The best lives are full of amazing moments, and we've found the perfect way to gift them a life full of memories they'll never forget! We've got Australia's most amazing range of experience gift vouchers no matter what their interests or personality they'll never forget their 21st birthday gift!

Uncover the Recommended Experiences from Gifts Australia’s Birthday Gifts Range!

Not sure which experience from our birthday gifts range you should choose? No need to worry, because we are about to give you some recommendations that will make it easier to choose the right gift. Have a look at some of the recommended experiences below and find the perfect birthday experience for your loved one!

Aircraft Aerobatics

Is there a better way to experience a milestone in your life than with a unique, adventurous experience? If you cannot think of anything that would be as great as a thrill-seeking adventure, we can certainly recommend choosing the Aircraft Aerobatics experience from our range of birthday gifts.

Recipients who receive the Aircraft Aerobatics experience will be able to experience a stunt flight in a genuine Robin 2160 stunt plane. Those who have flown a plane before, might also be allowed to start and land the plane, depending on their skill levels.

Those who have no experience with planes or stunt flights can still get plenty of adventure from their experience. Participants are able to experience a flight at a height of 3500 feet – 4000 feet, which is followed by some impressive barrel rolls, hammer head turns and wingovers. 

Experience vouchers bought on Gifts Australia are valid for 12 months. More information about the experience will also be provided by the experience provider. Of course, participants can also contact Gifts Australia or the experience provider for more information about the experience.

Exclusive Paintball Elite Pack

The Exclusive Paintball Elite Pack is a great gift for someone who likes the great outdoors and some adventure as well. This is not just any normal paintballing experience though, because the Exclusive Paintball Elite Pack is unlike any other paintballing experience available in Australia today.

When you think about paintballing, you often think about shooting paintballs at each other accompanied by a background of hay bales. The Exclusive Paintball Elite Pack is nothing like that, because it is so much more. This experience is provided by the best paintballing provider in Australia. Participants are able to enjoy their paintballing experience accompanied by a real movie scene background, whether it is a life size helicopter or large pyramids.

The Exclusive Paintball Elite Pack is available for various locations across Australia; this includes Sydney, Perth, Melbourne, Brisbane, Canberra, Adelaide and more. To find out which other locations are available for this Exclusive Paintball Elite Pack, please refer to the experience description page on our website.

Glamping Cockatoo Island 1 Night (Mon – Thurs)

One of the greatest experiences participants can get for their birthday is the Glamping Cockatoo Island 1 Night (Mon – Thurs). The glamping experience includes a stay in a 3 metre by 3 metre Safari Bow Tent, which includes camp beds, bed linen, sun lounges, lantern and a cooler box. Participants also get access to the communal kitchen, as well as its fridges and barbecues. 

Ultimate Porsche Sydney Region Full Day Tour

Car lovers can get a nice birthday experience from Gifts Australia as well, because there are several experiences that include a fun drive in a luxurious car. One of these experiences is the Ultimate Porsche Sydney Region Full Day Tour. This experience includes a 250-kilometre drive, as well as lunch in a beautiful environment.

The Ultimate Porsche Sydney Region Full Day Tour starts at the Royal National Park, which provides participants with an incredible view of the area. Once participants have taken in the incredible landscapes from their Porsche, the adventure continues to popular areas such as Macquarie Pass, Burrawang, Wildes Meadow and so much more.

Art of Wood Fired Pizza Class for 1

There are a number of gourmet experiences in our birthday range as well, which includes the Art of Wood Fired Pizza Class for 1. During this experience, participants will learn everything they need to know about pizza dough, spices and herbs, and how to bake a genuine pizza to perfection.

Our pizza class includes much more than general pizza baking though, because the estate where the class is held has a lot to offer as well. Participants get access to the commercial kitchen of the estate, but also access to the kitchen garden. In this garden, participants get to pick the herbs they want to use to make their pizza, while enjoying the 27 acres of sustainable farmland surrounding the location.

Once the pizza class has ended, participants are able to enjoy a nice lunch and enjoy the beautiful surroundings of the estate once more. In conclusion, our Art of Wood Fired Pizza Class for 1 is not only a great option for gourmet lovers, but also for those who can appreciate the great outdoors, gardening and lovely surroundings.

Blue Mountains ¾ Multi-Pitch Abseiling

Recipients preferring adventurous experiences might have a lot of fun with our Blue Mountains ¾ Multi-Pitch Experience. The Blue Mountains Abseiling experience shows the beautiful area from a wonderful perspective, which makes this experience especially suitable for those who really appreciate the great outdoors and who like to explore it in an adventurous manner.

The Blue Mountains ¾ Multi-Pitch Abseiling experience includes a 200 metre descent in every location. Participants are able to choose their experience from three locations, depending on their skill level; this includes abseiling locations such as Malaita Point, Boars Head, and the Boars Head Eagles Dare Variant.

Our Blue Mountains experience is suitable for beginners as well as experienced abseilers. However, we do need to mention that participants must have a good fitness level to undertake this adventure. Abseiling does require some physical fitness, so it is necessary to do the necessary preparations where physical fitness is concerned.

The Blue Mountains ¾ Multi-Pitch Abseiling experience also includes lunch, accompanied by a beautiful view. So whether you like to spend time in the great outdoors, or prefer a thrilling adventure, both recipients will enjoy this outstanding adventure from our birthday range.

Life is more beautiful when it's filled with beautiful memories, and there's no better gift idea then a 21st birthday experience gift voucher to help them create special life moments.

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