'Once in a Lifetime'

Looking for Australia's most unique 21st birthday gifts? If you truly want to give them a gift that lasts a lifetime, then gift them a once-in-a-lifetime experience gift voucher from Gifts Australia. We offer a range of experiences, that have been carefully chosen from Australia's best providers to create life's best memories.

Birthdays Gifts of a Lifetime

Birthdays are always a joy to celebrate. Traditionally, however, not all birthdays are treated equal as some birthdays are given more importance than the others, like the seventh or the sixteenth birthday. One of the most important birthdays in every person’s life is the twenty-first birthday. The 21st birthday for most people is the coming of age day. Basically, it refers to the transition from being a teenager to being an adult. Because the 21st birthday is usually a big celebration, birthday gifts are often more extravagant.

Most people would want to receive birthday gifts that will mark their coming of age day. Gone are the wishes for cutesy or ordinary birthday gifts. This time, the birthday gifts are treated like the gift of a lifetime. These birthday gifts can range from a new car to an out-of-the-usual experience. Some parents give their children an all-expense paid trip abroad while others give more practical ones like a flat, if they can afford it. For his 21st, give him a birthday gift that can last a lifetime or something that he will treasure for a long time.

Give the Gift for the Treasure Chest

You do not want your birthday gift to drown in the sea of birthday gifts. You want to stand out especially if the recipient is someone you hold so dear. That is why, it is quite important to be creative in whatever you give. Putting lots of thought on your gift will let the recipient know that you really care about them. Put yourself in their shoes, will it make you feel special if they just give you a shirt or something ordinary out of a thrift store?

Most material things will perish or lose its value over time. That’s why it is wiser to give the gift of experience to someone you love. Some people might lose an expensive jewellery but the moments experienced – especially the great ones – will never be forgotten. The recipient will look back to their 21st year on earth and remember all the fun he or she had. The photos that went along with that experience will always remind them of who gave that birthday gift of a lifetime. Don’t you love walking down memory lane and reminiscing all your wonderful experiences? Now, think about the people that you gave gifts to. Don’t you want to be part of their reminiscing because you are the one who gave them that wonderful experience?

On the 21st birthday of someone you love, stop giving them birthday gifts that they will just discard after a week. Give them the gift of a wonderful experience that will last a lifetime. Give that gift to the people you love and you won’t regret it. Trust us, you can thank us later.

Gift Suggestions

There are a lot of places in Australia that offer great experiences. Australia is the haven for adventures. You do not need to spend much in order to give the best of all birthday gifts. There are a lot of ways to give the gift of a wonderful experience without breaking the bank.

An Aircraft Aerobatic Experience in Sydney doesn’t cost that much. This will give the recipient a true Aircraft Aerobatic adventure as they climb to 3500-4000ft and will loop and twirl. This action-packed experience will never be forgotten by your loved ones. A Bondi Private Surf Lesson will just be over a hundred dollars with the right service provider. An Outback Advance Adventure is also a great way to let your loved ones experience the thrill of the outdoors. This advanced program that caters to ages 18-25 combines in-depth personal journey into life’s reality while experiencing adventures in the great Australian landscapes. Think of all the possibilities and how your loved one will feel if you give them these amazing birthday gifts.

Birthday Gifts from Gifts Australia

If you are searching for unique and wonderful 21st birthday gifts and you truly want to give the gift of a lifetime, check out Gifts Australia.

Gifts Australia is an Australian owned and operated company based in Sydney. We specialise in birthday gifts that will surely give delight to the people you care about. We have a wide range of options of birthday gifts that will be memorable to the ones receiving them. The experiences mentioned above can be purchased from Gifts Australia. These once-in-a-lifetime experiences have been carefully chosen by our team from among Australia’s best providers to create the best memories your loved ones can get. If you do not have the means to give extravagant birthday gifts, Gifts Australia has packages that are reasonably priced to accommodate you. Another thing, if the price goes beyond your budget, you can team up with another person or the whole gang to pay for it. What matters is that you give your loved one of the most amazing birthday gifts they can have and experience.

Apart from the birthday gifts we’ve mentioned, Gifts Australia also has Tandem Skydiving and helicopter rides. You can also purchase vouchers for the Ultimate Porsche Sydney Region Full Day Tour. This experience will let the recipient explore Sydney’s most memorable drives while riding the 250km-journey in a luxury hire Porsche. Aside from that, there’s also the Porsche Sydney Region Half Day Lunch Tour and the Sydney Porsche Coffee Cruise.

Another great birthday gift is the experience of Abseiling and Canyoneering in Blue Mountain. This features a day of adrenalin that’s perfect for novice adventurers. Your loved ones will learn about abseiling from a 2-metre to 25-metre drop. It will also let your gift’s recipient experience canyoneering through the majestic Blue Mountains. Gifts Australia also has Flight Simulation Packages for your loved ones who want to become pilots or frustrated pilots. The recipient will experience being a pilot in command and the real pilot instructor will double as the First Officer and will guide them through the whole simulation.

There are a lot to choose from so we know that you will not run out of options. You might also think of getting them two birthday gifts than just one amazing experience. So what are you waiting for?

21st birthday gifts like no other! Our once in a lifetime experience gift vouchers are the ultimate in unique gift ideas.

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