Life is all about the special memories we collect along the way, and with one of our 21st birthday experience gift vouchers you'll make sure she has an amazing memory-filled 21st birthday! Whether she's a foodie or an outdoorsy adventurer type, we've got something to help her make 21 memorable.

21st Birthday Gifts for Her: Experiences

Each year, your loved one’s birthday should be celebrated and treated as a special occasion. This is especially true if she is about to turn 21 years of age. A young woman’s 21st birthday represents growth and adulthood, and it will really mean a whole lot if you take the time to get her the perfect birthday gifts.
One idea that may not instantly come to mind when considering what to give as presents is to not purchase material items. Instead, offer your loved one an experience that they won’t forget. Hearty laughs and adrenaline rushes have so much more meaning and significance compared to objects that may just eventually collect dust in their closet. You can choose any experience from our wide range of adventures, activities, tours, and classes that you think the birthday celebrant will genuinely enjoy and appreciate. Let her know exactly how important she is to you and add something special to the memories that you have together.

Get Some Rest and Relaxation

Her birthday is the one day out of the entire year when she can truly feel that she is one of the most valuable people in your life. And at least for this one day, you should let her get some rest and relaxation. Help her be as far away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, even just for a little while. You wouldn’t want her becoming stressed and in a bad mood on her 21st birthday now, would you? In order for her to avoid all these worries and troubles, we have just the right getaway trips that she can enjoy and have a pleasant time in.
One exciting trip that you can have her experience is to go Mini Glamping at Cockatoo Island. Breathing in the cool air while looking at the beauty of the stars is a great way to detoxify and feel refreshed. You may also take your loved one to this Farmers Lunch & Natural Hot Spring Bath for 2. A delicious meal and hot spring bath are the types of activities that can surely bring a smile on the lucky birthday celebrant’s face. Not only that, but you can also use these getaway trips as a way to spend some much-needed quality time with your loved one. Make this experience even happier for her because of your loving presence.

Birthday Gifts for the Home Cooks

Messing around in the kitchen and cooking up delicious meals is something that a lot of people find joy in. If the recipient of your gift is one of those people, then we have got some cooking classes that she may be interested in. You can put her in a Pasta Making Class, wherein she will be taught all that she needs to know in order to perform the difficult process of pasta making. Another one of your options would be this Art of Wood Fired Pizza Class. In this class, she will be taught how to create fresh pizza from scratch.
Through our various cooking classes, you will be able to help out your loved one pursue her interests in cooking and preparing food. This may even eventually lead to a serious career in the culinary industry. And it will be all thanks to your thoughtful birthday gifts. These classes are great not only for those who want to take cooking seriously, but also if your loved one simply wants to try something new and learn another skill. Perhaps she also just really likes eating and being around food, and biting down on delicious dishes is all that she needs to have a great time.

Let the Birthday Girl Be One with the Sea

If your loved one is a water-lover and really enjoys going out to explore the seas, then you have come to the right place. Here at Gifts Australia, we have the ultimate underwater experiences like this Adult Swim with Sealions Experience. This will be great not only for those who love being out in the sea, but also if the birthday celebrant likes being around sea creatures as well.
If she wants to be one with the waves, giving her the opportunity to take a Byron Bay Private Surf Lesson will be greatly appreciated. Water represents life, and spending her birthday in the vastness of the seas is a great way to celebrate the wonderful achievement of being alive for 21 years. Water can also be quite relaxing and calming. For your loved ones that may be busy with school or work, being in a state of peace and calmness will be truly valued. Allow her to feel the tide and just go with the flow, so that this 21st birthday celebration will become the most wonderful yet.

For the Adventurous Thrill-Seeker

Thrill-seekers constantly search for new experiences and adventures. This is what makes them feel happy and alive. If your loved one is like this, you can be sure that she loves that heart pounding, blood racing feeling. And as she celebrates her special day, you will be deeply thanked for giving her birthday gifts that allow her to explore different exciting experiences. Exploring the great outdoors, for example, can truly be exhilarating because of the unexpected twists and turns that we have to deal with in nature.
One of the many experiences that Gifts Australia can offer you is this Blue Mountains Introductory Rock Climbing. She is sure to feel that adrenalin rush as she scales up these rock formations. If you want to take it a couple of steps further, this Tandem Skydive is an experience like no other. For your loved one’s 21st birthday, take her on a ride that she’ll never forget. Hair-raising adventures like this can really give her the confidence and strength that she needs to take more chances in life.

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Intangible birthday gifts are the kinds of gifts that are difficult to put a price on. The happiness and excitement that these experiences can give will not be easily forgotten, and will live on in your loved one’s memories for the years to come.

Give her the gift of experience and memories for her 21st birthday gift from cooking to camping it's all here.

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