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Turning 21 should be all about fun and making the most of life; so why not encourage them to go out and live life to the fullest with our range of Outdoor Experience Vouchers. The ideal 21st birthday gift; they'll be playing paintball, camping or surfing and have you to thank for the memories!

Outdoors Gifts For 21st Birthday

Birthday gifts are the ones we look forward to when our special day comes. It is that one time every year that we are pampered by the ones we love and love us in return. Once annually, we are treated to most of our wishes and heart’s desire. Receiving gifts that are beyond our expectations can be the highlight of our day, year, even a lifetime. The people who go beyond our expectations are the ones we hold dear and their gifts go straight to our most cherished possessions.

However, not every gift is material in nature. Some people who dearly love us go out of the way to give the best birthday gifts. There are those who think that material things won’t suffice for the people they care about. This happens on a birthday that is a milestone year for a person. A good example is the 21st birthday, which marks the transition to adulthood. Some gift givers put a lot of effort into giving something extra special. Others give very extravagant birthday gifts to make this milestone memorable for their loved ones.

Why do we treasure Experiences?

Having a blast on your most special day is amazing. But receiving something extra special will go down in history. The joys of receiving material gifts can be fleeting. If given by a very dear loved one, it will be something sentimental but it will not hold true for every gift received. Receiving gifts that let you experience the joys of life is a different level of special.

Experiences make us learn something new or re-evaluate what we already know. Memories that come with these experiences are the true treasures one person can acquire because these treasures are the ones we take with us wherever we go. Some people might say that you cannot buy happiness. But can you give it as a gift? Of course, you can.

What can you give your loved ones?

Giving the gift of fun is possible. Letting your loved one experience something that they haven’t done will make their birthday extra special. Think of how fun it will be to explore the outdoors and have the best time rock climbing. Birthday gifts that can be translated into fun experiences is the way to making your loved ones feel special. Gift vouchers that can be redeemed to experience something spectacular is the way to go.

Turning 21 is the most exciting year of our lives. We are transitioning from being teenagers to being adults that can carry responsibilities. It is also the time that we can enjoy life to the fullest. We can have fun without answering to anyone. We can experience new things without the fear of getting scolded by our parents. New experiences can be scary or fun depending on the person. If it is an experience that we haven’t done before, we might be in for the most unforgettable experience of our lives. Giving the gift of experience is something that will not be forgotten. No matter what happens, it will always be a part of the recipient’s life.

There are a lot of options to choose from when you want to give the people you care about special birthday gifts. This will make them feel that you want them to experience new things and you took extra effort in finding these birthday gifts. We suggest that you go for the outdoor and fun activities to give as birthday gifts. Of course, you will not be the one to take care of the event. We’ve mentioned gift vouchers and we know just the right people to provide services.

Where to Get Amazing Birthday Gifts?

Gifts Australia has a variety of birthday gifts that will suit every need. An Australian owned and operated company based in Sydney, we specialise in birthday gifts that will surely give delight to the people you care about. Gifts Australia believes that turning 21 should be about having fun and making the most out of life. They suggest that the best way to live life is to encourage people to go outdoors and have fun. 

Gifts Australia has a wide range of Outdoor Experience Vouchers that you can purchase as birthday gifts to the people you love. The ideal 21st birthday gift is making your loved ones play paintball, go camping, or surfing. Trust us. They will have you to thank for the wonderful memories.

Ranging from $50 to a couple of hundred dollars, following are some of the amazing birthday gifts to choose from:

·       Bondi/Byron Bay/ Maroubra Surf Lessons – Pick whichever body of water you want the recipient to play in.

·       Exclusive Paintball Elite Pack – Play in movie-set styled zones with professional instruction. This package includes entry, all gear necessary and 1500 paintballs. There’s also the option of choosing the Total Annihilation Paintball Experience Package at a different rate.

·       Glamping in Cockatoo Island – For one night, your loved one will experience adventure without the hassle on Sydney’s Cockatoo Island. Because it is glamping, your recipient doesn’t need to worry about the hassle of camping. What he or she needs to do is just marvel at the most stunning views of Sydney. At a different rate, you can also buy the Mini Glamping Package.

·       Introductory Abseiling Full Day Adventure – Letting your non-outdoorsy friends get a little adrenaline rush is not a problem. This package is for beginners and safety is ensured with the highly-qualified instructors. Be the one to introduce them to the joy of abseiling, your recipient might get hooked.

·       Blue Mountains ¾ Multi Pitch Abseiling – Have your recipient experience an adrenalin-filled experience while enjoying the beauty of Blue Mountain. Or you can also give them the gift of doing the Abseiling and Canyoneering Combo.

·       Outback Advance Adventure – If you are feeling really generous, why not give this 22-day Australian Adventure as your birthday gift? Applicable to persons with ages 18-25, this is an Outback Advanced Program that will surely delight your adventurous loved one.

These are just some of the thoughtful birthday gifts that you can get at Gifts Australia. For more amazing gift ideas, browse our collection today.

Create memories they'll never forget for their 21st birthday gift with our range of outdoor experience vouchers.

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