Beer & Spirits Hampers

It's time to toast to the greatest 21st birthday ever; with our amazing range of beer gift hampers and spirits alcohol hampers. 21st birthday gifts should be all about fun and celebration which is why we've filled our hampers with the highest quality nibbles, pamper gifts and wonderful brews to toast to great decades to come.

Beers and Spirits Hampers

Birthdays are about fun and celebration, and of course, birthday gifts. There’s nothing like a great birthday party to have all your loved ones in one place celebrating the joy of another year in one’s life. Birthday celebrations are always a joy to behold because you are honouring someone as they get older. Some birthdays are more important than others, however, but this doesn’t mean that the others are uneventful. It’s just that there are those birthdays that stand out above the rest.

Take the 21st birthday, for example. Who didn’t look forward to transitioning from being a kid to being an adult? The coming of age year is one of the most celebrated ones. It is one of the highlights of a person’s life, and it should be celebrated because you are ending an era and opening up another chapter of your life.

These celebrations often require a little something to bring to the birthday celebrator. Presents or birthday gifts are necessary especially if the one celebrating his or her birthday is someone dear to us. Going empty handed might not be a good idea. We want them to feel really special on their birthday so we only want to make them feel extra special. Bringing a birthday present to the celebration will make them feel that you really care about them.

If you are not sure what to get your buddy on his 21st birthday, we have a few suggestions that might help. You can forego the t-shirt or running shoes that might just go unnoticed. Our suggestions are unique and might plaster a huge grin on your loved one’s face. These suggestions might be a good present to your loved ones but they might also ask you to enjoy it with them. That’s a win-win situation, right?

Beer Hampers

Here are some of your best choices for beer hampers.

1.    Premium United Nations Beer Hamper.
Yes, the best of all nations delivered in one amazing hamper. This is a showcase of some of the world’s best beers that are matched with delightful snacks. What does this hamper contain? The Menabrea Birra Lager from Italy, La Trappe Blond from the Netherlands, Belgium’s Hoegaarden White Beer and Chimay White Trappist, and of course, Italy’s Bitburger Premium Beer – just the best brews from all over the world. It also comes with assorted nibbles like the Morgan & Albert’s Premium Nibbles BBQ Peanuts, Baylies Epicurean Delights Plain Lavash, and Native Australian Chip Company Honey Smoked BBQ and Wild Thyme, among others. Didn’t we tell you that you have everything you need in this hamper?

2.    Beers of Australia Hamper.
If you are not feeling the United Nations vibe, you might want to stick with the beer hamper that is proudly local. This hamper contains the best of our local beers. This hamper comes with the James Squire’s The Chancer Golden Ale, Monteith’s Golden Lager, Balmain Pale Ale, Little Creatures Pale Ale, and Mildura Brewery Mallee Bull Bear. Paired with the savoury nibbles that will surely go well with the beers, this hamper is worthy of your money and your buddy’s gratitude.

3.    James Squire Ale Hamper.
We all know that James Squire is one of Australia’s most successful brew masters. This hamper picked out some of the best ales that James Squire has to offer paired with snacks and treats.

The five bottles included in this hamper are: The Chancer Golden Ale, One Fifty Lashes Pale Ale, Stow Away India Pale Ale, Nine Tales Amber Ale, and The Constable Copper. The longevity of this brand from being the first brewer in Australia and still thriving up to this day is a testament to how amazing this brand is. Trust us, you will not go wrong with this James Squire Ale Hamper as your birthday gift.

Whiskey Hamper

If the recipient is not much into beers and prefers something stronger, you might want to get him the Jameson Select Reserve Whiskey Hamper. This hamper is all about savouring the finest moments of life as represented by this fine spirit. What better time to do that than the 21st birthday of your loved one? Featuring the whiskey that encapsulates the distinctive caramel blend with exotic spice, this whiskey is wrapped in smoothness with every sip. It also comes with savoury treats, biscuits, and sweets that will surely make the birthday celebration more fun. This might be your gift to them, but who said they can finish it alone? A celebration isn’t without a toast and a few shots right?

Where to Get your Birthday Gifts?

We have mentioned some of the best beers and spirits hampers that you can get as birthday gifts to your loved ones. And there’s no better place to get it than in Gifts Australia. Our online company is an Australian owned and operated company based in Sydney. We specialise in birthday gifts that will surely bring delight to the people you care about. With over 15 years of experience under our belt, you will never go wrong in our wide range of high quality gifts.

The products we have mentioned above are all from the experienced hands of Gifts Australia. You do not need to waste a lot of time searching in isles of presents that your loved one might just disregard. What you need to do is to go online and click away. Our website is quite user-friendly that you will be done in no time. That is if you can control yourself from buying gifts for yourself.

Gifts Australia is based in Sydney but delivers countrywide. You do not need to put in a lot of effort because you just have to browse and purchase online at Gifts Australia. When you buy through their website, you also have the option to customise the wrapping using our deluxe wrappers and beautiful gift cards. This ensures that your present is looking its best and will not drown in the pile of birthday gifts. Most of our gifts also come with free delivery so you do not need to worry about added cost.

It's time to celebrate the greatest decade to come with our 21st birthday beer & spirits gift hampers.

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