinking Game

No this is not Monopoly, it is Drinkopoly. A huge hit in the UK, this is the world’s blurriest game ever. Designed for six players, Drinkopoly will have players out of their chairs and doing crazy things in no time. For your fun and party-loving man, this is the most awesome gift.

Gift Shopping Online at Gifts Australia

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Gifts Australia has quite a user-friendly website and hassle-free delivery that will make your online shopping experience truly easy. This online store also has a variety of deluxe gift wrapping options that will make your birthday gifts stand out. Did we mention that Gifts Australia delivers to your doorstep? So what are you waiting for? Choose any of Gifts Australia’s fun items to share a laugh and give your favourite man a gift that he will remember for a long time.

Brighten his birthday in a way that only laughter can with our novelty 21st birthday gifts for him.

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